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Increase Your Business Potential With Global Merchant Account Solution!

Most of the business merchants usually rely on the merchant account provided by their acquiring bank. It can be an excellent option to start your business, but as you grow your business and gain more revenue in future. This domestic merchant can limit your business potential, and thus you can’t expect better returns from it. So if you are thinking of expanding your small scale business or looking for a solution regarding online trading business, you will surely need a global merchant account or offshore merchant account solution.
At Quadrapay, we have an international network with experts in this industry to provide you with the benefits of best in class business payment processing solutions. We have a processing solution for both high-risk merchant accounts and low-risk merchant accounts all over the world.

Why Choose Global Merchant Account For Your Online Business?

A global merchant account provides you with the ability to sell your products and services all over the globe, no matter where your business is physically located. The global merchant account takes the services with an offshore acquiring bank which usually have fewer restrictions in comparison to the standard domestic bank account. This also benefits a high-risk business account to seemingly operate their business across the seas. One of the benefits of a global merchant account is that most of the acquiring banks are located in places where you can save taxes. Just like our multi-currency merchant account, all the payments you accept through debit card payments, cc processing payments, echeck, e-wallets in foreign currency payments are protected under jurisdiction of the acquired bank account.

How To Apply For The Global Merchant Account With Quadrapay?

We have made a straightforward procedure to apply for the global merchant account and take the benefits of international trading. A business has to fill-up the form with all required information and submits it with all the necessary documents for verification and approval. After completing the application process with all required documents, the merchant account may be approved within 48 hours.

Some Of The Basic Requirements Are:

  • A live and secured website where you want to conduct online business
  • An SSL certificate is required.
  • Bank transaction statement up to last three months
  • Processing statements up to last three months, if applicable
  • There should be no fraudulent activity in business history

Why Should A Business Opt For Global Merchant Account With Quadrapay?

Quadrapay is an expert in the industry of merchant account services and payment processing solutions. If you are looking for global merchant account services, you came to the right place as we provide benefits like:

  • Easy application procedure and fast approval merchant account
  • Accepts merchants from all over the globe
  • A single and multi-currency processing facility with a global merchant account solution
  • Low processing rate in comparison to others in the global market.
  • Safe and reliable service experience.
  • Quick processing of credit card payments
  • Easy to understand payment procedure with our user-friendly dashboard facility where you can easily monitor and manage your transactions.
  • Highest level of encryption in payment gateway with PCI DSS compliance.
  • 24*7 customer service and support from our team of experts.

If you still have any concerns regarding global merchant account solutions, we are always available to assist you with our team of experts at [email protected].

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