landlord payment service

Landlord Payment Service

QuadraPay offers landlord payment services. Accept credit card and ACH payments from tenants. With the full stack rent payment gateway, landlords can automate rent collection. Built-in subscription module reduces the necessity of massive manual paperwork.

Online Rent Payment Gateway

Easy to integrate online rent payment gateway. It’s time to reduce rent payment processing charges.

Pos For Rental Business

Accept face-to-face rental payments. POS for property management companies and landlords.

Funding For Landlords

We offer funding at low rates for landlords and property management companies.

Features Of Landlord Payment Services

Our landlord payment services are designed to make it easier for landlords to manage their rental properties and collect rent payments from tenants.

Here are some features that you will find in our landlord payment services:

Automatic rent collection: We allow you to set up automatic rent collection so tenants can regularly make rent payments. Now there is no need to worry about late or missed payments.
Multiple methods for rent collection. We offer various online payment options, such as credit card payments, bank transfers, ACH, and e-check payments.
Landlord merchant portal with payment history feature. You can view transaction information and extract reports. The payment history feature is useful for viewing all past rent payments.
Automatic notifications and reminders. Our rent payment gateway will help you ensure tenants make their rent payments on time. Email or text message reminders are easy to set up.

Supported Rental Properties

Reduce Your Rent Payment Service Fee Now.

A rent payment service fee is a charge applied when you accept digital payments online or face-to-face. This fee is for using the rent payment gateway and merchant account.

You can now reduce the fees you pay on each month’s rent collection. Our team will happily offer you a lower transaction fee than what you currently pay.

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Landlord Payment Service FAQ

Property management merchant services refer to using credit card processing and other payment methods to manage financial transactions related to property rentals, maintenance, and other related expenses.

This can include accepting rent payments from tenants, paying vendors and contractors for repair and maintenance work, and processing other financial transactions related to property management.

We offer a range of payment solutions and tools to help property management companies streamline their financial processes and improve efficiency.

An apartment payment processing solution is a system or platform that enables apartment complex managers or landlords to securely accept and process rental payments from tenants.

This solution includes online payment portal that allow tenants to make electronic payments, as well as integrations with bank accounts or credit card processors to facilitate the transfer of funds. Few additional features include automatic payment scheduling, payment reminders, and late payment penalties.

A merchant with a good profile can get approval in 24 hours. If the profile is not good enough or requires some deeper analysis, it may take 2-3 days. In most cases, all applications get the final verdict within a week. In most cases, merchants can go live within a week. Integrating is much easier if the landlord has a website or subscription management solution.