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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

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Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

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Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

In App Payment Acceptance

Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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Easy to Integrate Payment Gateway Solutions that offer High Level of Data Security.

The payment gateway (PG) facilitates credit card transactions. PG is a well-known product these days.From traditional brick and mortar store to multinational companies every one needs credit card processing solutions these days. Most businesses want to accept credit and debit card transactions. This merchant service product is payment gateway. Sometimes people also recognize it as an online payment gateway. Financial institutions and Payment Service providers offer Payment Gateways to merchants from different industries including Low, Mid, and High Risk industries.

It helps merchants sell more by using secure financial processing. Businesses can save a lot of time and cost. There is no need to carry collected cash to the bank every day. The PSP send the funds to merchants business bank account as per the terms of the merchant agreement. This Agreement is between the merchant and the payment processor.

Online payment gateway helps businesses accept credit card transactions over the Internet. Acquiring bank or the Payment Service Provider hosts the PG on secure servers. A merchant can integrate the PG on the sales website by using API functionality. Payment service providers handle data security. Merchants may need a PCI DSS certification to accept transactions directly. The safest solutions are from acquiring banks and PSPs. These financial institutions have a big team of technology and data security experts. This team handles the credit card information in the best way possible.

Most Common Payment Gateway Modes

  • Mobile payment solution or Payments on mobile application.
  • Point of sales or POS Solutions.
  • Online Payment Gateway. Card Not Present(CNP). This is the most common mode and it integrates to the merchant’s website by using API or HTML Coding. Merchants can also integrate the gateway API by using payment gateway plugins.
  • IVR Payment Gateway. Card Not Present (CNP). In this mode, the customer punches the card details on the phone line by using touch-tone phones. The DTMF tones are recognized by the payment gateway company. This is not a common solution. Companies with good processing history may get IVR Payment Gateway.
  • POS or Point Of Sales. Card Present(CP). These are small devices that we see in almost every grocery store. The buyer hands over the card to the merchant. The Card gets swiped over the credit card swiping machine also called POS or Point of Sales terminal. Few acquirers and few card types may not ask for a PIN Number.
  • Virtual Terminals or Moto. Card Not Present(CNP). In this mode, the cardholder reveals the card information to the merchant. The merchant enters the information on the virtual terminal or Moto Terminal. It is also called Mail Order /Telephone Order. It is difficult to get VT or Moto accounts these days.

Benefits Of Using Our Payment Gateway Solution

  • Accept credit and debit cards from well-known card brands.
  • Offer easy payment options to your customers.
  • Accept UPI Payments.
  • Accept Payments from well-known e-wallets.
  • Accept payment over website, Online Invoice and Email.
  • Reduce Risk of Fraud and Disputes by using advanced fraud detection tools.
  • Accept one time and recurring payments from the buyers.
  • Feel the profit better by using real-time credit card transactions.
  • With secure online payment gateway, merchants offer many payment modes to the buyers. Merchants collect payments from modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, and net banking.

Features Of International Payment Gateways

Multicurrency Processing. Most of the international payment gateways allow merchants to offer price to the customers in local currency. Customers prefer to make payments in their national currencies. This creates big impact and trust. A customer in the USA would prefer to pay in USD rather than paying in CNY.

Advanced Fraud Scrubbing and Prevention. Payment processing industry struggles every moment in keeping the bad guys away. This is done by implementing various fraud scrubbing tools that help the international payment gateway company to avoid fraud transactions.

Settlement in Local Currency. International payment gateway companies acquire merchants from 100+ nations. Merchants may prefer to get the settlements in the local currency. Few of the processors offer the settlement in 20 plus currencies.

Multiple Payment Modes. Merchants must be aware that global payment processing does not only involve few card brands. It should also involve the local Alternative mode of payments. Please ensure that your International Credit Card Payment processor accepts local cards as well. Feel free to ask for the list of local card brands accepted before signing the merchant account agreement. Some processors also offer ACH and Echeck payment modes.

Easy to use interface. The merchant panel or admin control panel of your credit card processing account should be easy to use. Most of the modern payment service providers use highly efficient user interface.

Secure Payments. Make sure your service provider offers a high level of transaction security. They must fully comply with the PCI DSS standards. Merchants website should also be always on Https protocol. This ensures a high level of encryption over the internet.

Pre-Authorisation. It is very helpful in reducing the Fraud and Return ratio. Ask your processor if they can offer this feature. With Pre-Authorisation merchants can take time to settle the transactions. The merchant should only settle the transaction once the product has been shipped.

Chargeback Prevention. Some processors work directly with Chargeback Alerts and Notification service companies. These processors can certainly offer a better life for the merchant account. In case if your processor is not offering this solution then you can directly contact any chargeback alerts solution provider.

Easy API Integration. Integration is vital and should be easy. Make sure that your teach team knows how to install the API on your sales website. Most processors will share sandbox API information.

Email, Phone and Chat Support. The more support Channels you get the better it is. Only work with processors that offer highly reliable support channels. Most companies offer support on multiple channels including Toll-Free numbers, Paid Numbers, Email, Chat and Online Helpdesk.

