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Looking For A Low Cost Merchant Services? Get It Here!

Merchant Services allows a business to accept credit card payments easily. In order to get a merchant account to fulfil the credit card processing solution, a merchant needs to contact a payment processor. The merchant service provider will analyze the business category. There are majorly two types of business industry: low-risk business merchant and a high-risk business merchant. The bitter trough is that the high-risk merchant account usually includes higher processing charges. Compared to the low-risk merchants have to pay low cost merchant services. Quadrapay is one of the reliable and best merchant account and payment processing solution providers. No matter what solution you are searching for, we provide you with the best-fit processing solution according to your business needs.

What Is A High-Risk Merchant Account? Can I Get Low Cost Merchant Services?

A high-risk merchant account is a special type of business merchant account. This merchant account will allow a business to have higher privilege services and higher ticket sales limit. As a general rule, extra features means some extra bucks to be paid. This high-risk merchant account is little costlier compared to the low-risk merchant account. There are a lot of business merchants that struggle for payment processing solutions for their high-risk business. Banks and other financial institutions generally deny high-risk processing services. But you don’t have to worry now. We at Quadrapay now offer you low cost merchant services where you can expect the best affordable price for merchant accounts. Whether it is low-risk processing or high-risk processing solution, we will provide you with the appropriate solution.

What Are The Features Associated With High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with a high-risk merchant account. Some of the majorly highlighted features are as follows:

  • Avenue To Advanced Market Opportunities: With the help of a high-risk merchant account, a merchant can take benefit of global merchant account services. This allows you to expand your business across other countries. More international customers mean you will be able to accept foreign currencies, and thus you will get more profits out of it. All the international payments will be converted in your local currency and settled in your merchant account. Thus you can be relaxed and attract more profits with a hassle-free processing experience. With Quadrapay you can enjoy all this with a low-cost merchant services.
  • Chargeback Flexibility: High-risk merchant services allow you to have flexibility in terms of chargebacks. While comparing to the low-risk merchant account, there are chances that you might need to shut down because of high chargebacks. But this is not in the case of a high-risk processing account. A payment processor will take a rolling reserve for the preventive measure before onboarding you with the high-risk merchant account.
  • More Secure: There is a lot of risk of frauds that are associated with a high-risk business. That’s a high-risk merchant account that includes several fraud protection measures with low cost merchant services. This reduces the chances of such frauds.

How To Apply For Low Cost Merchant Services With Quadrapay?

The application procedure is simple to apply for a low cost merchant service. You only need to fill the business merchant application form with all the necessary details as asked within the form. Along with it, it is also required to submit some KYC documents. The list of documents is also mentioned within the form, for better clarifications you can also get in touch with us for assistance. These documents are essential to process your application faster with a processor for verification and on-boarding procedure.

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