Now Get Gaming Merchant Accounts From Tier 1 Acquiring Institutions

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Gaming Merchant Account Quadrapay

Quadrapay Offers Gaming Merchant Account. Powered By Tier 1 Acquiring Banks

Quadrapay, with its 10+ Gaming Merchant Acquiring Banking Partners, is proud to announce brand new solutions for gaming businesses in the EU, EEA, UK, Canada, Australia and The United States of America. For the last five years, Quadrapay team members have helped small and large companies with Grade 1 Gaming Merchant Accounts. The gaming industry is more significant than the global box office industry, and we understand this well. Our credit card processing partners work with hundreds of large gaming clients across the world. These solutions are super optimised for gaming clients in the year 2021. These merchant processing accounts come with built-in fraud reduction tools that help merchants reduce loss. Subscription, cascading, and intelligent routing features helps in increasing the conversion. Our solutions are competent in handling micro and macro transactions.

There are two major pain points of gaming merchants. (1) Most of these merchants do not work with direct acquirers and pay hefty markups on original fees. (2) The indirect solutions are not even close to the extraordinary level of the customer experience offered by Tier 1 processors. Our solution is the resolution to both problems.

All Major Cards Supported With Additional APMs, Get More Gaming Transaction Payment Instruments.

Since we work with direct gaming acquiring institutions, qualifying merchants can access almost all major card schemes. However, is only card processing enough for gaming entrepreneurs? Our answer is no. APMs and other alternative methods like cryptocurrency are gradually becoming a competition for card schemes. Our providers offer multiple payment method solutions. The objective is to provide a full range of payment methods to gamers. This way, merchants see a more considerable number of transactions and more profits.

Future Ready Gaming Payment Gateway With Smart Goal Oriented Features.

The gaming industry has seen massive transformations in the last 30 years. The transition from 8-bit games like Mario, Pack-man, Tetris to CG based FIFA, wow, the journey has been breathtaking. The iGaming entrepreneurs of 2021 have already started implementing Immersive Technologies like VR, AR and Mixed Reality in their current projects. Traditional payment gateways are not good enough, and these merchants require highly accurate and lightning-fast transaction processing solutions. Our gaming gateway solutions are highly recognised and can cater to the mission-critical requirements of visionary merchants. Here are some of the key features that our solutions offer.

