Adult Merchant Account In 2021 Now Supporting 25 Plus Adult Sub Sectors

Adult Merchant Account By Quadrapay

Adult Merchant Accounts And Quadrapay Multi-Currency Processing Advantage.

Since the year 2016, Quadrapay has been assisting merchants from various high-risk Industries, including those operating in the adult domain. We can undoubtedly say that we have a vast relationship with providers comfortable offering adult merchant accounts to qualifying businesses. Since we work with multiple payment processors and acquiring banks worldwide, we have an in-depth understanding of why banks say no to the adult industry. Typically there are three key reasons why acquiring banks will say no to adult merchant accounts. The most common cause is regulatory and legal challenges. In some countries, this industry is considered Taboo, so banks are naturally bound to say no to these applications. This is not the case with the many PSPs and Banks in the USA, European Union, Canada, and the UK. The Second reason is reputation risk. Financial institutions avoid associating with industries like adult, dating, gaming, sex chat lines, cam sites, gambling, and betting because of the reputation risk. The third critical reason is the high chargeback and dispute ratio. It’s pretty standard for many adult merchants to experience over 1% dispute and chargeback ratio; however, there are ways to reduce it.

This detailed document called The Cheat Sheet To Get An Adult Merchant Account will help you improve your chances of approval.

The 2021 Pro Way Of Securing An Adult Merchant Account With Non-Other Than Quadrapay

As a merchant, you wish to focus on your business’s growth; however, if banks are not cooperating, how will you accept online payments. With our experience, we can say that there is a simple way to make an incredible impact on the underwriting team, which will evaluate your adult business merchant account application. Business owners should ensure that they have implemented and put all these elements in place before applying for a merchant account.

  • Preparedness Of The Sensual Website. The first thing the underwriters will look at is your business website. When underwriters open your online adult storefront, they should feel your seriousness. In simple words, your website should be up and running. It should be convincing not only for the underwriters but also for the users. Think it like this: the acquiring bank offers you an account and expects to make money in return. Websites that are properly created and have growing traffic can help the banks make more revenue in the long-term. If you have an adult cam site, make sure that the homepage lists models correctly and the content is updated. If you have an adult eCommerce site, it should offer the same comfort level that any regular eCommerce site provides.
  • Three Super Critical Policy Pages For Mature Sites. On every website, two of these pages are mandatory. These include the terms and conditions page as well as the privacy policy. However, in the case of adult eCommerce sites, a refund policy is also required. It must clearly define the timeline of service or product delivery. It should describe how you will ensure customer satisfaction by delivering refunds as per the stated terms. We advise you to evaluate the refund policy of the top three competitors in your adult sub-sector. You’ll have a fair understanding of how these competitors are ensuring a fantastic customer experience. The refund policy should be easy to understand. It should be concise and straightforward.
  • 18+ Age Verification. It is a bylaw requirement in most countries to have age verification on adult websites. Although it can be easily implemented; however, we have seen many applications getting rejected just because the merchant forgot to execute this small code on their website. The adult industry is a highly regulated sector both nationally and internationally. Your website will be accessible to people across the world. You should ensure that the age verification complies with the local requirements in your target locations.
  • Contact information For Customer Service. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you maintain an excellent relationship with your customers. To do so, you must have detailed contact information on your website. This industry attracts a higher chargeback percentage because of obvious reasons. To reduce chargebacks and return on your adult merchant account, you must have a good customer service team. Contact information will guide you users and customers to quickly contact your support team and resolve any disputes.
  • Clear Pricing Structure. A vague pricing structure will confuse your user and certainly negatively impact the minds of the underwriting expert. Complex or ambiguous pricing will also reduce your overall sales conversion and increase the cart abandonment ratio. Prices on your website should be reasonable. Abnormal pricing can push the customers to initiate disputes and chargebacks after impulse buying.
  • KYC Preparedness For Companies With Seductive Business Model. Applying with an adult businesses merchant account provider is pretty much like applying for a bank loan. This means that the bank or the adult businesses merchant processor will require various documents. In the adult merchant acquiring industry, we call these Know Your Customer for KYC documents. When you are sure that you have to apply for an adult entertainment merchant account, you must have all the KYC documents ready. The typical time frame for approval in the United States of America is one to two weeks. In the European Union, the time frame is also pretty much the same. If you do not have all the KYC documents needed, this time frame will extend. Please keep in mind that adult content merchant services are limited. They get a tremendous amount of applications to be on-boarded. They may lose interest in your application if you do not provide all the KYC documents simultaneously. On a case-by-case basis depending upon the adult sub-sector you operate in, the acquiring bank may ask for additional documents. It would be best if you were prompt in providing these documents to the acquirer.
  • No copyright Infringement. Merchants must be aware that no banks or adult content credit card processors will be interested in joining hands with companies that are stealing someones intellectual property rights. Merchants must make sure that they only see what they are allowed to sell and must not sell any think that they are not allowed to sell.
  • Credit Risk Is Evaluated. Merchants must be aware that the adult acquiring company or Bank will check the creditworthiness of the merchant. This is not only limited to the accounts of the company but the personal credit score of the business owners. Merchants will find better success if they ensure that they dont have any red lines on there credit score also making sure that no bills are pending might also help. Sometimes sending the resume of the directors and companies organisational structure may also help.
  • Reputation Alarm. This industry not only attracts high credit risk but also hits the reputation of parties connected to the vertical this includes acquiring banks and psps. Merchants must ensure that they keep there business model under strict guidelines of acquiring banks and psps. This way the merchant may get longer access to the account. Merchants should not sell any illegal contents that also include non-consensual adult and underage pornography.
Quadrapay Solutions Are open to legal adult merchants. Ask us today and get a non obligation Quote from our EU And American Providers.

