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looking for a Tech Support Merchant Account


We offer reliable Payment processing solution for merchants who offer genuine PC Technical support services to buyers across the world. Our Solutions include Credit Card Processing, Debit Card Processing and {ACH , Echeck , Check 21 (USA Only)}. We only offer The Best Tech Support Merchant Services  Options

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Tech support industry is massive in size. It is a vital industry which offers a helping hand to people who need support and help with pc related issues. From a merchant point of view you need a reliable and robust merchant account to be a stable IT Support organisation. Quadrapay.com helps to find out the best merchant account provider for your growing business. This industry has been in questions these days because the high level of risk involved. If you need tips for opening a high risk merchant account for tech support business, Quadrapay.com will help you with the best resources. Since the merchant use the Card Not Present solution it attracts more requests of cancellations. This results in classifying tech support as a high risk industry. Some times buyers dispute the charges when they are not sure about the descriptor mentioned on the billing statement. This is relatively higher in this industry.

As the Risk involved is extremely high, there are very few options available in the USA and overseas. The Industry experiences a very high level of charge-backs and that is why not many acquirers are comfortable with the same.M ost of the underwriters will not approve any tech support accounts these days. Does this mean there are no options available? The Good News is ” We have resources to help you find the best Tech Support Merchant Account for UK, USA, India, Canada, Europe or any other country in the world”. It can be extremely challenging for international merchants to get a solution for this industry. Our Solutions are the answer to the high risk requirements. These solutions are great for small, Mid or Large size on Demand IT Services companies. We have offshore merchant account solutions available. These options are easy to get approved with and slightly higher than the domestic merchant account solutions. Existing merchants with a good history can qualify for such solutions very easily. The startup can face a bit of challenge.

We are open to help you with any questions regarding Terms, Rates, Setup Time-frame and the KYC requirements. Please get in touch with a merchant account consultant on our numbers. In case they are busy please leave a detailed message including your name, Number, reason for the call and a best call back time. We will contact you at the earliest. Once you have the correct KYC documents and the website compliance me the time-frame required to set up an Offshore Merchant Account is Up to 20 Days. Offshore Echeck (USA) Solutions takes about 5 Days and Domestic Echeck (USA) takes about 5 Days. Keep one thing in mind Merchant Services is a High Risk Business. Make sure you create a perfect impression in the eyes of the payment processor. This can be done by sharing maximum KYC info.


Yes. We do get many inquiries from the above-mentioned nations. Our Solutions are rock solid and they offer long-term stability to the merchant. The credit card processing solution is a multi-currency solution that can be utilized to take orders from customers living all over the world including Canada and other nations.


The Best thing to do at this point in time will fill the Partial – Merchant Account Application form located on the contact us page. Our team will analyze your request and help you in finding a solution for your business. When you are looking for tech support merchant account then you should look at Card and Echeck Payment Gateway both. Echeck is becoming extremely popular in remote PC Support Industry.

Bankim Chandra

Bankim Chandra

Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.

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