Adult Merchant Account In 2020 How To Choose The Best One !

The adult entertainment sector is a profitable industry for online merchants. Dispute rates and high chargebacks are always a concern for a high-risk sector. At Quadrapay, we can assist you in opening an adult merchant account for your dating and almost any adult content related websites.

As research conducted in March 2016, there are 72 million visits to adult entertainment websites. We can’t ignore that the adult entertainment sector is multiplying and making a lot of profit. But the banks make it difficult for these dating, strip club, adult content websites to get adult merchant accounts and to process their credit cards. That’s why here we help in by providing convenient high-risk adult merchant accounts  for adult entertainment sectors.

Quadrapay Has Adult Merchant Account Solutions In US, Canada And EU

Whatever kind of entertainment service your business offers, Quadrapay always has a solution for you. Our adult merchant accounts include several types of adult services like:

  1. Gentlemen’s clubs
  2. Adult Online Dating
  3. Spa Listing
  4. Adult E-Magazines
  5. Advertisement Network
  6. Adult Toys Store
  7. Adult Streaming videos
  8. Traffic Generation
  9. Pleasure Products
  10. Adult Business Listing Sites
  11. Adult PR Companies
  12. Adult Legal Services
  13. Adult Photography
  14. Adult Retail Stores
  15. Adult Dating Sites

How to obtain A Low Cost Adult Merchant Account With Least Hassel.

Getting an account for an online dating website, escort listing services, strip club, pornography website, or any other adult entertainment platform, we offer multiple merchant solutions for adult merchants. These business industries are considered high-risk not just because of its industry type but also because of the large number of chargebacks that occurs on adult business accounts. This is the reason that an adult venture owner can not process their credit cards just by moving into a bank. Banks need to support adult businesses to be approved the accounts as per their written rules and guidelines, but most of the large scale banks don’t allow processors to permit for adult sectors.
That’s why our team evaluates the application, which is performed in minutes online and that helps global eCommerce businesses boost their bottom lines by allowing multiple payment solutions and low card processing rate because of merchant account services.

How Can Chargebacks Can Be Reduced By Adult Web Masters And Webprenuers?

  1. Most of the chargebacks are because of consumers not remembering or recognizing a transaction on their credit card bill.
  2. Transparent billing with your business name, date of the purchase and the contact number is your initial order of business.
  3. Communication: Send automatic e-receipts on the mail right after transaction completion.
  4. It is always better to utilize ACH payment or any other check solutions for adult merchants accounts that are dealing with excessive chargebacks.
  5. In the case of dispute, a refund is always a better option rather than a chargeback.