KYC Documents Needed For An Adult Merchant Processing Account.

Adult Merchant Account Solutions USA/EU/EEA/UK Over $100,000

These are the KYC documents needed for Adult Industry Merchants that are expecting to process over US $100,000. Retail Adult Payment Solution

  • Filled Application
  • National ID
  • Voided Check/Bank Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Active Website/App/Marketing Material
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statement
  • 6 Months Credit Card Processing Statement If Available
  • Website Fronted User Login Access For Testing
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Financial Statements for the last 24 months. Recent YTD P&L and Balance Sheet

Adult Merchant Processing USA/EU/EEA/UK Under $100,000

These are the KYC documents needed for Adult Industry Merchants that are expecting to process under US $100,000. Retail Adult Payment Solution.

  • Filled Application
  • National ID
  • Voided Check/Bank Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Active Website/App/Marketing Material
  • 3 Months Business Bank Statement
  • 3 Months Credit Card Processing Statement If Available
  • Website Fronted User Login Access For Testing
  • Articles of Incorporation

Adult Friendly Merchant Accounts For Ecom Sales In USA/EU/EEA/UK

These are the requirements for adult eCommerce merchants that wish to accept payments over website, app or phone. Online Adult Payment Solution.

  • Filled Application
  • National ID
  • Voided Check/Bank Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Active Website/App/Marketing Material
  • Age Verification On Website/App And Checkout
  • Filled MOTO / Ecom Questionnaire
  • High Risk Registration
  • 3 Months Business Bank Statement
  • 3 Months Credit Card Processing Statement If Available
  • Website Fronted User Login Access For Testing
  • Articles of Incorporation

Erotic Sub-Sectors That Mostly Qualify For Adult Merchant Account Solutions

In the year 2021, the adult industry has expanded. Banks are now more comfortable in on-boarding merchants from multiple sectors of this industry. Traditionally, they only supported cam sites, streaming, and video platforms; however, they support numerous sub-sectors these days. Let’s look at a few of the sectors that are quickly taking a share in the portfolio of these large high risk adult acquiring banks and adult stream merchant account providers. Please keep in mind that approvals are always on a case-by-case basis, and the following list is not exhaustive.

