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Merchant Account In Lithuania For Online Stores

Are you looking forward to getting a merchant account in Lithuania then can assist you. We are super excited to announce that our payment processing partners are incredibly interested in onboarding merchants from Lithuania. Lithuania is one of the very few countries where half of its population speaks more than one language. The nation offers powerful competitive advantages to International businesses. These entrepreneurs prefer to process payments by utilizing digital modes. Quadrapay through its processing partners can help you in finding reliable merchant accounts and payment gateways in Lithuania. You can readily accept credit and debit card payments on your website or over the phone by using a virtual terminal. Small and large businesses from Lithuania can apply for credit card processing by using this online merchant account application form. The Quarapay team will be happy to assist you in getting approval for online credit card processing in Lithuania.

Lithuania Merchant Account For International Payments.

Lithuania works as a bridge between eastern Europe and western Europe. The country is small in size, but the vision of the population is highly advanced. Businesses in Lithuania perform trade activities with customers from different parts of the world. It’s quite common to find International brands operating local offices in Lithuanian cities. If you are a business owner in Lithuania who is interested in accepting International payments, then Quadrapay will be glad to work with you. We work with multiple payment processors across the European Union and European economic area. Our processing partners are comfortable in evaluating the applications from Lithuania based merchants. These processing partners can also offer virtual terminals and MOTO facility to reputed companies. Whether you charge a one-time payment, or you provide subscription-based services our team will find a Credit Card processing solution for you.

High Risk Merchant Accounts In Lithuania

No matter where you are the acquiring Institutions follow almost the same guidelines. If the business owner does not have a good credit score or if he is operating in an industry that is high risk, then there is a considerable possibility that most processing companies will decline the application. Still, many offshore payment service providers offer high risk merchant accounts in Lithuania. These high risk merchant accounts may cost a little bit higher, but the best part is you will get an opportunity to accept transactions. The underwriting process for a high-risk merchant account in Lithuania is almost similar to any regular merchant account. The processing company will ask you to fill out a detailed merchant account application. This application will primarily work for the analysis of your business activities. The processor will evaluate the credit risk and exposure. If approved you will be able to accept transactions within a few working days on your website. To apply for a high risk merchant account in Lithuania send us an email on [email protected].

API For Accepting Credit Cards Online

After the approval of the merchant account or the payment gateway for your Lithuania based business, you will have to integrate the same with your website. For this, you will need the API information. The API information gives you a set of rules for the successful credit card transactions. For the API to work your website must have an SSL certificate. Most processing companies will offer a hosted payment page. In case if you prefer to accept credit cards directly on your site, then the payment service provider will ask for a PCI DSS compliance certificate. With the help of API integration, you can create buy now buttons. Buyers can make purchases online with ease by using these API payment buttons. Many processors may also help you with plugins for most common content management systems like Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, and Prestashop. The team at Quadrapay will also be happy to help you with the integration process of your merchant account and payment gateway.

Multi Currency Credit Card Payment Transactions.

The Republic of Lithuania may be small concerning the size, but the nation offers world-class infrastructure to global businesses. E-commerce merchants from this nation should take advantage of multi-currency credit card payment processing. With multi-currency payment gateway, your customers can initiate payments is the local currency. For example, if one of your customers is located in Singapore and wants to make payments to you, then they can pay you in the local currency as well as Euro. Lithuania offers a tremendous competitive advantage to eCommerce Merchants. The European Payment processing companies that we work with offer the ability to accept payments in more than 25 different currencies. They also have established relationships with various card brands. Your customers can make payments by using credit cards of different brands. These credit cards may also be local credit cards issued in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. In simple terms, you will get the maximum coverage that a processor can offer. To get details about multi-currency processing email us at [email protected].

Virtual Terminal Payment Gateways In The Republic Of Lithuania

E-commerce merchants in Lithuania can also get approval for virtual terminals. European credit card processing companies prefer to offer virtual terminals to experienced and highly reliable merchants. With the virtual terminals in Lithuania, based business owners can accept Mail Orders and Telephone orders. If you operate a sizeable inbound call center and want to get the virtual terminal facility, then we can certainly send your application to a processing company that may underwrite your account.

KYC For Lithuania Merchant Account

KYC stands for know your customer. When you apply for a Lithuania merchant account, then the processing company will ask for some business and personal documents. They ask for these documents as these are the fundamental requirements for any Credit Card processing account. The most common material is the business license. The business license should clearly state the name of the business and the location of registration. The business license should have the same name as it appears on the business bank account. Processing companies will also ask for the copy of a void check or letter of good standing from your business bank. As a merchant, you will also be asked to send the recent residential utility bills of all the directors. For the proof of business location, The Merchant account provider will also ask for utility bill of the business or a notarized lease agreement. If you are already accepting credit card payments online, then you must share your recent processing history. Please keep in mind that there is no benefit in sending forged documents to processing companies. Processing companies are highly trained, and they can quickly identify which material is fake or genuine. If you provide the right set of documents with the merchant account application form, then the chances are that you will get an online Credit Card processing account.

Start Accepting USA ACH Payments

Lithuania exports a lot of products and services to International buyers in North America. In the United States of America, ACH payment processing is one of the most popular alternative modes of payment. The electronic check processing time has reduced a lot in the past years. If you are interested in finding out how you can use USA ACH payment processing for your Lithuania based business, then send us an email on [email protected]. Our team will get you connected to reliable third-party ACH payment processing companies in the United States of America. With ACH payment processing solutions you will get the access to the API and a highly advanced virtual terminal. With VT you can accept mail and telephone order for ACH and echeck transactions. Most of the times ACH payment processors prefer to offer weekly settlements. In case if your sales volume is very high, then you may qualify for faster arrangements.

Chargeback Alerts For Lithuania Payment Processing Services

International merchants located in Lithuania should evaluate services like chargeback alerts and notifications. High volume merchants cannot afford a lot of chargebacks and disputes. To reduce the chargeback to sales ratio, you can take services from reliable CDRN service providers. With chargeback alerts and notifications services, there is a high possibility that you’ll be getting signals whenever a cardholder contacts the card issuer to raise a dispute. This service works extremely well especially for those merchants who offer their products and services to US-based customers. CDRN services providers are expanding the network globally, and they are adding new banks to their system.

Popular Shopping Carts In Lithuania

Lithuania has a good population of educated individuals. A considerable amount of Lithuanian community works in the Technology Sector. Business owners prefer to establish E-commerce websites on well-known Shopping Carts like Shopify, Magento, and Opencart. Most of the processing companies that we work with offer readymade plugins for these shopping carts in Lithuania.

Quadrapay Advantage With Lithuania Merchant Account

Quadrapay works as a registered reseller for various payment processing companies across the world. Our association is with some of the top-notch payment service providers in the European Union and the European economic area. Our team will be happy to get you connected to a reliable credit card processor that offers excellent rates for your Lithuania based e-commerce company. Contact us today by filling the online merchant account application. Alternatively, you can also send us an email on [email protected].