Tech Support Merchant Accounts

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Tech Support Merchant Accounts available for startups and experienced merchants. The Global sales of Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones are increasing by great numbers with the developments in technology and science. This means that there are more computing devices than earlier. It also means that there are more computer users now than before. Most of the computer users have a great understanding of how the computer works and how to use it, but a considerable number of customers or consumers do need help. Even if we talk about skilled computer users, at times they face difficulties in resolving any software related issues in the system. This is where, the role of tech support comes into action. Taking remote access of your computer system, a tech support expert resolves the issue with your computer. This is usually termed as remote tech/PC support. At times, the Tech expert does pay a personal visit and resolves the issues on site which we term as physical assistance.

Payment Options For Tech Support Merchants

Echeck Payment Gateway – This mode of payment is becoming extremely popular in the industry. Check21, Check22, ICL and ACH are a few examples of the modes of payment processing. This does not involve the use of Credit Card numbers. The Customer submits the Account Number, Routing Number, Billing Address and amount on the merchant’s website to make the payment. The bank clears the transaction and the merchant gets paid. The dispute period in this kind of transaction is a lot lesser than credit card processing option. The Merchant gets Web integration via API and a Virtual Terminal. We have seen higher approvals for echeck when we compare it with card processing. The process of payment using an Echeck is a lot easier and safer for both the customer and the merchant.

Credit, Debit Card Processing solution for IT Support Industry – With this mode of payments, the merchants can accept payments made on the website by using Credit/Debit or well-known Prepaid Cards. This is one of the most popular methods of cashless transaction. Most of the merchants get API integration option, but some with good processing history can also get VT/MOTO/Virtual Terminal. The Charge-back period for this type of solution is least Six months. As tech support industry is categorized as a high risk industry. The large chargeback period, at times comes as a problem for the merchants and it also increases the chargeback ratios. Thus, from the point of view of a merchant, Echeck are considered as a better solution in comparison of Credit/Debit cards.

Alternative Payment Options

Tech Support Merchants use various kinds of alternative payment options primarily because it is hard for them to find a conventional card processing solution. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, Prepaid Cards (not from the well-known card associations) and Prepaid Vouchers. Bank Wire Transfer is also a popular method used by merchants for High-value transactions. This mode is mostly used by PC support companies that give high-end enterprise level. A Merchant with a visionary mind should always keep all the payment options open. We never know when the high return ratio can limit your transaction capability. Apart from this, to increase the clientele, a merchant should keep on adding more payment options for the ease of transaction for their customers.

Merchant Account For Tech Support Companies (MCC 7379)

Most of the Tech support companies in different countries like India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand dexterously use the available market by helping these customers and make good money. The PC support companies advertise on different search engines and attract traffic organically from Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go. When the customer calls the PC support Line or the toll-free number and asks for tech support, they are usually provided with a ticket number and further connected to a tech expert online. The technician then securely connects to the customer’s computer to find the problem. Then, the representative lets the customer know about the required charges. If the customer confirms that he or she is OK with the solution and the pricing then the merchant signs a service agreement with the customer.

Most of the times, they use an electronic signature or DocuSign. This is the legal way of drafting an online agreement that confirms the consent of both the parties to defined charges and terms and conditions. Once both the parties are in agreement then the technician starts to fix the computer. After fixing the computer, the customer gets a better computing experience. Now the customer has to pay for the services. At this phase of the business, the PC support company requires a merchant account. The customer completes the payment online using any of the payment options available varying from credit/debit card or wire transfer to Echeck.

Merchant Account Types

Domestic Tech Support Merchant Account

This type of account is offered by acquiring banks that are in the same country where the Merchants business is physically located or registered. In other words, we can say that the merchant, the acquirer or payment processor belong to the same country. With this kind of account the interest rates and charges are low, Payout is faster and the underwriting is quick. The point to consider here is stringent underwriting guidelines followed by most domestic acquirers which are reluctant with respect to high risk merchant account. The Merchant discount rate (MDR) or the Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) for a domestic high-risk account ranges between 4% to 8% depending upon the profile of the merchant. The payout period is usually T+2 or T+3.

