Echeck For Clothing Wholesalers In The USA

Echeck For Clothing Wholesalers With API and VT.

Clothing wholesalers can expand their business by offering various modes of payment processing to customers. Most of the times, these wholesalers expect orders in a significant quantity that means the average ticket size is higher than what a retail merchant would expect. To expand your business, you can utilize echeck. With this solution will be able to accept orders over the phone and also over your website. USA based wholesalers can also expect 72 hours settlement provided they achieve a specific monthly sales volume. Quadrapay works as an independent sales contractor for known echeck and ACH processing companies. We are also resellers for various Credit Card processing companies. If you’re looking forward to getting a reliable payment processing solution for your clothing business, then we recommend you to get in touch with us today. You can send us an email on [email protected], or you can also use the online merchant account form.

Rate And Fees For Clothing Wholesale Merchant Account.

Echeck rates can be as low as 1.95%. To qualify for this rate, you must have an existing processing statement from your payment provider. In case if you are a new merchant or have never processed online payments before then, you may have to pay anything between 3% to 4.5% as MDR. If you achieve a specific monthly sales volume, then the processor may also offer you 72 hours settlements. This means you will receive payouts every 72 hours. The integration process of the echeck merchant account is straightforward. Once the account is approved, you will be getting logins to your merchant account panel. From the merchant account panel, you can download the API integration guide. You can also send an email to the technical team of the processing company and request the same. Most processing companies offer echeck plugins for well-known shopping carts.

Please send us an email today on [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you in getting echeck as well as credit card merchant account for online clothing wholesale business.

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