  • Connectivity With Various Tier 1 Gaming Friendly Banks. Very crucial as not many banks say yes to gaming merchants. Banks that love working with futuristic gaming websites and applications are behind with the gateway. These acquiring banks have tremendous experience in supporting the specific requirements of various gaming sub-sectors. These Banking partners can help merchants with payment acceptance and business bank account and wire solutions. Merchants with local gaming licences in the EU/EEA get access to more significant traffic.
  • Future Ready Highly Responsive Interface For Mobile And Cloud Gaming. The merchant interface and the user checkout modules are highly responsive. They use adaptive technologies to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. Merchants can modify CSS settings to relate to the brand guidelines of the gaming project. The solution works flawlessly on Windows, Linux, Android and IOS platforms. Advanced JSON API, also popularly called cut and paste API, offers tremendous integration flexibility.
  • Top Quality Cashier Saas Integration Ready. Our solutions are connected with well known and industry-leading cashier Saas solution for intelligent routing. Large volume clients use this for smartly routing transactions to specific mids as per the user’s card type. This feature helps merchants define the payout rules, save time and human resource cost, and eventually reduce human errors.
  • Bridge For EU USA market With 5 Additional Acquiring Banks in the USA. Our Provider has a sister company in the USA. It can work as a bridge between the USA and EU market. EU/EEA based merchants can communicate with our USA based gaming payment processor. They may assist merchants in exploring that territory.
  • Load Balancing For High Volume Gaming Accounts. The gateway allows merchants to add multiple MIDs. This way, merchants can easily split the sales volume on various MIDs and still visualises all accounts under the same merchant panel. This feature is crucial for global igaming merchants as they usually work with multiple merchant acquirers for local payment processing. Large companies use multiple merchant accounts for various reasons. Every business has a unique requirement, and this feature helps companies to achieve these bespoke needs. Different URLs various Geo-target may need additional mids on the same panel.
  • Pay In / Pay Out/Gaming Withdrawals OCT Ready. For sending payouts to the beneficiaries, this solution offers a powerful medium. Settlements can be done directly on the card of the user. Modern Card-based OCT can expand the reach of gaming merchants in over 100 nations. OCT can be considered by far the most efficient way of funds movement in this sector. Original Credit Transactions are vital for ensuring optimum relationship building with the users. Merchants can send funds to the credit cards used by the user. So technically, the Pay-In and Pay-Out will use the same rail.
  • 110 Plus Currencies Accepted/Settlements in 14 Plus Currencies/Traffic Accepted From 50 Plus Nations. With Real-Time DCC. With such massive flexibility, our clients can focus on their core skills, and our PSP solutions can take care of the rest. Since our solutions are for global merchants, these come with dynamic currency conversion(DCC). This feature allows merchants to automatically convert the pricing in the local currency of the user. This way, the user gets a more personalised offering and feels more connected to the gaming brand.
  • Fully PCI Compliant Gateway. The speed of transactions in this sector is enormous. Thus merchants must only work with gateways that are fully compliant with the latest PCI DSS standards. Our solutions are verifiable and comply with the latest set of protocols recommended by the card scheme safety statutory body.
  • No Compromise On Cyber Security. This industry is well known for its growth potential, thus also attracts a massive number of cyber attacks. Businesses that consider the reputation and fund security as prominent should only work with gateway providers with high-level tech defence history. We can proudly say that our gateway solutions are one of the most secure solutions available in 2021.
  • Real-Time Fraud Screening. AI-Based Fraud Detection. AI-Based Real-time Fraud Management. The most prominent challenge gaming merchants face daily is fraud attempts. Our solutions use artificial intelligence to reduce and proactively identify fraud attempts efficiently. Our Banking partners have ensured that they do everything possible to minimise the risk of Gaming Mids. The dedicated technical team comprising some of the finest minds in the fraud defence industry. It works as your extended team to reduce your stress and keep your business in shape.
  • Tokenisation/Tokenisation. Time is a pleasure in the gaming industry, and no one wants to fill the detailed checkout form multiple times. Our solutions utilise the tokenisation feature to reduce the time spent on making payments.
  • Multiple Payment Modes. Depending on the type of platform or business model, merchants may require a variety of payment options. The most common are 1 click payments, recurring subscription payments, in-game payments and in-app payments. All these are satisfied with our offerings. The mobile SDK supports various payment modes.
  • Real-Time Processing. Hardly Any Transaction Downtime. The payment gateway’s server infrastructure plays a critical role in the availability of modules at the time of transactions. Modern acquiring companies utilise secure Tier 1 data centres to maintain high availability servers. Top Quality Data Centers eventually help merchants ensure they collect an enormous number of transactions in the quickest time possible. This feature separates our solution from many generic providers. Our PSP partner processes millions of euros and $ in gaming traffic. They know that the transactions are super important, and any downtime reduces the profitability of merchants.
  • Language Switching. For the merchant interface, clients can switch to there local language. Multiple languages are supported. Language switching offers a more personalised view and helps in easy navigation.
  • Stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Verification. The underwriting(UW) is strict. UW ensures that the premium features are only available to genuine clients. The objective is to keep the payments ecosystem clean and reduce the risk. Highly skilled underwriters look at each application and KYC documents in details. Additional tools help verify the genuineness of information shared by the merchant. These pro tools help the PSP to identify all the endpoints. If the account is approved, merchants can be rest assured that they will focus on sales and not on searching for another gaming merchant account.
  • Bigger Monthly Sales Limit. As the industry is already USD 162.32 billion-plus, the need for financially stable PSPs is growing. Unfortunately, not all PSPs can handles merchants processing over 40-50 million euros each month. FORTUNATELY, OUR PROCESSING SOLUTION CAN EVEN HANDLE SALES VOLUME OVER 50 MILLION EUROS EACH MONTH. It does not mean that smaller volume merchants or startups cant apply. We understand the gaming acquiring market product mix and have solutions for growing companies as well.
  • On-Time Payouts. Extremely vital for an industry that is highly dependent on cash flow. Merchants put 20% to 60% of there revenue in advertising and other marketing activities to achieve growth. If your processor doesn’t pay you on time, it will demotivate you and eventually hit your long-term goal. Highly regulated processing partners of Quadrapay ensure payout schedule adherence to the maximum. Gaming merchants stick to our solutions for many years because they love settlement hygiene.
  • Built-In Chargeback Management Suit/ Optional Gaming CDRN Support. This industry faces a significant challenge of a considerable amount of chargebacks. Merchants and payment processing companies understand this fact and try to implement measures to reduce fraud. Unfortunately, even after implementing massive fraud detection and prevention steps, chargebacks do appear. The reason may be many. For example, a player did spend much money on an online gaming website and then raised a dispute by saying that it is a fraudulent transaction. In most of these scenarios, payment processors and merchants find it difficult to prove the trade’s genuineness if proper authorisations and proof of service delivery evidence are not available. Our Gateway solution has a built-in chargeback management module. Merchants can efficiently respond to chargeback requests. Additionally, Quadrapay can assist merchants with the Gaming CDRN solution. A CDRN solution generates an alert if the cardholder raises a dispute with the card issuer.

Rates And Fees For Gaming Credit Card Merchant Processing.

