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Adult Merchant Accounts And Quadrapay Multi-Currency Processing Advantage.

Since the year 2016, Quadrapay has been assisting merchants from various high-risk Industries, including those operating in the adult domain. We can undoubtedly say that we have a vast relationship with providers comfortable offering adult merchant accounts to qualifying businesses. Since we work with multiple payment processors and acquiring banks worldwide, we have an in-depth understanding of why banks say no to the adult industry. Typically there are three key reasons why acquiring banks will say no to adult merchant accounts. The most common cause is regulatory and legal challenges. In some countries, this industry is considered Taboo, so banks are naturally bound to say no to these applications. This is not the case with the many PSPs and Banks in the USA, European Union, Canada, and the UK. The Second reason is reputation risk. Financial institutions avoid associating with industries like adult, dating, gaming, sex chat lines, cam sites, gambling, and betting because of the reputation risk. The third critical reason is the high chargeback and dispute ratio. It’s pretty standard for many adult merchants to experience over 1% dispute and chargeback ratio; however, there are ways to reduce it.

Adult Toy Merchant Account For Adult Retail/Wholesalers/White-label Companies.

These companies sell adult toys and novelty items in bulk and retail. Wholesale merchants require payments solutions for adult B2B transactions. The ticket size or average transaction value is a lot higher than retail merchants. The merchant classification code(MCC) used is also different for retail and wholesalers. Merchant discount rate varies depending on various factors. Adult Ecommerce and retail sites that sell adult toys and accessories are supported by our solutions.

Live cam payment processing. Adult Live Cams Sites And Marketplaces. Live cam sites can be of independent artist or it can be a marketplace. On a live cam marketplace various talents get to create there profiles.

Live Cam Payment Processing. Adult Webcam Merchant Account.

If you’re considering live cam payment processing, you’re not alone. More businesses are discovering that this service has many benefits. Live cam payment processing can be a convenient and cost-effective way to accept credit cards from your customers. In fact, it is so popular that many banks are now offering it to their customers. Here are the benefits of Live cam payment processing. Read on to learn more. But, be warned! This type of payment processing is considered high risk by traditional financial institutions, which doesn’t always make it easy to provide a reliable and secure service for your clients.

Payment options for adult cams must be diverse. Not only will this allow the merchant to accept a larger variety of transactions, but it will also reduce risk. Adult cam merchants must also safeguard themselves from chargebacks and credit card fraud, navigate recurring billing, and avoid friendly fraud. With the right payment processing options, you can reduce declines and simplify online order processing.

Adult Ecommerce Payment Processing

If you are an adult ecommerce merchant, you may have had difficulty getting a merchant account from a traditional bank or payments processor. Getting a merchant account from these institutions is not easy, and many business owners realize this too late. Unfortunately, they end up applying for a merchant account through the traditional methods of collecting information and risking their account being suspended. You don’t want this to happen to your business.

While there are plenty of payment providers, you need to choose the right one. A good choice is QuadraPay, which provides adult ecommerce businesses with a high-risk payment processing solution. Our flexible payment processing options help you grow your business in a sustainable way. An important aspect of adult ecommerce payment processing is fraud prevention. Adult merchants must take care to avoid chargeback by granting refunds and allowing their customers to sign their credit card before completing their purchase.

Adult Friendly Payment Options

Despite the high risk associated with operating an adult business, there are many ways to get merchant accounts for it. Many banks and processors don’t accept adult-oriented businesses. However, businesses with the proper licenses and permissions can be accepted by most banks. However, some financial institutions continue to view adult-oriented businesses with suspicion. Adult-friendly merchant accounts can help businesses achieve the safety and security that they need for their business.

If you want to offer adult-oriented services to international customers, you should look for adult-friendly merchant accounts. These merchant accounts feature high-volume processing capacity. Adult-friendly merchant accounts are supported by PCI-DSS compliance. AI driven Fraud-fighting tools are also available to help your business reduce fraud.

Adult Store POS. Adult Retail Store Payment Processing.

If you are a retailer of adult goods and services, you are likely interested in finding the right adult store POS to run your business. While it is true that online sales can be beneficial to your business, you will also want to consider the specific needs of the market. The following are some things to consider when choosing an adult store POS. While online sales can help your business grow, physical sales are the most important consideration. You must be able to accept payments from a variety of sources, including online and retail.

An adult store POS system is an ideal solution for the adult retailing industry. It allows retailers to track customers’ spending habits, create promotions, manage loyalty systems, and generate digital coupons. With a POS system, customers can purchase their desired items more easily, without worrying about embarrassing lines and long wait times.

Adult Video Credit Card Processing

Finding a suitable merchant account for adult video production isn’t easy. You need to avoid companies that don’t explicitly support the business. You can also look for a high-risk processor through QuadraPay. Many merchant account providers will have a monthly volume cap, which means that you can only process a certain number of credit card transactions per month. After you hit the monthly volume cap, you’ll have to wait until the next month to continue processing. This is a problem for rapidly growing adult video businesses. Generally, the monthly volume cap is in the $100,000 to $200K range. Fortunately, many offshore providers allow you go beyond the limit.

