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How Much Do You Know About The Best Payment Gateway For Magento?

Magento is one of the top most popular open source ecommerce software. It is a well known powerful content management system(CMS) software that uses Mysql and PHP Programming language. This software provides more flexibility. It offers more powerful features like search engine optimization, marketing insight and other useful features. It doesn’t charge any transaction fees. More than 2,00,000 plus merchants use the Magento ecommerce platform. At the moment Magento has three editions including Community Edition, Enterprise edition and Magento Go.

Magento Payment Gateway helps to make online payment through information of credit and debit card over the internet. If you are the owner of your business and you want to take payment across the globe. Then we help you to get the best payment gateway for your Magento website. We have ready made plugins. By using these plugins you can easily allow your customer to pay online.

Learn Best Solution To Make More Money With Payment Gateway For Your Magento

  • Magento Credit Card Processing Online. By using this solution you can accept credit and debit card payment through your online website. There are simple steps to integrate this solution, no need for advanced knowledge for the same. You can only have some basic system knowledge to integrate within a minute.
  • Echeck ACH Payment Solution. You can use a solution if you process lots of checks in a day. An Electronic Check or echeck is a simple form of a paper check. In this solution, the fund is electronically debited from the payer’s bank account, transferred over the ACH processing network, and then deposited into the merchant account. The funds are normally credited in a bank account within one working day. ACH payment solution is an alternative method to accept payment. In this solution, those who want funds that initiate the request to the payer’s. After that ACH checks if the payers are able to accept requests or not. If customers accept the payment request then the settlement is done within a day. Otherwise System declines the prayer request. ACH payment solution has less decline ratio compared to Echeck Payment solution.
  • Accept Recurring Payments. At present this solution is very demand full because the majority of customers want a Recurring Payment solution. In this solution customers are able to pay on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. We offer recurring payment solutions at an affordable cost.
  • E-commerce Bitcoin Payment.  You can also accept various types of coin payment easily. This solution is more trendy in the present time and offers this solution without hidden charge.

Benefits of Best Payment Gateway For Magento

  • Dashboard Interface. Magento payment gateway software is user friendly interface. In this merchant and customer both easily understand  the solution system.
  • Risk Free Platform. After the acquisition of adobe, it is a more compatible and risk free platform. It offers a secure way to protect confidential data on the ecommerce website.
  • Integration. It is one of the most critical tasks to integrate payment gateway to Ecommerce Websites. But we are at Quadrapay will assist you in integration. We don’t take any charge in integration. Within 5-10 minutes you can easily integrate the solution to your ecommerce website. If you face difficulties in integration you can contact our dedicated help support team at [email protected].
  • Customization. It is also a very brittle task. But magento payment gateway offers easy to customize your cart and gateway according to your needs. It is normally a drag and drop feature.

How You Can Get The Best Payment Gateway For Magento With Lower Cost?

We are resellers of various payment gateways especially for Magento merchants. We offer this solution at a lower cost as well there is no hidden cost. If you are searching for the best payment gateway or you have any queries contact our customer support team at [email protected]. You can also fill out an on page form which is present on this page.

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