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Insurance Payment Gateway: All You Need For Insurance Is Here!

The basic need for an insurance customer is to pay the regular premiums, or often means to a payout of an annuity or a claim. That is why you need a reliable Insurance Payment Gateway that can securely fulfil all the transactions. The potential customers for insurance are majorly looking to protect their highly valuable assets.

In terms of insurance, customers want to pay using credit cards, debit cards, ACH/ Echeck or now even electronic wallets are also used to pay monthly or quarterly premium payments. There are also some customers who want to pay using a phone or directly via a bank account. It is also not fixed that whether a customer will pay the payment for insurance as the same payment method for next coming insurance premium. That is why, as an insurance broker or an insurance agency owner, you need to be ready with a reliable and latest payment gateway for insurance so that you can easily accept credit card payments online without compromising on security and convenience.

We at Quadrapay are one of the top-rated and reliable card payment processing solution providers. We are operating with top-rated processors in this payment industry so that we can offer you the best card processing and insurance payment gateway for your business.

Secured Payment Gateway For Insurance

When it comes to digital payment services, people are more concerned about fraudulent transactions, data breaches and other cybersecurity-related frauds, especially for those insurance business owners who used to rely on cash-based payments for insurance premium payments and now switching to the insurance payment gateway for their insurance website.

Now thanks to advancements in the internet and technology, we can easily implement several cybersecurity ethics and practices while transacting online. This reduces the chances of any such frauds while receiving payments online for insurance premium with the help of payment gateway for insurance. It is just like protecting physical assets in the insurance office with locks and alarms systems for preventive measures. Same is with insurance payment gateway where several practices are implemented to reduce and safeguard from the fraudulent transactions and payment thefts. Insurance Payment Gateway consists of PCI DSS compliance which makes it highly secured. This (PCI DSS) is known as payment card industry and data security standard.

What Are The KYC Documents Required To Apply For An Insurance Payment Gateway?

The Application procedure to get an Insurance Payment Gateway from Quadrapay is simple and straightforward. To get started, an insurance business owner needs to fill the merchant application form. After filling all the vital details in the merchant application form, it needs to be submitted along with the set of KYC documents.

Some of the required KYC documents are as follows:

  • Documentation of the company or offshore company registration (if you have) including – certificate of incorporation, company extracts and share certification.
  • Submit the details of the official settlement bank account where you want the funds to have arrived and finally settled. This paper needs to show the bank’s logo and name, full address of the bank, and the IBAN numbers – IBAN number as according to the currency you want to receive for settlement.
  • Government-approved Identity like scanned passports or Driving license of the directors, both offshore and the beneficiary (UBO-owner of the offshore company)
  • Proof of registered address for the directors, both offshore and the beneficiary (UBO-owner of the offshore company). This can be submitted as a utility bill like electric or water bill, and the bank statement can also be considered. These residence proof documents should not be older than the last three months.
  • Processing history statements if you are currently working with another clearing company or had in the past. It is necessary to submit the latest three months processing history, which should clearly show all number of transactions, chargebacks and refunds in that duration of time.
  • Proof of domain ownership with all details.

For more information on Insurance Payment Gateway, you can contact us at [email protected].

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