Depending upon the business model and risk profile, the Provider may offer any of the following pricing structure.

  1. Interchange Pricing For Gaming Clients. Everyone loves this pricing structure. IC++ includes the fees of three parties. The interchange fee goes to the card issuer(This fee varies depending on the card type and location of the card issuer and merchant). The first + goes to the card scheme or the card brand. The second + goes to the acquirer. Most of the times, Mid and large size merchants with processing history qualify for this pricing.
  2. Fixed Pricing. A fixed percentage on each transaction. It’s a good structure for merchants that are just starting up or have low sales volume.
  3. Tiered Pricing. Perfect for merchants of growth. The fee varies depending upon the sales volume achieved by the merchant. Higher volumes may help merchants get a lower transaction rate tier.

Gaming Card Processing Application Flow 2021 Cheat Sheet

In simple terms, every merchant account application approval has three key steps Pre-approval, Underwriting and Approval. However, if we get into the nitty-gritty, merchants must be aware of many additional factors. Here is a cheat sheet that the Quadrapay team offers you as we believe that you deserve to work with Tier 1 Acquiring Banks.

  • Gaming Website/Application. Gate pass. Bank underwriters will look at these first. Its the first sales opportunity for you. It would help if you implemented an elevator pitch here. The website should make the underwriters feel the wow factors. Vision oriented gaming merchants spend thousands of euros on websites.
    On the other hand, merchants that wish to trick cardholders and card scheme hardly focus on the same. You need to ensure that your website displays the wavelength match-able with the acquirer. Fix all the errors and make sure the site is a pro before approaching any Tier 1 acquirer.
  • License. Many gaming sub-verticals depending on the business model, require licences. Merchants can display the licence information on the footer section of the website/app. It is the first thing the gaming underwriters look for at the time they check your website. Some merchants also place a link to the licencing website. A link to validate the registration on the gaming commission site should be in the footer section.
  • Company Name and Address. Company information should be in the footer section. Merchants should believe in transparency and providing accessible customer care information. Mentioning contact information detail on the footer helps all the parties acquirer, merchants and users.
  • Disclaimer and Age Verification. The Age verification may be required depending on the business model and subsector. If these are needed, merchants must have these incorporated on the gaming site or mobile gaming app.
  • Application Form. Take your time to fill in the most accurate information. Remember, most of the details that you mention on the form will be cross-checked and validated. For this, our gaming-friendly merchant processors use AI-driven professional tools. These tools scrub the internet to validate all information. Hiding information or giving wrong information will do more harm than good.
  • Processing History. A processing history is the mirror of merchants’ risk handling abilities. It also helps the processor to gaze at the growth potential/sales forecast of the merchant. There is no reason to hide the history. If the merchant hides the same, the processor will quickly determine that the merchant processed in the past. It will give the impression that the merchant will be non-authentic. If you have accepted payments in the past and are no longer accepting online payments and want to do a fresh start, still share your previous credit card processing history. Sometimes merchants think that previous accounts will create more problems than good. In reality, it is the opposite. Why do you think startup gaming merchants get approved? They don’t have any history. The most critical elements in history are The total volume, Number of chargebacks, Percentage of chargebacks, The number of returns and The ratio of returns.
  • Pump and Show Yes. If your company is trading on stock exchanges or is funded by institutional investors, then share that information. This is something which you must not hide. These together will help underwriters feel more comfortable in your profile. Birds of a feather flock together. Tier 1 Banks like to work with gaming companies that have Tier 1 recognition’s or Tier 1 Vision.
  • UBO/Holding Companies. The KYC documents must include the details of all the Ultimate business owners and UBO holding companies. If the company has a complex organisational structure, then sharing an organogram also helps. Think it like this the underwriters at our partner processors work with hundreds of ISOs. The flow of applications is always enormous. Its human nature to follow the path of least resistance. Your companies organogram and detailed KYC will make it easy for them to consider your priority file.

Quadrapay The Experienced Gaming Merchant Processing Solution Provider.

Gaming Websites attract traffic from the world over, and they accept transactions from various time zones. This is the core reason why these websites need to depend on reliable high risk gaming merchant accounts. The solution should be scale-able and should offer a high level of fraud detection. Most of the Low Risk and Mid Risk acquiring banks will say that this industry is Too Hot To Handle, and that is why they don’t touch it. Only a few banks have the actual capability of handling accounts of these types.

Quadrapay is proud of its global partnership with various merchant service providers and payment processing banks. We will be happy to join hands with you and try to work for a common objective. The common goal here is helping you get a credit card processing solution from one of our gaming processing partners. One of our core focused sectors is gaming, and we have already established massive acquiring relationships for the same. This relationship has been established after enormous research on the features and capabilities of these direct acquirers. Now it is your time to get a fit and forget gaming card processor.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.