VPN Merchant Account

Credit Card Merchant Account For VPN Merchants

Are you searching for a Virtual Private Network or VPN Merchant Account? If your answer is yes, then Quadrapay is here to assist you. Our team is highly qualified in helping businesses that are mostly considered high risk by many credit card processors.

Why VPN Merchants Need Credit Card Processing Accounts.

A Virtual private network allows users to browse websites if the internet service provider blocks them. Many times International journalists use virtual private networks to upload their reports and material to the news provider websites. Sometimes internet marketing companies also use VPN to search for local SERP rankings. Unfortunately, most of the payment service providers consider this industry as high risk-oriented, and that is why it is classified as a high risk industry. Quadrapay, through its partner processing companies, is capable of assisting merchants from the VPN industry. Our solutions are full stack which includes Payment gateway, Merchant account, Fraud prevention tools and chargeback management assistance.

VPN Reoccurring Billing Payment Solution

When you apply for a virtual private network credit card payment gateway, make sure that you work with the provider that offers you cost-effective rates. One more factor that you should look at is the reoccurring billing facility for subscription payments. Since most of the virtual private network, customers prefer to make monthly or yearly payments, this makes subscription billing mandatory.

Multi Currency Credit Card Processing For VPN

Your payment service provider should allow you to accept payments from multiple countries, and this is why you require a multi-currency payment gateway. We are delighted to inform you that Quadrapay through its partners, can provide you a multi-currency gateway for VPN. No matter where your customer is located in most of the countries, you will be able to offer them the local payment processing option. Your customers can make payments in local currencies. Our payment solutions also come with a massive list of AMP support which is also known as Alternate method of payment. If your customers are based in Latin America and they prefer to make payments by utilising local cards, then you can certainly use this solution. You will be happy to know that our payment service providers are capable of offering modes like ACH and Echeck as well.

To get more details about how Quadrapay can help your VPN company extend its payment processing capabilities, send us an email on [email protected].

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