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Stop Wasting Time And Start Recurring Merchant Account

A Recurring Billing feature is a unique business model that offers customers to pay in chunks. The business model comes to be very useful, and most of the giants’ companies are already enjoying the benefits of recurring business model. With the recurring feature, you don’t need to remind each time to pay you. The payments get automatically deducted from the customer’s bank account, and you will receive the credit in your Recurring Merchant Account.

Are you also a merchant looking to provide the recurring feature to your customer, we at Quadrapay helps you for this. We are a reseller of various payment processor. Our partnered payment processor from US, EU and other global countries provides various payment solution.

Though it is considered as the high-risk business model and it is quite a challenging task to get a Recurring Merchant Account. But still, we process and onboard merchants with a high-risk recurring merchant account.

What Are Recurring Merchant Account And Recurring Payment gateway?

Recurring Merchant Account is a merchant account for the businesses who want to offer a recurring or subscription payment feature to their customers base. It helps you to accept payments at a recurring basis which is pre-determined on the time of availing the service or product. The payments are pre-authorized by the customers, and there is a mutual agreement between the customer and the merchant for the billing amount and date.

Recurring payment Gateway: It is same as other payments gateways, and require a pre-authorization for the recurring cycle from the customer and store the card details to charge them on a recurring basis. The recurring cycle can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as agreed by the customer.

Why Businesses uses Recurring Payment Services?

For simplicity, the recurring payment services are the way to lure your customer. It helps businesses to sell their product repeatedly until and unless the customer cancels the subscription. Customer also finds it easy to pay in chunks like every month or week instead a full amount at once. This can be understood as let’s say, your customer buys a software tool for a year at $48. But instead of paying a full amount at once, customers can have the flexibility to pay $4 each month. This increases the sales volume of the business, and you can have a forecast of your business growth.

Recurring Billing And Credit Card Payments

Recurring payments work well with credit cards. The credit card used for recurring payments are saved by the payment gateway in tokenized form, and it requires only first-time pre-authorization. The card saved is then auto-debit on the pre-decided recurring date. Once the recurring billing cycle is about to over, the recurring system reminds the customer about the expiration date and ask for resubscribing for the service. And hence the recurring billing cycle continues.

Features Of Recurring Merchant Account

Let’s talk about some of the features a recurring merchant account should have to process the transaction repeatedly.

  • Automated recurring system
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Safely stores customer’s sensitive information.
  • PCI-Compliant
  • 24×7 Customer Support.

Start Accepting Recurring Payments With Quadrapay

The most adopting feature to serve your customer with more flexibility is providing them with a subscription-based payment method. your customer love to .

If you also want a recurring merchant account to offer your customer with recurring billing facility, fill the pre-approval form onto our site, and we will get back to you within 24 hrs. One of our representatives assist you with the documentation process and helps you in the on boarding process.

If you have any queries, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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