  • Adult Affiliate Program/Platform. There is cutthroat competition in the adult industry. Day by day, it is becoming difficult for organizations to compete without collaborating with industry experts. Adult affiliate programs and platforms allow experienced companies as well as individual performers to grow their revenue streams. These platforms enable performers to upload clips or full-length videos so that members get revenue on advertisement split and subscriptions. Adult Affiliate Program And Platform companies need credit card processing accounts to accept payments for selling subscriptions. Video on demand and Clip for Sales adds revenue stream for the production houses and video creators. Premium subscriptions allow up-loaders to make monthly reoccurring income. These companies also offer attractive revenue share to webmasters that wish to join as an affiliate. Many companies provide up to 50% revenue split for the lifetime of the account.
  • Adult Erotic Phone Chat Line Service Operator. These websites offer phone communication with adult entertainers. The conversation can be emotional and erotic in nature. Callers make payments to buy call-in credit. These platforms are easy to navigate and provide all the requisite tools to start a professional phone sex operator career. The mode of transaction is mainly over the web and phone. These merchants mostly use API, Moto, and Carrier billing for Adult payment acceptance.
  • Adult Clip Sites/Video On Demand/VOD Sites. Starting an adult streaming website for an individual performer requires heavy investments and an immense technology skill set. There are ready-made platforms that offer feature-rich front end and easy-to-use back-end. On these White-label platforms, performers and companies can easily upload clips and full-length adult videos. The built-in payment integration module allows webmasters to connect the site with a adult merchant services. These white-label platforms require payment solutions to sell subscriptions and add-on services/modules.
  • Adult Dating Including LGBT. Adult payment processor & gateway are gradually opening up to the dating industry. Many still say no to adult dating. These websites allow adults to communicate as well as make video calls and audio chats. Users can register for either a free account or a premium account. Naturally, the premium account comes with some additional features. Adult webmasters require merchant accounts to accept subscription payments on dating websites. Technically speaking, these websites’ objective is to provide a platform for serious dating.
  • Pleasure Stores/Toy Stores/Novality Stores/Adult Online Ecommerce/Retail Store. These businesses offer tangible body-safe products either online or at a retail store. Many online adult eCommerce websites have thousands of products and hundreds of categories. Some of the most popular products include vibrators, lingerie, dolls, pumps, plugs, perfumes, simulation machines, rings, silicone massagers, fetish clothing, Leather whips, floggers, paddles, restraints, flavored lubricants, erotic jewelry, enhancement supplements, dance-wear, club-wear, party plates, stainless steel sex toys, life-size sex dolls, erotic games, wands, latex clothes, electro stimulation products, ball stretchers, ball weights, soap, night light, bath bomb, lotion, chocolates, contraceptives, and used undergarments.
  • Adult Website Themes And Plugins. As we all know, not every bank is comfortable working with the adult industry. The same is the case with web designers and developers. There are specialized companies that offer adult website development. Many of these companies sell ready-made website themes and plugins for the adult industry. These companies require adult payment gateway solutions to accept payments for their services and products.
  • Adult Video Games/Adult Animation/Simulated Dating Games/Virtual Reality Porn. Gaming companies that are skilled in immersive technologies have started focusing on the adult gaming industry. The Adult gaming industry is technically a vertical of the gaming industry that’s already over $100 Billion in revenue. The adult gaming industry is claimed to be in a couple of million dollars as of now. These games are animated and offer virtual reality effects. The level of special effects makes the experience life-like. To accept game subscriptions, reliable solutions are vital.
  • Adult Production Houses. One of the most significant sub-sectors in the industry. Production companies offer various services that are key to the growth of this industry. These services include photo studio rentals, adult eCommerce photography, content creation, animation, computer graphics, video shooting, editing, distribution, script-writing, and sound engineering.
  • Adult Wholesalers/Whitelabel Companies. These companies sell adult toys, novelty items, and videos in bulk. Wholesale merchants require payments solutions for adult B2B transactions. The ticket size or average transaction value is a lot higher than retail merchants. The merchant classification code(MCC) used is also different for retail and wholesalers. Merchant Discount Rate varies depending on various factors. Adult White-label companies offer products with the branding of the company that wishes to sell the products. This way, White-label companies work as a critical support system for various erotic eCommerce sites.
  • Online Adult DVD Movie Stores/Adult IPTV Streaming Companies. The industry offers pornographic videos in three modes. VOD Mode. With this mode, users get to watch videos as per their requirements, and they can pause and restart the movie from the scene where they left. DVD Disc/Blu Ray Discs. Movie DVDs are shipped to the buyer’s shipping address. IPTV Erotic Content is a new method of streaming content. With a small subscription payment, users get access to thousands of channels, including many adult channels. Quadrapay partners can assist merchants from this sub-sector; however, applicants must have the license to stream or sell the content.
  • Adult Law Firms/Legal Service Providers/Accountants. These organizations provide legal advice to adult industry professionals and companies. They also offer legal assistance to companies if needed, mainly for fraud, breach of contract, intellectual property infringement. Additional services include contact screening, warning letters, business formation, tax audit, and tax filing.