How Credit And Debit Card Transactions Work On An Online Payment Gateway

  • Customer visits the SSL enabled Merchant’s website.
  • The customer makes the selection of products and services.
  • Selected items are added to the shopping cart.
  • After final selection, the customer clicks the checkout button.
  • Buyer lands on the checkout page.
  • The customer fills the Billing, Shipping & Card details. Most of the times the address and zip code must match with the billing statement of the cardholder. This is must if AVS or Address Verification System is active on the payment gateway. AVS is a fraud filtering tool used by PSPs and Merchant Account acquirers.
  • If the Payment Gateway is 3DS then the customer may be asked to type a one time password or PIN.
  • Most of the times the step 6 and 7 will happen on a payment page that is hosted by the PSP.
  • PG converts the XML transaction info to ISO 8583 and sends the encrypted value to the merchant acquiring bank.
  • Most card brands except few allow the card issuer banks to give the final response. Most of the times there will either be an approved or Declined response. Sometimes merchant may get other responses from the card issuer or card brands. In case of POS, the merchant may get PICK UP response. If the merchant gets Pick Up response then the card should be held if possible merchant.) Declined transactions may also appear if merchants credit card account is maxed out.
  • If the card issuer or card brand is ok with the transaction then a response code Approved is sent to the Payment Gateway. This confirms that the card issuer or card Brand has approved the transaction.
  • This information is forwarded to the merchant. Merchants may receive SMS or email from payment gateway after every transaction. (Charges may apply)
  • This transaction appears in the merchant center or merchants panel.
  • Transaction confirmation is sent to the buyer. The customer gets the order confirmation and Billing Support information. PG may send the descriptor details to the buyer. (Sending the confirmation & descriptor may help merchants in reducing fraud and chargebacks).
  • After the approval or decline of the transaction, the buyer is routed to specific pages like Thank You Page or Sorry your order was declined Page.
  • The merchant can now start the service or product delivery. Most of the online payment gateway providers offer the Pre-Authorisation facility. With Pre-Authorisation merchants can capture funds after a specific time frame. This can be used as a fraud and chargeback prevention tool. Merchants should only capture transactions once the service or product is delivered.
  • Merchant gets paid by the acquirer as per the terms mentioned in the acquiring agreement. For most of the High Risk Merchant Accounts, the payout period can be more than any low-risk account. For High Risk Merchants, the payment gateway company may ask for rolling reserve per transaction. Most of the low risk merchants get paid as per T+1 or T+2 cycle. Here T means the date of Transaction.
  • Once the product or service is received by the buyer then the merchant must collect some sort of proof of delivery. For tangible products, this can be signed Proof of delivery. For services, the merchant can collect confirmation email or DocuSign agreement. Merchants must keep all the delivery proofs to defend the case at the time of Chargebacks. Merchants may use chargeback alerts and notification services. It helps in reducing refunds and fraud.

Payment Gateway For Merchants And Businesses

We do help business owners get credit card processing solutions. Merchants can accept credit and debit cards over the phone, web and In Store. Our Partners are capable of offering credit card processing to many industry types. When you apply for a Merchant Account or Payment Gateway then you must check reviews. It is correct for High Risk Accounts as well. You must try to find High Risk Merchant Account Providers review before saying yes. We are proud to say that our processing partners have good reviews online.

Payment Gateway FAQ

Q. How To Choose A Payment Gateway?

Earning money is the lifeline and primary aim of any business. Businesses spend on advertising and marketing to generate more income. The crux of any payment gateway is reliability and speed. It may sound simple but it may be tough to select the right payment gateway for your eCommerce platform. There are a couple of factors you must check before choosing one.

Q. Is It Fast And Easy To Integrate?

There are many payment gateway solutions available on the Internet. Most of the solutions are simple and easy to integrate. Some platform may be difficult in comparison to others depending on your tech skills. Check the integration process before signing the merchant agreement.

Q. Is The Payment Gateway Pci Dss Compliant?

PCI DSS is the industry standard when it comes to the security of Card information. Merchant account acquirers must have the PCI DSS compliance certification. This certification can be easily verified on the company’s website. See if the certificate is valid.

Q. How Cheap Is The Payment Gateway?

Whenever you get a payment gateway solution then you agree to the rate of the transaction and the monthly charges. We strongly advise you to check the rate and terms mentioned in the Merchant agreement. it’s a good idea to do a price comparison before signing on the line.

Q. How Secure Is The Payment Processing Platform?

Do your research about the fraud detection and defense mechanism of the Gateway. Check on the Internet for any negative reviews of the payment processing company. Sometimes merchants may also put their reviews on the processors. These reviews help you in making the correct decision.

Q. Can You Add Alternative Payment Modes To The Gateway?

Most providers will allow you to add alternative payment modes to the gateway. If they don’t allow then you should find another with better integration capabilities. With alternate payment modes, you can maximise your profits and reduce risk. Alternative modes can help you to split processing volume into different channels. Understand that some customers may not like revealing card info on your website. They may prefer the existing e-wallets or any other mode of payment transfer.

Q. What Is The Uptime Ratio Of The Payment Portal?

Don’t work with a service provider that is not reliable and shows a 404 page on black Friday. the uptime of the servers plays critical role in any online transaction. Good companies keep their services up and running almost every time.

Q. What Is The Setup Time Frame?

Time is money and you do not want to wait for days and weeks to get your gateway started. Prefer to work with those companies that offer fast setup.

Q. How Active Is The Billing And Technical Support Team?

You should work with companies that offer 24 by 7 Support. Most of the companies in the payment industry over 24 by 7 support for technical and billing issues.

Q. Are There Any Hidden Charges Or Fees?

The Merchant account agreement is generally a very long document. Most of the time it will run for more than 20 pages. understand that it is a legal agreement and you are supposed to follow all the terms as per law. Before signing read all the terms and clauses.

Merchants with business operations in USA and Canada can also accept echecks by using echeck payment gateway. Echeck offers a lowers dispute period then Credit Cards. Download Free Ebook. SIX REASONS INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT GATEWAY WILL ADD GROWTH TO YOUR BUSINESS.