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High Risk Merchant Account Australia

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Get High Risk Merchant Accounts In Australia. Multiple Solutions Powered By Global Providers.

Start Accepting Credit And Debit Card Payments For Your Hard To Place Business. We specialise in assisting merchants with Card and APM processing solutions. Our high risk merchant account providers can assist businesses from most industries. Apply today. Apply today to get a High Risk Merchant Account In Australia And New Zealand.

The Fast Approach Of Getting A High Risk Credit Card Merchant Services In Australia.

Opting for a merchant account for your Australia based business is like opening opportunities for digital transactions. In today’s time, accepting digital payments or card payments from your customer has become paramount to running your business towards modernisation. However, receiving card payments require a credit card processing solution. But why only credit cards? To thrive in your business, you need to offer a diversified payment solution to your customer.

As the world advances toward financial tech, there are several payment instruments a merchant can opt for. Choosing a payment instrument solely depends upon the merchant’s requirement and target market. Suppose you are an Australian merchant looking for one of the Best High Risk Merchant Account Services In Australia. In that case, we at Quadrapay can help you.

Australia is a well-developed country. Thanks to all the new business merchants focusing on growing their small businesses and helping make a more robust Australian economy. To make better business profits and a platform to expand business growth, a company needs to have a reliable payment processing solution to accept credit card payments seamlessly. For this, every Australian business needs the Best Australian Merchant Account to seamlessly accept payments either through a local store point of sale or an online website. But as a business owner, you might know already that there are majorly two categories of a business, i.e. Low, risk or a high-risk business.

Those types of companies that are considered a risky activity for a processing solution in terms of financial institutions, and most banks, then a business merchant may face many difficulties. Suppose a high-risk Australian merchant goes to a financial institute. In that case, the bank will reject the application because of high-risk business.

But now, with Quadrapay, you can take advantage of advanced payment processing solutions for your business needs. We provide our best processing solution for Australian businesses, i.e. Australian high-risk businesses or Low-risk businesses.

How To Get Australian High Risk Merchant Account?

The application procedure is easy with Quadrapay. The merchant needs to fill out the merchant application form and submit it. Along with the merchant application form, attaching copies of all KYC documents is also advisable to make the application verification and approval faster and smoother. Some of the essential KYC documents are as follows:

  • Australian Company and Company name
  • Business Registration Documents
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Voided Check/Bank statement under the business name
  • Processing statements up to the last three months
  • Bank statements up to the previous three months
  • Identity proof
  • Utility bill for the business

Two Type Of Merchant Accounts In Australia.

Domestic Australian Credit Card Payment Solution.

A domestic solution is a local solution. It simply means that the acquiring bank or the underwriting PSP is located in Australia. We consider this option the best one. These solutions are very affordable and secure. However, there is one key challenge. Most local banks and processing companies prefer not to extend the risk exposure in select industries. Some of the critical high risk industries are Gaming, CBD, Vaping, Tobacco, Remittances, Crypto and Adult.

Domestic banks can be very comfortable in on-boarding merchants from verticals like Restaurants, Salon, Doctor’s Office, Tele Medicine, Education, School, Gym and Insurance companies, to name a few.

Offshore Credit Card Payment Solution.

These are expensive solutions and are from banks/PSPs outside Australia. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The key benefits are as follows.

  • High risk merchants get a better chance of approval than local providers.
  • Merchants can accept all major cards
  • Easy Integration with ready to use plugins.
  • Now let’s look at a few challenges.
  • High Transaction Fees.
  • Low success ratio.
  • Slow Payouts. Usually in the range of T+7.
  • Rolling reserve.

We can assist merchants with reasonable solutions that are affordable and easy to implement. Contact the QuadraPay team today.