Adult video credit card processing is an important part of running an adult business. While the industry is highly lucrative, traditional financial institutions may not be interested in working with businesses in this field. The industry can be controversial and has a high risk of chargebacks.

The  Pro Way Of Securing An Adult Industry Merchant Account.

As a merchant, you wish to focus on your business’s growth; however, if banks are not cooperating, how will you accept online payments. With our experience, we can say that there is a simple way to make an incredible impact on the underwriting team, which will evaluate your adult business merchant account application. Business owners should ensure that they have implemented and put all these elements in place before applying for a merchant account.

  • Preparedness Of The Sensual Website. The first thing the underwriters will look at is your business website. When underwriters open your online adult storefront, they should feel your seriousness. In simple words, your website should be up and running. It should be convincing not only for the underwriters but also for the users. Think it like this: the acquiring bank offers you an account and expects to make money in return. Websites that are properly created and have growing traffic can help the banks make more revenue in the long-term. If you have an adult cam site, make sure that the homepage lists models correctly and the content is updated. If you have an adult eCommerce site, it should offer the same comfort level that any regular eCommerce site provides.
  • Three Super Critical Policy Pages For Mature Sites. On every website, two of these pages are mandatory. These include the terms and conditions page as well as the privacy policy. However, in the case of adult eCommerce sites, a refund policy is also required. It must clearly define the timeline of service or product delivery. It should describe how you will ensure customer satisfaction by delivering refunds as per the stated terms. We advise you to evaluate the refund policy of the top three competitors in your adult sub-sector. You’ll have a fair understanding of how these competitors are ensuring a fantastic customer experience. The refund policy should be easy to understand. It should be concise and straightforward.
  • 18+ Age Verification. It is a bylaw requirement in most countries to have age verification on adult websites. Although it can be easily implemented; however, we have seen many applications getting rejected just because the merchant forgot to execute this small code on their website. The adult industry is a highly regulated sector both nationally and internationally. Your website will be accessible to people across the world. You should ensure that the age verification complies with the local requirements in your target locations.
  • Contact information For Customer Service. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you maintain an excellent relationship with your customers. To do so, you must have detailed contact information on your website. This industry attracts a higher chargeback percentage because of obvious reasons. To reduce chargebacks and return on your adult merchant account, you must have a good customer service team. Contact information will guide you users and customers to quickly contact your support team and resolve any disputes.
  • Clear Pricing Structure. A vague pricing structure will confuse your user and certainly negatively impact the minds of the underwriting expert. Complex or ambiguous pricing will also reduce your overall sales conversion and increase the cart abandonment ratio. Prices on your website should be reasonable. Abnormal pricing can push the customers to initiate disputes and chargebacks after impulse buying.
  • KYC Preparedness For Companies With Seductive Business Model. Applying with an adult businesses merchant account provider is pretty much like applying for a bank loan. This means that the bank or the adult businesses merchant processor will require various documents. In the adult merchant acquiring industry, we call these Know Your Customer for KYC documents. When you are sure that you have to apply for an adult entertainment merchant account, you must have all the KYC documents ready. The typical time frame for approval in the United States of America is one to two weeks. In the European Union, the time frame is also pretty much the same. If you do not have all the KYC documents needed, this time frame will extend. Please keep in mind that adult content merchant services are limited. They get a tremendous amount of applications to be on-boarded. They may lose interest in your application if you do not provide all the KYC documents simultaneously. On a case-by-case basis depending upon the adult sub-sector you operate in, the acquiring bank may ask for additional documents. It would be best if you were prompt in providing these documents to the acquirer.
  • No copyright Infringement. Merchants must be aware that no banks or adult content credit card processors will be interested in joining hands with companies that are stealing someones intellectual property rights. Merchants must make sure that they only see what they are allowed to sell and must not sell any think that they are not allowed to sell.
  • Credit Risk Is Evaluated. Merchants must be aware that the adult acquiring company or Bank will check the creditworthiness of the merchant. This is not only limited to the accounts of the company but the personal credit score of the business owners. Merchants will find better success if they ensure that they dont have any red lines on there credit score also making sure that no bills are pending might also help. Sometimes sending the resume of the directors and companies organisational structure may also help.
  • Reputation Alarm. This industry not only attracts high credit risk but also hits the reputation of parties connected to the vertical this includes acquiring banks and psps. Merchants must ensure that they keep there business model under strict guidelines of acquiring banks and psps. This way the merchant may get longer access to the account. Merchants should not sell any illegal contents that also include non-consensual adult and underage pornography.
Quadrapay Solutions Are open to legal adult merchants only. Ask us today and get a non obligation Quote from our EU And American Providers.

KYC Documents Needed For Adult Content Merchant Accounts.

Adult Merchant Account Solutions USA/EU/EEA/UK Over $100,000

These are the KYC documents needed for Adult Industry Merchants that are expecting to process over US $100,000. Retail Adult Payment Solution

  • Filled Application
  • National ID
  • Voided Check/Bank Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Active Website/App/Marketing Material
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statement
  • 6 Months Credit Card Processing Statement If Available
  • Website Fronted User Login Access For Testing
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Financial Statements for the last 24 months. Recent YTD P&L and Balance Sheet

Adult Merchant Processing USA/EU/EEA/UK Under $100,000

These are the KYC documents needed for Adult Industry Merchants that are expecting to process under US $100,000. Retail Adult Payment Solution.

