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Drupal eCommerce website is one of the known eCommerce platforms which is used to build sites. It is a free and open-source community-based platform which is used to make stunning and amazing websites. Drupal is content management software which is written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. But what is the use of your stunning site without any payment gateway? Is it productive? Not at all. An eCommerce site without a payment gateway is like you have invited a guest in for dinner without any crockery. Another question in your mind might be where to get Drupal Payment Gateway?

Well, Quadrapay is a reseller of the various payment processors and helps you to get one of the best payment gateways for your site either it drupal, Opencart, WordPress, Magento or any other eCommerce platform or plugin. Stay with us!

How Payment Gateway For Your Drupal Ecommerce Helps Your Site?

Payment gateways are a very vital component for any eCommerce website. It gets integrated with your eCommerce site and helps you to accept payments for the service or product you offered. A payment gateway online merchant services provided by the payment processor that authorizes the transaction.

A payment gateway is well integrated with POS for your retail store and online website with your check-out page. Let us discuss some of the points to describe why payment gateway is vital for your business:-

The Critical Difference Between Drupal Payment Gateway And Merchant Account

This is quite a common question; everyone used to ask us when applying whether a payment gateway and merchant account are different? Are we required both? The answer to both questions is yes. A payment gateway is simply a software service which helps in authorizing the transaction and subsequently helps in settlement of the fund to the business bank account. But before settling the fund in the business bank account, it must be settled into an account called Merchant Account.

A merchant account is a bank account where all the funds get settled for a temporary basis and then moves into your business bank account. A merchant bank account is necessary to accept credit card payments from your customer. Being a merchant, you have to bear transactional and markup charges for every transaction done by your customer. It means the Merchant acquiring bank deducts a very small percentage at every transaction and transfers the remaining balance to your business bank account.

Acquia Rolls Out A New Version Of Drupal Development Solution –  News Update as on 26 March 2020

Keeping in view the increasing demand for eCommerce sites, Acquia has rolled out a new version of its Acquia Cohesion with less coding and more flexibility features. Drupal is an open-source platform. Acquia is the top contributor to Drupal. Acquia is the digital experience company which helps you to build, run and optimize sites on the only Digital Experience platform that ‘s made for Drupal.

With the rollout of the new version of the Acquia Cohesion, the developing effort to Drupal website gets streamlined by 50%. If a developer has created a Drupal site using Acquia Cohesion, he can reuse the components to modify the site without any coding challenge. You can read more about it here and streamline your developing experience.

Are You Struggling With Drupal Payment Gateway? Approach Quadrapay!

Payment Gateway Merchant Services is vital for your business. Don’t hesitate to take a step in the online world. Start accepting payments online 24×7. To get started, fill the pre-approval form, which is required to analyze your business and get back to you with the right solution. We would love to assist you and onboard you.

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