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Merchant Account For Telemarketing Industries

Why is it crucial for a telemarketing company to have a merchant account? How to receive credit from inbound or outbound telemarketing business? Which merchant account best suits your telemarketing businesses?
Well, we will help you with all your question related to the Telemarketing industry.

What is Telemarketing And Why Payment Gateway Is Vital For The Same?

The word itself explains the meaning. Tele means Telephone and Marketing here means generating leads over the phone. It is a method of direct marketing. Salesperson convenience the customer to buy a product or services over the phone. In today’s time, it is not limited to only a telephonic conversation. It can also be face-to-face or video conferencing conversation.

Industries involve in Telemarketing business are :

Types Of Telemarketing Activities That Can Use Payment Solutions:

  • Inbound Marketing: When you are getting leads through advertisements, email marketing or social media marketing. In this approach, a salesperson never calls a customer and offer them services. The customer itself finds your products valued in the advertisement and social media. They itself connect with you. This strategy is more profitable. It is because the customer is already interested in your product or services. You have to convert that call into your potential customer.
  • Outbound Marketing: Outbound telemarketing involves a direct call to the customers. They may be interested in your product or services. The agents need to be more knowledgeable about the product. It is because they are selling the product to an unknown person over the call.
  • B2B Telemarketing: B2B telemarketing is a business to a business transaction. It helps you to find the right leads or that can be converted into your potential customer. This approach is best used for your brand awareness. It also helps to build a good relationship to expand your business growth.
  • B2C telemarketing: B2C is somewhat the same as outbound telemarketing. It is because as an agent is directly involved in selling the product to the customer. They do not wait for the customer to call you; they make a call and sell their products. They deal with a high volume of customer and expect a high volume return.

Telemarketing Business And Merchant Account:

Now, you have an understanding of about telemarketing business and their types.

  • They make a call to their ‘may be interested people’. Or sometimes we make a call to them, and they try to convert the call into a profitable business.
  • But what if the customer is successfully convinced? How could you accept payment through them?
  • For telemarketing business, you have two options to accept payment through your customer. The first way is by entering their credit card information into the virtual terminal. And the second options will let the customer enter the credit card details onto your website.

Let discuss the option in brief:

  • MOTO options for your telemarketing business: MOTO short for Mail Order Telephone Order is a feature of the payment gateway. The merchant enters card details of the customer into the terminal to accept payment. It is also known as Virtual terminal payment processing system. It is a secure terminal provided by the processor to merchants.
  • Credit card processing options for your Telemarketing business: This option lets the customer pays you for the product through your website. This allows you to accept in multi-currencies like USD, GPB and Euros. It also has the option to accept multiple brand of cards.

The Risk Associated With Telemarketing Industries:

Telemarketing Industries come under the high-risk category. It is because they are more likely prone to chargebacks. Though it is considered as a high-risk business by the acquirer bank, still we as a Quadrapay help you with this. We are specialized in providing high-risk merchant account to high-risk industries. Our processing partners can provide various solutions to merchants from the telemarketing industries. If one solution does not fit your business need, we take your application to another PSP. We will not stop until and unless you ask us to stop, we love to serve our customer with their full satisfaction.

Merchant Account for Call Center

In the last two decades, call centers have expanded a lot and businesses from domestic to International depends on these call centers to avail Quality Services to their customers. Some companies to have their own Customer Care Unit. Where else some companies outsource the responsibility of customer service to third party. About the cases call centers are really important for business to grow because they act like the face of the organization, the first point of interaction of a consumer with the company. The interface that is used for communication between the customer care professionals (CCPs) and the customers is either online or telephonic. These days the ratio of online or web based services has increased many folds.

At times to cut the cost, a domestic company may hire or rely on an offshore customer service provider for software developer to reduce the company cost. Hence these call centers need to have facilities to accept credit cards and other online payments from International clients as well. This is the main reason for having a merchant account for call center industry. The business runs very smoothly once you have an online merchant account. This further facilitates the customers of these Call Centers as well. With easy online payment options that are available 24/7, transactions can be done anytime and anywhere. If you have a stable, reliable and efficient online payment facility then there are chances to get into business with more companies and it also attracts the customers. helps you find the most comprehensive and adept Credit card processors and payment gateway service providers. If you are facing any issue in get a merchant account for Call Centre, you should contact us. We ensure you with the best options of service providers and the complete procedure to establish a legal and lawfully compliant merchant account.

While applying for a domestic or offshore merchant account, it should always be kept in mind that your documents and certifications must be genuine and real. The underwriting guidelines for call centers are usually very strict. Any kind of changes done in the original documents can result in declination of your application and put you into the bad credit zone.

That’s great questions.

It is a constant challenge for any inbound call center to generate calls.

Below mentioned are few legit ways that may help you get inbound calls for your call center:

Advertise On Google, Bing and other Serch engines
Advertise on Secondary AD Networks
Advertise on Radio – Trust me it’s not that expensive
Advertise on TV – Many start-up Radio and TV Channels are very cheap to advertise.
SEO on Low competition Target Keywords.
Offer discounts to buyers if they send referrals
Use Voice Blasting – Send Bulk Voicemails to potential clients. Make sure the Data is DNC Scrubbed.
Use the Power of Web 2.0. Create Social Presence.


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