An Opencart is an open-source plugin which integrates with your site to add the functionality of an online store or eCommerce store. Opencart if fully customizable and easily integrate with your website in some clicks. But having an eCommerce site with all functionality to customize inventory, fetch orders, product upload is enough for you?
No, Not at all. It’s just a step ahead in an online world. Without a payment gateway, your eCommerce site has nothing to do. If you are planning to sell online and accept credit/ debit card payments or other alternative methods of payment, you have to integrate a payment gateway. A payment gateway helps you to accept payments online anytime, anywhere. But again a payment gateway is all you need? Where do all the payments get settled after receiving from your customer? Here comes the need of an Opencart Merchant Account. A merchant account is an account where all the payments are held before settling to the merchant’s bank account.

Benefits Of Merchant Account And Opencart Store

If you want to improve sales and efficiency of your online website, go for an Opencart Merchant account. A merchant account helps your business to boom their revenue.

  1. Accept Credit/ Debit Cards: Most of the online purchases are made using credit or debit cards. In research, it is found that customers love to pay via credit/debit card and even spend more than that they usually shop with cash. It helps to boost your business sale.
  2. Business Revenue Growth: Offering merchants an online payment solution helps businesses to grow their revenue.
  3. Avoid Bad Check: A bad check is also sometimes called bounce check. Merchant account services help to avoid the fees associated with a bad or bounced check. It allows merchants to receive electronic payment smoothly without any hassle.
  4. Improve Cash Flow: With the world being digitized, accepting online payments will help you to improve the cash flow—no more cash hassle as with old convection methods like checks.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: A merchant account helps your business to offer multiple payment options like recurring payments, or any other digital payment services which build customer satisfaction. Customers love to pay electronically instead of cash. Providing customers what they love is the tactics to grow in the competitive world.

Quadrapay Offers Global Merchant Account For Open Cart Driven Sites

Every online business may require a merchant account. But the fact is the account is industry-dependent or depends on the transaction volume or business needs. We care for every business and help the merchant with the right merchant account based on their business needs. We have dedicated an article on different Merchants accounts if you need one get in touch with us.

Low-Risk Merchant Account
Offshore Merchant Account
High-Risk Merchant Account
Recurring Merchant Account

Make Your Opencart Site Stand Out With Merchant Account- Apply Today!

Give your business a new twist. Start accepting payments for your Opencart website directly into your merchant account. As we have discussed a payment gateway is not just enough to receive payments. It only authorizes the transaction and approves and declines based on the fund availability or other factor. To settle the fund in your bank account, you need a Merchant account. It is recommended to get both solutions under the same roof. We have both the solutions ready for you.

To get started, fill the pre-approval form onto our site. We will get back to you right after we receive your merchant application. We will help you from the very beginning to take you to live smoothly. Get ready to enjoy the smooth onboarding process.

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