  • Visual Brand Management/Marketing Companies. For any organization, branding is critical. Proper branding activities help brands to create loyal customers and eventually help elevate the pricing of products. In the adult industry, Branding and Marketing companies provide professional planning and services to clients. To properly accept and monitor payments, these companies require feature-rich multi-currency gateways. With built-in recurring invoice generation, businesses can be sure that clients will get payment notifications/reminders at the right time.
  • Exhibition Houses/Event Organizers/Outdoor Promotion Companies. These companies organize exhibitions and offer a platform for industry players to network with others. The services include selling exhibit spaces/design conceptualizing stalls as per the client requirements. These companies also offer complimentary or paid promotions for sponsors and exhibitors. Exhibitions and Events like AVN Adult Entertainment Expo USA, Erots Latvia, Erosexpo France, and AdultCon USA are well known. Highly skilled professionals from the Adult Event Management companies put in their critical thinking and efforts to make these events a grand success. This sub-sector requires omnichannel payment solutions to accept Card Present and Card Not Present Transactions.
  • Software/SEO/Digital Marketing/CRM/Outreach Builders For Adult Centric Businesses. Whatever be the mode of product and service delivery, technology plays the role of a catalyst. Software companies help develop customized software, including CRMs, Applications, Analytics Tools, Cam Sites, and VoIP Setup. All these services enable organizations to grow while reducing cost and human resource requirements effectively. SEO and Digital marketing companies are even more critical for this industry as most search engines do not allow advertisements related to adult and erotic products. These companies usually require adult eCommerce payment solutions.
  • Professional Services/Consultants/Growth Advisors/Third-party Custodian Record-Keeping 2257. This subsector includes professional services that help organizations grow and comply with regulatory and card brand scheme requirements. Growth strategy companies offer consulting services that support adult webmasters to increase revenue and market reach. Market research companies help businesses get critical insights that are vital for gap analysis. PCI DSS Compliance companies help webmasters with compliance implementation, PCI Scan, Audit, and Threat Analysis. Third-party Custodian services ensure that primary and secondary producers of adult/sexually explicit content maintain the records as per the federal requirements. All these professional service providers require payment solutions and merchant accounts to ensure proper business relations with their clients.
  • Business Brokers/Insurance Companies/DMCA Take down Firms. Business Brokers help in buying and selling existing or new adult businesses. These brokers help clients with various choices when it comes to buying and selling. Most successful adult business brokers use a consultative approach to offer excellent client satisfaction. Payments for these services are mainly collected using retail card processing terminals. Some brokers may even prefer to collect payments on their websites or over the phone. These Insurance agencies specialize in offering risk cover to adult businesses that need protection from potential losses. Agencies provide insurance services to adult production houses, event organizers, massage parlors, spa, strip clubs, and gentleman’s clubs. Insurance companies collect premium payments by using card-present and CNP modes. IVR Payments or Payment over Interactive Voice Response System is also popular among insurance companies. Takedown Services. These companies specialize in getting copyrighted content being removed from unlicensed portals and sites. Content creators face common piracy challenges. These professional copyright enforcement companies help content creators with the much-needed adult content protection services. Professionals in this industry monitor thousands of piracy sites and use their skills to get copyrighted content removed by properly implementing takedown measures. Services may be offered on a one-time takedown or retainership model. the relationship with studios is usually long term and takedown service providers work proactively to ensure the copyrighted content is removed from piracy sites as soon as possbile. The most common payment instruments used are credit cards, Debit cards, and ACH. Quadrapay offers Adult ACH Processing Solutions.
  • Translation Services/Voice Over services/Multi Language Dubbing. Production houses take the services of various companies to translate content into foreign languages. The Adult video content industry does produce not only porn but also creates full-length feature films. The average transaction value is high in this sub-sector and mainly involves cross-border transactions. Offshore adult credit card processing accounts are perfect for these international business requirements. Voice over companies offers voiceover and dubbing services to the industry. Projects range from small VO projects to multi-hour VO projects.
  • Adult Ad Networks. Since most search engines do not allow paid advertising for products and services that are of adult or erotic nations, merchants use adult ad networks. These PPC/CPM networks have a massive number of publishers and advertisers. The publishers provide these websites as a platform where the ads sponsored by advertisers are displayed. This helps aggressive adult companies expand their market and increase sales. Ad network companies use merchant accounts to accept payments from advertisers. For making payments to publishers, these ad networks use Payin/Payout/ACH/Crypto options.
  • Adult Business Directories. Link building plays a crucial role in expanding the domain authority of any site. Adult business directories offer paid advertorials and link placement which helps target websites increase traffic. For this service, directors may charge a one-time fee or a recurring fee. Banks find this sector as high risk as all those mentioned above. However still, some adult payment options and aggregators may say yes on a case-by-case basis.
