Kratom Credit Card Processing

Solution For Kratom Payment Processing

Is it difficult to get a Kratom Credit Card Processing? Like CBD and Marijuana, Kratom also requires a high-risk Merchant Account. And yes, it is a challenge to get a merchant account for Kratom.
Though Kratom has medical benefits, it still banned in many countries. No acquiring banks want to touch this industry. But Quadrapay has a solution for this high-risk industry type. We have processed applications for many high-risk merchants accounts. Our clients are happy and earning well in competitive market.
When everyone is saying no to Kratom, Quadrapay is here to help you. Don’t get disappointed; we have various solutions for this industry. We can help merchants with ACH, Echeck and Offshore Merchant Account. Our partner processors are specialised in providing a merchant solution for  hard to place industries like Kratom.

How To Get Yourself Ready For Kratom Payment Processing Solution?

If you are planning to get a payment solution for your business, keep these things in mind.
  • You should have a great past credit record.
  • Kratom should be considered legal in your country of business.
  • You should have all the necessary documents with you. To name a few such as Certificate of Incumbency, Incorporation Certificate, KYC documents of all the directors etc.
  • Your website should have Disclaimer page, Privacy policy and contact us page.
  • The product and services you are offering should be clearly defined and must be legal in the country of acquirere, purchasers and yours.

Echeck Processing For Your Kratom

Merchants have the ability to use echeck to process payments from their customer. The solution is reliable and easy to integrate with your website. We provide you with an easy to integrate API and helps you with throughout the process. Once payment gateway is set up, customer can submit account number and routing number to pay you. The ECheck processing company verifies the details and settle the fund in the merchant’s account. Most of the Kratom Merchants prefer echeck as the payment solution.

Echeck Processing Fees For Kratom

  • Per Item fee
  • Scrub fee
  • Rolling Reserve
  • Chargeback fee
  • Merchant Discount Rate
  • Additional services fee.
Note: The fees are not fixed but vary based on several factors and features.

Kratom Credit Card Processing With Quadrapay

We will try to get you approved for credit card processing although we can not guaranty any approvals. Quadrapay has many solutions like Offshore Merchant Account, ACH, Echeck. Our customers are satisfied with our solutions. We have tie-ups with many processors that can best fulfil your business requirements. Now, what are you waiting for? Feel free to submit the pre-approval form on our site. We will then assign you a dedicated expert to help you with the further process.
If you have any query, reach us at [email protected].
Happy Processing !!!
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