  • Filled Application
  • National ID
  • Voided Check/Bank Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Active Website/App/Marketing Material
  • 3 Months Business Bank Statement
  • 3 Months Credit Card Processing Statement If Available
  • Website Fronted User Login Access For Testing
  • Articles of Incorporation

Adult Friendly Merchant Accounts For Ecom Sales In USA/EU/EEA/UK

These are the requirements for adult eCommerce merchants that wish to accept payments over website, app or phone. Online Adult Payment Solution.

  • Filled Application
  • National ID
  • Voided Check/Bank Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Active Website/App/Marketing Material
  • Age Verification On Website/App And Checkout
  • Filled MOTO / Ecom Questionnaire
  • High Risk Registration
  • 3 Months Business Bank Statement
  • 3 Months Credit Card Processing Statement If Available
  • Website Fronted User Login Access For Testing
  • Articles of Incorporation

Essential Factors To Consider Before Opting For An Adult Merchant Account.

There are several factors that a merchant should consider while getting a card processing for an adult business. A few of these are listed below.

  • Do They Have Experience In Adult Business Processing?: It is vital to work with an acquiring bank that is already working with multiple merchants in the adult industry. In the merchant processing industry, some high risk acquirers try new sectors to explore the risk and revenue. These acquiring companies may say no to the industry at any time as they are just starting with Adult applications. On the contrary, banks, and PSPs already working with significant million dollars, adult merchants can provide many stable solutions. Quadrapay solutions are backed by highly experienced adult payment processor that already have hundreds of adult and erotic sites in their portfolio.
  • Transaction Charges: Some providers benefit you with low monthly charges, but they charge a high transaction fee. While some providers charge a small transaction fee but high monthly costs. So always check the adult payment providers pricing before opting for an adult merchant account solution. The benefit our merchants get is that our solutions have three famous pricing structures. Large merchants may get interchange++ rates. Smaller and growing merchants get fixed or tiered pricing. All of our merchants have the right to negotiate, and they are recommended to say yes only when they are super satisfied with the rates.
  • Customer Support The Protects The Privacy Of Card Holders. Our solutions come with a dedicated account manager’s option and round-the-clock support. Merchants get access to a support portal. Card holders can contact the billing support thrugh phone and website. It is the most proven way of ensuring excellent customer care. Adult merchants may also find this as an effective way to reduce returns and chargebacks.

How To Obtain A Low Cost Adult Merchant Account With Quadrapay.

According to industry experts’ research analysis, The adult business and entertainment sector are one of the most profitable and booming industries. But these businesses tend to have a high risk of refunds and illegal credit card usage. That’s why it is prone to have so many potential dangers of frauds and higher chargebacks. With an adult business merchant account, you can get started to continue to accept debit cards, credit card processing, echeck, ach, crypto and other wallet payments processing. We know you don’t want to be stuck in the puzzle of a lot of paperwork and approvals. That’s why we made a simple and easy-to-apply procedure for an adult merchant account. You have to fill the merchant application form with all the necessary details and submit the required information so that we may provide fast approvals.

The best way to get an adult merchant account will be to

  • Have a business that has required registrations and licences
  • Approach a PSP/IPSP that offers adult friendly merchant accounts.
  • Comply to the requirements of the adult site payment processors and send application with kyc documents
  • Once approved sign the agreement and initiate integration.
  • After successful test transaction on the adult website switch to live mode and start accepting payments
Adult Merchant must declare on the site
  • Refund Policy
  • PSP details and card scheme logos must be there on the site. Some PSPs may be interested in handling billing related issues themselves . That is why merchant must have the PSP contact information on site.
  • Website must have merchant contact information with Email, Phone and Address.
  • Merchant must insure that the products are shipped within 72 hours of order generation
  • Terms must specify the party that bears the shipping charges. This can also be declared on the product page if the shipping varies product and delivery location wise.
  • Return Time Frame Policy
  • RMA/Cancellation Policy
  • To reduce returns and chargebacks. Merchant must collect proof of order and proof or product delivery. These should be kept for records.
  • 2257 Adult Compliance(If Applicable) and disclaimer

Getting an adult merchant account for an online adult dating website, escort listing services, strip clubs, pornography website, or any other adult entertainment platform, Quadrapay offer multiple merchant solutions for adult merchants. These business industries are considered high-risk not just because of its industry type but also because of the large number of chargebacks that occurs on adult business accounts. This is the reason that an adult venture owner can not process their credit cards just by moving into a bank. Banks need to support adult businesses to be approved the accounts as per their written rules and guidelines, but most of the large scale banks don’t allow processors to permit for adult sectors.

That’s why our team evaluates the application, which is performed in minutes online and that helps global eCommerce businesses boost their bottom lines by allowing multiple payment solutions and low card processing rate because of merchant account services.

Contact Quadrapay today by filling the form on this page and an expert will start assisting you within 1 business day.