Offshore Tech Support Merchant Account

In this option, the acquirer is not located in the same country where the merchant is located. As the name itself explains, the merchant applies for a merchant account with an acquirer or service provider that is based offshore in some other country. The MDR or TDR for this type of Merchant account will be higher than the domestic Merchant account. The payout period will be a little longer. Most of the times, the transaction can range from 8% to 20%. Payout period is weekly, but they are definitely going to put some kind of hold back period which ranges between 1 to 3 weeks.

What Is The MCC For Tech Support Companies?

The Merchant category classification code or the MCC code for PC support or Tech support merchants is MCC 7379. This MCC is for Merchants offering computer maintenance and repair services.

Risk Analysis – Remote PC Support Industry

Risk Level in the Industry as per underwriting viewpoint is considerably higher. Over the years we have noticed that the merchants in this category experience high charge-back and returns in comparison to other industries. This is why most of the payment processing companies consider this industry as an extremely risky one. Most of the large banks and financial organizations clearly deny the applications for merchant accounts from this industry but the merchant can get solutions from small and mid size banks.

KYC Documents Required For A Tech Support Merchant Account

  • Business license of the company like Incorporation certificate or the Tax certificate.
  • ID proof and the address proof of all directors.
  • Utility bill or the personal bank statement of all the directors.
  • Canceled cheque/check of the business bank account or the last month Bank Statement.
  • In case of experienced merchants, they must submit the last 3 months history that clearly shows the refund and chargeback instances. “The more authentic the documents and the website looks, the better are the chances for approval”.

Why KYC Is Important?

There are certain requirements for a merchant to get a payment processing solution for this Industry. The merchant must have a registered company and a business bank account. At this time merchants from almost every nation can get a Tech Support Merchant Account. The majority of PC Support Companies are present in countries like The United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India and Bangladesh. Apart from having a legal establishment and authorized registration, the company should also have a well-defined and elaborated website.

Website Requirements To Apply For Tech Support Merchant Account

  1. Active Website with SSL Certificate
  2. Service Pages on Website
  3. Refund Policy, Terms and Privacy Policy must be on the homepage menu
  4. Disclaimer should clearly mention that the company is an independent pc support company.
  5. 24/7 Customer Service Number on homepage.

The website should also declare that they are not associated with any other brands or OEM software/Hardware manufacturers. They must refrain to place any references to any of the software or hardware brands. The contact page should have all required information. We suggest the merchants to put a cookie policy in case the website uses browsing cookies.

Underwriting Process For The Tech Support Merchants

The process of underwriting a merchant in the PC support industry is very critical for a bank or the processing company. The processing company or the bank performs multiple checks to calculate the level of risk involved in that specific merchant account before concluding any decision about the account creation. The underwriting team looks at the AML, KYC and possible transactions laundering threats.

Why dоеѕ a Prосеѕѕоr care what my Chargeback Rаtіо is?

Your tech support credit card processor will be imposed with potential fines, if your chargeback ratio exceeds 2% and even then they might let you to continue your business. Generally, the agreement between the merchant and the payment processor defines the party to pay the fine for chargebacks exceeding a fixed value. These fines can either be shared by both parties or by the processor itself. These fines can be in thousands of dollars, which means that getting fined for allowing you process will certainly cost them more than what your merchant account brings in. In such scenario, they begin looking at your account and see that if the chargeback ratio exceeds 2%, they will surely terminate your account. So, the key is to keep your ratio below 2%. Additionally, excessive chargeback can often be a sign of other problems with your business, specifically an inadequate fraud or chargeback mitigation plan, poor service or customer service etc.

Chargeback And Fraud Prevention

To keep the refund and charge-backs at the minimum, we recommend that the companies use a CDRN or Chargeback alert solution. This kind of solution gives an opportunity window to resolve many issues with the customer. The Charge-back alert company notifies the merchant about the issue raised by the customer. Merchants must respond to the alert in a fix time frame which is most of the times 24 hours. This gives an edge to the merchants using Echeck with chargeback notification alerts in comparison to credit card processing options.

Hоw tо Calculate A Chargeback Ratio?