  • Associations/Magazine/Publications. Adult industry associations offer a platform for implementing compliance’s and protecting the rights of people involved in the industry. These associations provide a different level of membership. Some memberships may be free, and some may be paid. These associations charge a membership fee online using credit/debit cards or ACH for the paid membership plans. Quadrapay fully understands the vital need of these associations and provide payment solutions to this sub-sector.
  • Adult Talent Companies. These companies usually have an online portal that pretty much works as a job site. On these sites, talent and recruiters can both apply. Site owners charge a monthly membership fee. This way, Job seekers can have a verified profile and can make multiple applications. Some sites also offer a section to upload show-reel and social media links. Platforms like these are trendy in the adult video and content writing industry. Professionals search for various positions, including actors, bartenders, managers, waitresses, performers, internet models, lingerie model private dancers, webcam models, phone sex operators, and Massage therapists.
  • DVD Authoring Services. These companies perform DVD authoring and related services. Companies’ critical services in this sector involve converting old Adult Movies VHS tapes into modern HD DVD Formats. Old movies are correctly encoded in a new format and are authored with bright on-screen menus. Formats are generally DVD and Blue Ray. These companies also design the DVD Inlay cards and covers. With their massive connectivity with thousands of retail stores across the USA and Europe, they send new release information to all the potential sellers.
  • Adult Shooting Equipment Rental Companies. These companies provide the much-needed equipment to the erotic content industry. These pieces of equipment are offered for rent as well as sale. Equipment range from Microphones, mixers, lights, sensors, props, camcorders, speakers, and synthesizers. Some of these companies also offer much-needed repair services as these pieces of equipment are usually very expensive. The kinky industry just can’t do without these equipment rental companies. Our Acquiring banks support this sub-sector.
  • Adult Wardrobe Suppliers. These companies provide wardrobes to adult production houses. Some wardrobe suppliers even have millions of items in there catalogue.
  • Vehicle Suppliers. These companies provide the required vehicles to the adult production industry. Vehicles may include limousines for events or Vanity van for production requirements. These vehicles mostly come with additional items like chairs and refrigerators that may be required to offer comfort to the crew and talents.
  • Crew Providers. Adult Production companies require production crew. Core members are usually from the production company but additional members like support crew and spot boys are provided by these specialised crew suppliers.
  • Security Services. Adult Entertainers and Actors face the same challenge that mainstream Hollywood actors face. To ensure that these actors and performers stay safe at the time of any event or production shoot security professionals and services are required.
  • White Label Adult Video Chat Platforms. These web applications empowers professionals to quickly start these adult video chat website. These video chat sites offer high definition video and high bit rate audio.
  • European Adult E Retail. We have solutions for EU/EEA and UK based adult e-retail merchants. these solutions are powered by EU/EEA ans UK based banks and PSPs.
  • Pole Dance Accessory Shops. These companies provide required equipment, accessories, props and garments for the adult pole dance sub sector. Products include stilettos, boots lingerie, exotic dancer accessories, thong and nail decals to name a few.
  • Porn Industry Makeup Professionals. The Porn industry is a glamour driven industry. Who knows glamour better than fashion and makeup professionals. these makeup professionals ensure that the performs look attractive and relate to the level of the production studio brand.
  • Sound Studios Audio Recording Professionals. At the time of shooting the original tape may pick up background noise, clicks and ticks. Professional sound engineers and sound recording experts ensure that the audio is not distracting
  • Boudoir And Female Photographers. Professional female photographers help glamour models appear even more attractive. Still photography is a critical part of the industry and these professionals do it well.
  • Record Keeping Software’s For 2257. These web and mobile app software help maintain the required 2257 records of performers easily and efficiently.
  • USA Based Adult E Stores. USA Based Ecommerce and retail sites that sell adult toys and accessories are supported by our solutions.
  • Laboratory Testing Companies. Specialized diagnostic laboratories provide testing services for performers. They may offer services directly to performers or they may have an agency contract with production houses. To keep the industry safe these laboratories play a crucial role.
  • Adult Live Cams Sites And Marketplaces. Live cam sites can be of independent artist or it can be a marketplace. On a live cam marketplace various talents get to create there profiles.
  • Content License Providers. These specialized companies offer content licencing services to clients in the adult industry. Licensing is important as it helps protect the intellectual property right and also helps content creators maintain a list of approved vendors.
  • Adult Web Hosting CDN Companies. Adult streaming sites require high availability serves as the downloads are in form or audio, video and high definition images. Many hosting companies refuse adult businesses because of the acceptable user policy. Specialised hosting and CDN companies provide hosting and cloud distribution services to adult businesses.
  • Erotic Ebook Stores. On these specialized websites users can buy erotic eBook and audio books. Our solutions are open for this industry
  • Canadian Adult Novelty Stores. We have merchant services for adult entertainment for Canada based Adult Novality and E commerce Stores

