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Now Easily Get Tech Support Merchant Accounts. Domestic And Offshore Solutions.

Tech Support Merchant Accounts are available for startups and experienced merchants. The Global sales of Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones are increasing by great numbers with the developments in technology and science. It means that there are more computing devices than earlier. It also means that there are more computer users now than before. Most computer users understand how the computer works and how to use it, but many customers do need help. Even if we talk about skilled computer users, they sometimes face difficulties resolving any software-related issues in the system.

Here tech support comes into action. Taking remote access to a computer system, a tech support expert resolves the issue. At times, the tech expert does pay a personal visit and resolves the issues on-site.

Note. We Can Only Support USA Based PC Repair Merchants. Merchant Must Have US Company, 100% US Citizen Ownership, Physical Office In The USA and Bank Account In USA.

QuadraPay Offers Two Type Of PC Support Merchant Accounts

Domestic Tech Support Merchant Account: This type of account is offered by acquiring banks in the same country where the merchant’s business is physically located or registered. In other words, we can say that the merchant, the acquirer, or the payment processor belong to the same country.

With this kind of account, the rates are low, the payout is faster, and the underwriting is quick. The Merchant discount rate (MDR) or the Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) for a high-risk domestic account ranges from 3% to 6%, depending on the merchant’s profile. The payout period is usually T+2 or T+3 with some reserves in place.

Offshore Tech Support Merchant Account: In this option, the acquirer is not located in the same country where the merchant is located. As the name itself explains, the merchant applies for a merchant account with an offshore acquirer. The MDR for this merchant account will be higher than the domestic Merchant account. The payout period will be a little longer. Most of the time, the transaction can range from 6% to 8% with weekly payouts.

Available Payment Options For Tech Support Merchants

Echeck Payment Gateway: This mode of payment is becoming extremely popular in the industry. Check21, Check22, ICL, and ACH are a few examples of payment processing modes. It does not involve the use of Credit Card numbers. The Customer submits the Account Number, Routing Number, Billing Address, and amount on the Merchant’s website to make the payment. The bank clears the transaction, and the Merchant gets paid. The Merchant gets Web integration via API and a Virtual Terminal. We have seen higher approvals of echeck when comparing it with card processing. The process of payment using an Echeck is a lot easier and safer for both the customer and the merchant.

Credit, Debit Card Processing solution for IT Support Industry: With this mode of payment, the merchants can accept payments made on the website using Credit/Debit or well-known Prepaid Cards. This is one of the most popular methods of cashless transactions. Most merchants get API integration options, but some with good processing history can also get VT/MOTO/Virtual Terminal.

Alternative Payment Options: Tech Support Merchants use various alternative payment options primarily because it is hard for them to find a conventional card processing solution. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, Prepaid Cards (not from the well-known card associations), Fiat to Crypto, Prepaid Vouchers. Bank Wire Transfer is also a popular method used by merchants for High-value transactions. This mode is mostly used by PC support companies that give high-end enterprise level services. A Merchant with a visionary mind should always keep all the payment options open.

KYC Documents For Tech Support Merchant Accounts

  • Business license of the company.
  • ID and the address proof of all directors.
  • Utility bill or the personal bank statement of all the directors.
  • Canceled cheque/check of the business bank account or the last month’s Bank Statement.
  • In the case of experienced merchants, they must submit the last 3 months’ history that clearly shows the refund and chargeback instances.

Website Requirements To Apply For Tech Support Merchant Account

  • Active Website with SSL Certificate
  • Service Pages on Website
  • Refund Policy, Terms, and Privacy Policy must be on the homepage menu
  • Disclaimer should mention that the company is an independent pc support company.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Number on the homepage.
  • Company Contact information and registration details should be on the terms and conditions page.
  • The website should also declare that they are not associated with other brands or OEM software/Hardware manufacturers. They must refrain from placing any references to any software or hardware brands. The contact page should have all the required information.

FAQ Tech Support Merchant Services

How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Remote Support Merchant Account?

If all the documents and compliance requirements are in place, it should not take much time. The underwriters at the payment processing companies are fast. They do not want to miss even a single transaction. Generally, it does not take more than 7 to 10 days to get a check or card processing solution for PC Support businesses.

What Is The MCC Code For Tech Support Companies?

The Merchant category classification code or the MCC code for PC support or Tech support merchants is MCC 7379. This MCC is for merchants offering computer maintenance and repair services. Other Similar MCC Codes are following.

  • Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software (5045)
  • Computer Software Stores (5734)
  • Computer Programming, Data Processing, and Integrated Systems Design Services (7372)

Are Chinese Tech Support Payment Gateways No ChargeBack Gateways?

No matter where the PSP is located, they have to honor chargeback requests coming from the customers. The industry standards and ethics bound the processors to help customers in any chargeback or related complaints. A merchant can fight the dispute or chargeback by presenting the required documents.

What Kind Of Features Do Chinese Tech Support payment Gateway Offer.

The Chinese payment gateway for tech support does offer Credit/Debit Card processing solutions for PC support merchants. The PC support merchants can swiftly integrate the gateway on the website by utilizing the API configuration provided by the PSP (Payment Service Provider). If you are interested in applying for an online payment gateway for tech support, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you. We will connect you with payment processing companies worldwide, including in China.

Why It Is Hard To Get A Payment Gateway For Tech Support Business.

Many payment processors are hesitant to accept tech support businesses. Many merchants involve themselves in wrong business practices. It results in problems for the majority of merchants. Some merchants use threat tactics to scare the customers and extort money. That is a huge setback for the complete Industry. Reputation Damage. Most payment processors don’t like associating themselves with the tech support industry. They want to maintain a good reputation as a processing company.

Is the Echeck Gateway Suitable For USA-Based PC Support Companies?

Yes, Merchants can accept payments from USA-based customers. Echeck payment gateways are secure, transparent, and reliable for high-risk businesses. Anyone who wants to enter this business can apply for a gateway. Online pharmacy companies can also use this solution very well.

Are People Looking For Tech Support Merchant Account In Canada, UK, India, The USA, and France?

Yes. We do get many inquiries from the nations mentioned above. Our Solutions are rock solid, and they offer long-term stability to the merchant. The credit card processing solution is a multi-currency solution that can be utilized to take orders from customers living worldwide, including in Canada and other nations.