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QuadraPay Brings To You Stable Head Shop Merchant Account.

Getting a Head Shop Merchant Account has been super challenging for many years. There are multiple reasons for the same. The industry classification as high risk is the most prominent reason for getting a head shop merchant account.

Business owners must clearly understand what they can sell and why they can’t. It is equally important to follow all the industry-related regulations. Head shop merchants are scrutinized by acquiring banks to the point where certain words are banned within the head shop retail outlet or website.

QuadraPay is one of the finest high risk merchant account providers and has assisted merchants from various high-risk industries for many years. Our connection with multiple processing partners and payment method providers makes it easy to help retail and online head shop merchants.

Cheat Sheet For Bong Merchant Processing

We have evaluated multiple approved websites actively accepting online payments for Bong and Glass pipe sales. Here are a few tips that will undoubtedly significantly impact the approvals of a bong merchant account.

  • Industry Mandatory Age Warning. Merchants must boldly display the required age warning on the website and in-store. The notice must have the exact verbiage suggested by your acquirer. You can also look at other head shop merchant websites and stores to get an idea. Age verification. is considered super important for head shop and paraphernalia businesses. Merchants must verify the buyer’s age and not promote the products to minors below a certain age. The age range for paraphernalia sales is usually 18 or 21 years. This age range varies per the local legal parameters of the merchants operating country.
  • No consumables. If you want paraphernalia credit card processing, you must ensure that you are not selling any consumable items. If you are in this industry, you know what consumable items are. These include tobacco, cigars and vapes, to name a few.
  • Terms and conditions with shipping and return policy. These include shipping, privacy, website usage terms, and return policies. Credit card processing merchants must have head shops’ detailed but easy-to-understand policy information.
  • Information about the physical office/warehouse where the merchant stocks bongs, pipes and paraphernalia items. Merchant acquirers know that there are two types of merchants in this industry. One maintains inventory, and the other uses a drop-shipping model. Let us break the news to you. Headshop merchants that use the drop-shipping model for sales fulfilment are not of any interest to banks these days. It’s a shame, but it’s true. When third-party organizations are responsible for the supply of products, then there is a massive possibility of credit risk elevation. Banks don’t like that.

FAQ For Bong Merchant Services

Iѕ it pоѕѕіblе to get a retail head shop merchant terminal?
The pipe and bong industries are expanding with better products. Many customers are comfortable making bong or hookah purchases online; however, many buyers like to touch and feel the product before buying.

This is why brick-and-mortar head shops are still major shareholders in this industry. Banks and processors are more comfortable evaluating the applications from retail stores. Since all transactions in retail head shops are card present thus, it reduces the credit risk for merchant acquirers. So in simple terms, the answer is yes.

POB (Point Of Banking terminal) is for Bong and Paraphernalia merchants?

A point of banking terminal looks like a regular card processing terminal; however, it works differently. People refer to it as a cashless atm; however, it does not dispense cash. These terminals allow headshop merchants to accept bank cards without a merchant account. The money is settled in the merchant’s account within three days of the transaction.

What are the KYC requirements for a Glass Pipe Credit Card Processing Account?

The minimum documents needed for getting a Glass Pipe Credit Card Processing solution include the following.

  • Filled merchant account application form
  • National ID for identity verification of the Business Owners/directors
  • Bank letter/void check
  • Previous processing statement
  • Utility bill
  • Business bank statement

Do I need to maintain the invoices for the supplies? Do I need a supplier agreement?

With a glass pipe merchant account, you will be selling tangible products. You must have stock and regular supply to ensure proper product delivery. Before applying for a glass pipe merchant account, ensure you have the supplier agreement and stock invoices in place. It saves time for all parties involved and makes approval much easier.

Is there a list of items I can sell using a bong credit card processing?

Honestly, there is no list; however, most merchants in this industry sell the following products on their websites and retail stores. Please note that merchant acquirers reserve the right to reject any application if the product listed is not liked by them.

Ash Catcher | Ash catchers | Ashtray | Black-light Posters | Bong Adapters | Bong Bag | Bong Cleaner | Bong Nails
| Bong Slides | Bongs | Bubblers | Charcoal | Cigar Cutters | Cone Filler | Dab Rigs | Dabber Set | Dabbers | Dabbing | Glass Bowls | Glass Pipes | Glassware| Glow Sticks | Gravity Bongs | Grinders | Hemp Lighter | Hookah | Joint Rolling Machine | Lighters | Metal Pipes | Mini Bongs | Pipe & Bong Cleaners | Pipe Cleaning Products | Rolling Tray | Smoking Pipe | Stash Jars | Travel Pipes | Water & Wood Pipes | Zongs