Essential Factors To Consider Before Opting For An Adult Merchant Account.

There are several factors that a merchant should consider while getting a card processing for an adult business. A few of these are listed below.

  • Do They Have Experience In Adult Business Processing?: It is vital to work with an acquiring bank that is already working with multiple merchants in the adult industry. In the merchant processing industry, some high risk acquirers try new sectors to explore the risk and revenue. These acquiring companies may say no to the industry at any time as they are just starting with Adult applications. On the contrary, banks, and PSPs already working with significant million dollars, adult merchants can provide many stable solutions. Quadrapay solutions are backed by highly experienced adult payment processor that already have hundreds of adult and erotic sites in their portfolio.
  • Transaction Charges: Some providers benefit you with low monthly charges, but they charge a high transaction fee. While some providers charge a small transaction fee but high monthly costs. So always check the adult payment providers pricing before opting for an adult merchant account solution. The benefit our merchants get is that our solutions have three famous pricing structures. Large merchants may get interchange++ rates. Smaller and growing merchants get fixed or tiered pricing. All of our merchants have the right to negotiate, and they are recommended to say yes only when they are super satisfied with the rates.
  • Customer Support The Protects The Privacy Of Card Holders. Our solutions come with a dedicated account manager’s option and round-the-clock support. Merchants get access to a support portal. Card holders can contact the billing support thrugh phone and website. It is the most proven way of ensuring excellent customer care. Adult merchants may also find this as an effective way to reduce returns and chargebacks.

