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Your search for most advanced adult merchant account solution ends here. Our adult payment processing solutions are powered by top acqyureres that process millions in transaction each month. The information on this website is a cheat sheet that will help most adult industry driven company to acquire payment processing options. Since the year 2016, Quadrapay has been assisting merchants from various high-risk Industries, including those operating in the adult domain. We can undoubtedly say that we have a vast relationship with providers comfortable offering adult merchant accounts to qualifying businesses. Since we work with multiple adult payment processors worldwide, we have an in-depth understanding of why banks say no to the adult industry. Let us look at the top reasons why banks say no to merchants from adult industry.

Why Banks Say No To Adult Business Merchant Accounts?

Reputation Risk. The Second reason is reputation risk. Financial institutions avoid associating with industries like adult dating, adult gaming, chat line, cam sites, adult toy store, doll store, strip clubs because of the reputation risk.

Legal Challenges. The most common cause is regulatory and legal challenges. In some countries, this industry is considered Taboo, so banks are naturally bound to say no to these applications. This is not the case with the many PSPs and Banks in the USA, European Union, Canada, and the UK.

High Chargeback Ratio. The third critical reason is the high chargeback and dispute ratio. It’s pretty standard for many adult merchants to experience over 1% dispute and chargeback ratio; however, there are ways to reduce it.

Adult Merchant Account
Adult Merchant Account Quadrapay

Adult Toy Store Merchant Account

These companies sell adult toys and novelty items in bulk and retail. Wholesale merchants require payments solutions for adult B2B transactions. The ticket size or average transaction value is a lot higher than retail merchants. The merchant classification code(MCC) used is also different for retail and wholesalers. Merchant discount rate varies depending on various factors. Adult Ecommerce and retail sites that sell adult toys and accessories are supported by our solutions.

Live Cam Merchant Account

Live cam payment processing. Adult Live Cams Sites And Marketplaces.Payment options for adult cams must be diverse. Not only will this allow the merchant to accept a larger variety of transactions, but it will also reduce risk. Adult cam merchants must also safeguard themselves from chargebacks and credit card fraud, navigate recurring billing, and avoid friendly fraud. With the right payment processing options, you can reduce declines and simplify online order processing.

Adult Ecommerce Payment Processing

If you are an adult ecommerce merchant, you may have had difficulty getting a merchant account from a traditional bank or payments processor. Getting a merchant account from these institutions is not easy, and many business owners realize this too late. Unfortunately, they end up applying for a merchant account through the traditional methods of collecting information and risking their account being suspended. You don’t want this to happen to your business.

We offer high-quality and industry-proven Adult POS terminals. These brand-new credit card processing terminals are perfect for your retail adult toy store.

With Adult POS merchants can sell various products including Lingerie, Sex Toy, Sex Doll, Dildos, Wand, Vibrators, Bondage Toy, Condoms, Lubricants and Penis Pumps.

Adult content can be of any type. Some are ok for card schemes, and some are not. For instance, an adult theme-based magazine or novel may also come in erotica. The good news is that most of our solutions are open to adult merchants.

Erotic dating or adult dating is not a thing of the past. Many websites offer platforms for consenting adults to meet online. These platforms are social networks but primarily focused on adult customers.

Adult chat lines and text messaging services use this kind of merchant account.

In most cases, a local solution is better; however, if local banks say no, the merchant must evaluate offshore adult merchant accounts. The rates may be slightly higher than the local solution.

You might want to open a Strip Club Merchant Account if you run a strip club. Banks generally won’t accept accounts for strip clubs because they are considered high-risk. Other high risk credit card processors can accept Strip club merchant accounts. These accounts are ideal for businesses that process large volumes. When choosing a merchant account for strip club, the most important consideration is whether or not the service you select is reliable or not. Merchant accounts for strip clubs should allow you to set up recurring billing. This allows you to debit customers’ accounts automatically.

It isn’t easy to open a merchant account for a gentlemen’s club. Top banks and top processing companies do not like to work with merchants in this industry. Banks have there own reasons. However high risk payment solutions are available for gentleman’s clubs.

Banks are wary of offering accounts to strip clubs because they are a high-risk business. Strip clubs carry high risks of chargebacks. Before you choose a high risk PSP, it is important to assess its reputation. If a PSP has not had a track record of supporting high risk merchants, then it will deny the applications. Don’t lose heart – Strip Club merchant accounts are available through offshore merchant account providers.

Cyber security is an important aspect of choosing a merchant account to support your strip club. Adult entertainment businesses are vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, so they need a merchant account that meets the highest security standards.

Banks and credit card processors often consider adult entertainment venues to be high-risk. Banks and credit card processors often reject strip club merchant accounts because they consider them high-risk. Many people have been rejected despite paying high application fees. QuadraPay provides solutions to merchants from adult sectors

Setting up Strip club merchant accounts can be challenging because they require a thorough review from a payment service provider. These issues can be removed by choosing the right payment service provider. They will ensure that your account is protected from fraud and chargebacks. By choosing the right payment service provider, you can keep your customers secure and safe from identity theft and chargebacks. Strip Club Merchant Accounts are ideal for those who want to run a nightclub.

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