A business’s chargeback ratio is the total number of chargebacks per month divided by the total number of monthly transactions. The dollar amount of the chargeback is irrelevant. As is, in most cases, whether or not you win, lose or don’t fight the chargeback, once a chargeback has been initiated it counts as a chargeback. So, if your tech support business has 100 transactions in a month and 4 past customers who have initiated a chargeback dispute, you have a 4% chargeback ratio for that month depending on whether or not you fight and win those disputes.

Hоw do I kеер Mу Charge-Back Rаtіо Lоw?

In the tech support industry, however, the key is to make sure that you provide every opportunity for a disgruntled customer to contact you directly. When the merchant responds quickly and provide the customer with a full refund in case of dissatisfaction or service failure, and endeavor to provide free ongoing computer support in case of any future computer related issues on that customer’s computer, it surely minimizes the chances of chargebacks and maximizes customer satisfaction ratio of the company. This indeed adds to the positive growth of the company.

Some specific ideas that our tech support customers have used are:

  • Send confirmation and customer satisfaction emails: When you take a credit card payment make sure that you send an electronic receipt which includes the business contact information. At the end of the month, before the customer receives their credit card statement, send a customer satisfaction email, asking whether the customer was pleased with their tech support service and if not, request them to contact you so that you can resolve their issue and set it right.
  • Receive and refund customer Dispute Alert: There are a number of services that will alert you, if a customer calls their issuing bank to initiate a chargeback and provides you with a 72 hour window to issue a full refund. While we at integrate this service into all of our high risk tech support credit card processing accounts automatically, you can also obtain similar services from a third party and integrate them yourself. The main advantage of this service is the stability of your merchant account, because if you maintain the chargeback ratio within the prescribed limits, you will have a stable account for long run.
  • When in doubt, send a full refund: If a customer contacts you complaining about the service and their complaint has some validity, first issue a full refund and only once a full refund has been issued, then try to provide an additional service (which the customers would then pay for) to make it right. In doing so, you remove the chargeback potential of the first transaction and better ensure that the customer is happy with the overall service. We have been emphasizing over the point to keep chargeback ratio at minimum for the account stability mainly.
  • Maintain high transaction counts: You chargeback ratio is determined by the number of monthly transactions. So a technical support business with only 50 transactions per month is much more at risk of getting shutdown by a few rogue chargeback than one with a few hundred transactions. Clearly you can’t simply will your business to grow 10 times of its current size instantly because it will take lot of efforts and time, but it’s still an important consideration while balancing chargeback ratio. For example, you wouldn’t want to shutdown sales for an extended vacation during a month when you know you already had a couple of chargebacks, as this would cause your chargeback ratio to spike artificially.

Suggested Shopping Carts for industry

The suggested shopping cart for the Industries are woo-commerce, Magento and also other PHP driven CMS. These shopping carts are easily integrated with credit card and echeck processing solution. Plugins and integration documents are shared by processing companies.

Top Players In The Industry Located in Utah United states offers Home PC Support services around the clock. offers a huge range of Technical support services to customers all across the united states. With the headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, offers quality remote support services to businesses and home users.

Most Common Frauds In The Tech Support Industry – The most common fraud that shows up over the news these days is the Pop-up or Phishing scam. The Processing companies do not like the merchants that use Pop-Up Scripts to generate inbound traffic. Merchants must use genuine methods to generate inbound traffic. Other Frauds are what is Transaction Laundering? and miscoding the business type.

Tools Used In The Tech Support Industry – The Most popular Tools used by merchants are Teamviewer, Screen Connect and Supreemo connect. For PC Optimization the technicians generally use software like CCleaner. Apply Now for Tech Support Merchant Account

Payment Gateway For Tech Support Australia – Australia is one of the most advanced continents in the world. The per capita income in Australia is higher in comparison to many other countries. A higher per capita income means a high disposable income. Customers spend much money buying computers and different Internet devices every year. It creates a massive market for companies providing tech support services in Australia. A good payment gateway for tech Support Company in Australia will offer low rates, faster payout, and easy integration. The most common payment processing solutions used by Tech Support merchants in Australia are Credit/Debit Card processing and bank transfers. Genuine payment gateway for tech support that is available in Australia is PCI DSS compliant, and they do follow strict industry standards to detect and stop fraud.

The Best Payment Gateway For Tech Support Startups. – We all know that tech support is a high risk industry. It is the reason, most of the large banks say no to the applications from PC support industry. The acquiring bank or the payment gateway company tries to cover higher risk level when they on-board a Startup Merchant. The risk team at the payment gateway company tries to on-board merchants with the best credentials, better credit score and history. A better financial standing of the startup merchant can also make a huge impact on the minds of the underwriting team. Startups should implement the best practices like regular communication with the customer, sending the proof of service delivery to the customer, recording the conversation, accepting reviews and represent themselves as third party tech support companies. Once these arrangements are made as per the prescribed business guidelines, it turns into a better association between the payment gateway and the tech support startup company that continues for a longer period.

High Risk Payment Gateway For Tech Support In UK – United Kingdom is one the most developed and advanced economies in Europe. Over the centuries, the strength, expertise and control of UK over international market has increased considerably. The United Kingdom has an enormous market potential for tech support companies. To smoothly run the business with online transactions, Tech support business in UK also needs payment gateways for credit and debit card transaction. These Tech support companies offer PC support services to businesses as well as consumers. Most of the PC support payment gateway providers in UK will ask for a local company to be registered under the merchant’s ownership before approving the MID. It helps the merchant and the Payment Gateway Company in building trust on each other. Electronic check (Echeck) transactions are not accessible in UK. Most of the online sales are made either by Credit/Debit cards or bank transfer.

Best Payment Gateway For tech Support Business – The qualities of the best payment gateway for tech support business should include low transaction rate, fast setup, fast payout and less reserve. One can find genuine payment gateway companies by visiting the card schemes website. Merchants can filter the results based on the services type delivered by the PSP and the location in which they operate. The merchants can also visit the website of the payment gateway company and check if Tech Support industry is one of the accepted industries. These above remarks will certainly help the merchant to find the best payment gateway for tech support businesses.

PC Tech Support Payment Gateway – Generally, most PC tech support companies offer services across the world. These companies generate inbound traffic by using different search networks and online advertising tools. Once the customer calls the support line, the representative tries to find the problem and based on the time and effort required to fix the problem; the customer service representative suggests the appropriate cost of services to the customer. Payment gateways offer the structure to complete the financial transaction. Payment gateways used in the PC tech support industry are highly secure and complies with the top-notch industry standards. Most conventional modes of payment processing are credit, debit and e-check transaction.

Rates Offered By The Best Payment Gateway Company For Tech Support – Most of the payment gateway companies that onboard tech support will always look forward to offer the best possible rates to the qualified merchants. Merchants who don’t have good financial standing and previous processing history might be placed on a higher processing and interest rate structure. This counter arrangement is done to mitigate the risk involved in the financial transaction. Merchants who can produce the last six month processing history with a very low charge-back ratio can also get the best rates. In today’s scenario, I would say that the rates that can be considered best start from 4% for tech support merchants. Finding this rate is very difficult but is not impossible for merchants with massive sales volume and extremely low charge-back ratios.

How To Apply For The Best Tech Support Payment Gateway Solution – To apply for a payment gateway for tech support, you must have the required documents. You also need to have a website and we suggest that you put the best available content and infrastructure to make your website look as professional as possible. The best appearance of a tech support website creates a splendidly impressive image of the company in the minds of the customers. You must have a registered company and a business bank account before you apply for a high risk merchant account. The payment gateway company will also ask for the identification and address proof of the directors of the tech support company. Some additional documents may also be needed during the verification and underwriting process. Once you submit the documents then the payment gateway provider or the PSP will identify the risk involved in a boarding a merchant like you. If, they think it is a win-win situation for the PSP and the merchant, they give the consent to associate, and you will be getting the best payment gateway for your tech support business.

Payment Gateway In India For Tech Support – If, you are looking forward to getting a payment gateway in India for tech support business then you have come to the right place. We are located in India and have connections with different payment service providers across the world. Our Global connectivity empowers us to deliver the right payment gateway solutions for PC tech support service companies in India and other Asian countries. We strongly advise tech support merchants not to use any incorrect, illegal or faulty business practices that also include spreading pop-ups on the Internet and making unsolicited outbound calls to customers. We strongly recommend the payment gateway should be used for genuine tech support services offered by companies in India. Whether it be a domestic service provider or an offshore service provider, ensures you of the best support in establishing and managing your online business promptly.

High Risk Payment gateway For Tech Support In Canada – After the United States of America, Canada is the second most popular destination for selling the tech support services. The most popular high risk payment gateway solution available in Canada is the credit and debit card processing option. Canadian companies also use bank transfer and wire transfer solutions to complete the online financial transaction. There are a few high risk merchant account or payment gateway providers for tech support in Canada. Most of the PSPs interested in working with an IT support company are not located in Canada.

Options Available For Tech Support Payment Gateway In India – There are two options available for tech support payment gateway in India. The most common are the Credit/Debit Card processing solutions. Tech support companies prefer a Credit Card payment gateway because it offers a swift financial transaction. The other mode of payment processing available for tech support companies in India is the check 21 or Echeck transaction. This e-check payment gateway solution is only used by those merchants that are selling their services in the United States of America. Most of India based merchants use these options to sell the PC support services to customers in the United States and Canada. The credit card payment gateway is integrated on the merchant’s website by using the API configuration. The e-check payment gateway offers a virtual terminal and an API integration capability.

Payment Gateway in India For Technical Support

Various Offshore PSPs are highly interested in on-boarding merchants from India. The technical support merchants in India can integrate different payment gateways to their website by using the API configuration provided by these PSPs. If, an Indian technical support company is using the payment gateway to offer the services in the United States then we can also use the charge-back alert service to reduce the return and refund ratio. A proper chargeback prevention system helps the merchant to extend the life of the payment gateway. India is growing into a cashless economy and soon most of the high risk merchants will start looking forward to reduce the risk of fraud by using various charge-back alert services.

Echeck Payment Gateway For Tech Support – Check 21 is one of the most popular modes of a check transaction used by Tech Support companies across the world. Check 21 is extremely popular in the United States of America. The merchant needs to collect the account number, Routing number and billing details to process the transaction. This is a secure mode of payment processing. There are many e-check payment gateway service providers who are interested in on-boarding merchants from various Industries like tech support, Pharmacy, Payday loans, Consultancies, Import Export and many other businesses.

Why I Can Not Get An Instant Payment Gateway For Tech Support? – If, the merchant is classified as a low-risk merchant then there is a huge possibility that he may get instant approval for a payment gateway but in the case of a tech support merchant, we know that it is extremely high risk Industry. That is why the payment gateway company performs various tests and analysis before approving the merchant account. The entire Internet is scanned to rule out the possibility or merchant being fraud or non-genuine. This entire process takes time and cannot be done instantly. This is the major reason why most of these merchants have to wait for many days before getting an approval for payment processing account.

How To Properly Use A Payment Gateway For PC Tech Support? – Any company that looks at the long-term growth will always implement the high standard of the operational process to reduce risk. The same stands correct for PC tech support companies that use payment gateways for financial transactions. These companies should focus on all minute details to deliver the best services and provide exceptionally good experience to their customers. This can be easily done by building a team of exceptionally qualified technicians who know how to resolve the customer’s query in the shortest possible time frame. Companies should also try to create strong relationships with their customers because this will ensure a long-term recurring business.

How to Integrate E-check gateway for tech support website? – It is very easy to integrate the E-check gateway for a tech support website. If, the website is built on CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal or any other platform then the merchant should contact the PSP to share the available plugins. It only takes a few minutes to integrate the plugin on the website. The merchants can log on to the e-check payment gateway console and collect the API information with the secret key. The API information and the secret key of the E-check payment gateway need to be embedded in the plugin on the CMS. Merchants can also integrate the ITA Gateway by using HTML codes. This is one of the easiest ways to integrate any payment gateway and this also creates a ‘buy now’ button on the merchant’s website.