How To Obtain A Low Cost Adult Merchant Account With Quadrapay.

According to industry experts’ research analysis, The adult business and entertainment sector are one of the most profitable and booming industries. But these businesses tend to have a high risk of refunds and illegal credit card usage. That’s why it is prone to have so many potential dangers of frauds and higher chargebacks. With an adult business merchant account, you can get started to continue to accept debit cards, credit card processing, echeck, ach, crypto and other wallet payments processing. We know you don’t want to be stuck in the puzzle of a lot of paperwork and approvals. That’s why we made a simple and easy-to-apply procedure for an adult merchant account. You have to fill the merchant application form with all the necessary details and submit the required information so that we may provide fast approvals.

The best way to get an adult merchant account will be to

  • Have a business that has required registrations and licences
  • Approach a PSP/IPSP that offers adult friendly merchant accounts.
  • Comply to the requirements of the adult site payment processors and send application with kyc documents
  • Once approved sign the agreement and initiate integration.
  • After successful test transaction on the adult website switch to live mode and start accepting payments

Lets look at few adult product types and closely related MCCs

  • MCC 5967. This MCC is generally used for merchants that offer phone services of erotic and adult nature. This may include adult phone chat lines. MRP or High Risk Registration is needed for merchants in this category.
  • Adult Stores / Adult Toys MCC 5999. This MCC is allotted to merchants that sell tangible products. The credit risk is the factor that PSPs majorly look into when vetting these accounts. Merchants should not sell used products. Product Types that fall into this category may be Erotic Apparel stores. Sites that sell undergarments specifically targeting adult audience and nature of sales is erotic. (Regular apparels and accessories fall into other MCC for general eCommerce). Adult Novality Stores. These generally include sites that sell Dolls, Vibrators, Printed material, Magazines, Pictures and Book, lubes and condoms.
  • MCC 7273. This MCC code may be used for online escort services. This may also be used by the acquirer to code an adult dating merchant. The same MCC may also be allocated to adult matchmaking websites.
  • MCC 7841. This MCC is for merchants that sell video tapes and DVDs at stores. Video stores that sell studio quality licensed and legal adult content may qualify for this MCC. This MCC has been traditionally used for video tape rental stores.
Adult Merchant must declare on the site
  • Refund Policy
  • PSP details and card scheme logos must be there on the site. Some PSPs may be interested in handling billing related issues themselves . That is why merchant must have the PSP contact information on site.
  • Website must have merchant contact information with Email, Phone and Address.
  • Merchant must insure that the products are shipped within 72 hours of order generation
  • Terms must specify the party that bears the shipping charges. This can also be declared on the product page if the shipping varies product and delivery location wise.
  • Return Time Frame Policy
  • RMA/Cancellation Policy
  • To reduce returns and chargebacks. Merchant must collect proof of order and proof or product delivery. These should be kept for records.
  • 2257 Adult Compliance(If Applicable) and disclaimer

Getting an adult merchant account for an online adult dating website, escort listing services, strip clubs, pornography website, or any other adult entertainment platform, Quadrapay offer multiple merchant solutions for adult merchants. These business industries are considered high-risk not just because of its industry type but also because of the large number of chargebacks that occurs on adult business accounts. This is the reason that an adult venture owner can not process their credit cards just by moving into a bank. Banks need to support adult businesses to be approved the accounts as per their written rules and guidelines, but most of the large scale banks don’t allow processors to permit for adult sectors.

That’s why our team evaluates the application, which is performed in minutes online and that helps global eCommerce businesses boost their bottom lines by allowing multiple payment solutions and low card processing rate because of merchant account services.

Contact Quadrapay today by filling the form on this page and an expert will start assisting you within 1 business day.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra