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QuadraPay Brings Tier 1 Astrology Merchant Account

Astrology is ancient knowledge. Modern merchants like you have created advanced astrology websites and Apps. These Astrology sites provide ready-to-use charts and also offer consulting. With Astrology merchant accounts, these businesses can accept credit and debit cards.

QuadraPay now offers online and retail credit card processing solutions for astrology-related merchants.

Astrology Merchant Account – Technical Information

MCC 7996 (Amusement Parks, Circuses, Carnivals, and Fortune Tellers). The MCC 7996 classifies merchants that operate in the Astrology industry.

Application Process Of Astrology Services Payment Gateway.

Are you an Astrologer? Are You looking for a merchant account to expand your business globally? Great! Well, we are here to help you out. In today’s time, the Astrology Business is a money-making business. Every individual wants to look for insight into their future.

Astrologers thinking about going online and having a merchant account is a superb idea for business expansion. In the traditional time, people used to take out their time and go to an astrologer for their future insight. There they have to wait in a queue. Also, they have limited options for an astrologer. But in today’s era, you can book an astrology appointment from your comfort zone.

The process to apply for Astrology Services Payment Gateway is simple. You need to start with the short pre-application form on our website. The form collects minimal information and helps the QuadraPay team identify if your business may be a good fit for our merchant acquiring partners.

Once we get the go-ahead for the URL, we will move to the next step. Our team will continue assisting you until you start accepting credit debit card payments on your website. Even after that, you can always contact us if you need further help.

Astrology Credit Card Processing FAQ

What is Astrology Credit Card Processing?

Astrology credit card processing helps astrologers process card payments from their clients. To offer astrology services to clients, you must have a merchant account.

Depending on the mode of business operation, the astrologer can choose the account type.

Retail Astrology Credit Card Processing. With retail terminals, astrologers can accept the card-present transaction. These terminals are brand new and come with various inbuilt connectivity modes like wifi and 3G.

Online Payment Gateway For Astrology. With an online credit card payment gateway, astrology merchants can accept payments on Websites and Mobile Apps. Our solutions integrate well with popular shopping carts and eCommerce frameworks.

What Is The Transaction Flow Of Astrology Merchant Account

Astrology payment gateways authenticate and approve payments from the customer. The gateway works as an intermediary between the astrologer and his clients. It then forwards the payment to your bank account if approved.

Let’s have a step-by-step process analysis of how the astrology payment gateway works.

  • The client places the order for an astrology service. Put his name, card information, and other details. After that, the authentication(Verification and Validation) process starts.
  • This information goes to the astrologer’s merchant acquirer.
  • The acquirer sends the information to the card issuer.
  • The card issuer approves or declines the transaction based on the fund’s availability.
  • The card issuer sends the information to the merchant acquirer. After that, it passes the information through the payment gateway.
  • The merchant gets the message of approval or decline.
  • The whole process is so smooth that it completes within a few seconds. The payment reflects in the merchant’s bank account within a few days.

Contact us today to get the much-needed payment application support for your Astrology business.