Online Gaming Merchant Accounts

Gaming Merchant Account is used by organisations that offer online games to players. These companies offer massive rage of games including Sports book, Flash Games and other strategy Games. In today’s world people visit websites to order all kind of products and services. Online gaming websites are also popular among amateurs and veteran players. Players or members spend multiple hours online and they also spend money to get access to more exciting levels. Website members pay for there services using various modes of payments that include Credit, Debit ,Echeck and ACH payment options.

Swift and Easy Payment Processing

For a successful online gaming a Merchant Account is must. With the help of a Credit Card Processing solution players can easily pay for the subscriptions and advanced level of games. Alternative mode of payment processing like Echeck and ACH is also becoming extremely popular in this High Risk Industry. A reliable payment gateway can help players in making fast and easy payments to the online gaming platform.

How To Get A Gaming Merchant Account

Over the years this industry has seen a history of huge charge-backs. These charge-backs has resulted in categorising this industry as a High risk Industry. Apart from charge-backs this industry also faces heat because of various regulatory and compliance challenges. Domestic USA Solution providers and few card brands do not prefer to work in this space. The best approach of getting a Gaming Merchant Account will be to contact an Offshore Payment Processor.

How Quadrapay Can Help Gaming Merchants

Quadrapay is proud of its global partnership with various merchant service providers and payment processing companies. We will be happy to join hands with you and try to work for a common objective. The common objective here is helping you get a Card and Echeck processing solution from one of our processing partners. This will help you in saving your time, Efforts and Money as a professional team will target specific locations that may be happy to on-board and underwrite your business.

Chargebacks And Gaming Industry

This industry faces a big challenge of huge amount of charge backs. Merchants and payment processing companies understand this fact and try to implement measures to reduce fraud. Unfortunately even after implementing massive fraud detection and prevention steps charge-backs do appear. The reason may be many . For example a player did spend a lot of money on an online gaming website and then raises a dispute by saying that it is a fraudulent transaction. In most of these scenarios payment processors and merchants find it difficult to prove the genuineness of the transaction if proper authorisations and proof of service delivery evidences are not available.

High Risk Merchant Account For Gaming

Gaming Websites attract traffic from world over and they accept transactions from various time zones. This is the core reason why these website need to depend on a reliable International High Risk Merchant Account. The solution should be scalable and should offer high level of fraud detection. Most of the Low Risk and Mid Risk Acquirers will say that this industry is Too Hot To Hold and that is why they don’t touch it. Only few processors may have the capability of handling accounts of these types.

High-Risk Business

Obtaining a merchant account form a bank, credit card company or merchant account provider is easy. But if your online business is considered a high risk one, the process becomes more difficult. Most banks, credit card companies and merchant account provider do not want to transact with high risk online businesses because of the high probability of fraud. Owners of high risk online businesses have to obtain a specific type of merchant account – the high risk merchant account. Many businesses are considered high risk. Some of these are pharmacies, Internet Service Providers, Telemarketing, Adult Services, Ewallet and gaming, Just to name a few. These businesses must have a high risk merchant account to ensure that their consumers will have no problem with payments.