Echeck Payment Gateway Integration

Let’s See What Echeck Payment Gateway Integration Is?

Echeck is an electronic-based check that is used for online payment. It is a short form for electronic check. In echeck, the funds are withdrawn electronically from the payer’s bank account to payee’s bank account. The entire transaction process is done over the ACH network. Echeck payment gateway is those gateways that are used by echeck payment for many transactions.

Steps That Are Included In Echeck Payment

  1. The payee must request the authorisation to make a transaction.
  2. In the second step, the payee will gather all the details and enter the data into the software.
  3. After entering the details submit the form online.
  4. At last, a payment confirmation will be received by both payer and payee.

Echecks are used by many merchants in their businesses. Use of an echeck is easy, secured, and save time. Paper checks take so much of time to be cleared, and if any discrepancy found in the check, it will bounce immediately. Due to this, every merchant accepts echecks and believe in paying online for any recurring payments. For any recurring payment, check payment is quite full of difficulties. Moreover, check processing takes little more time as compared to echeck processing.

There are many echeck payment gateways in the market nowadays. Here, echeck payment gateway integration implies that the merchant can integrate their any businesses with the echeck payment gateway. Many merchants do not get approval for echeck payment processing.

Benefits Of Echeck Payment Gateway Integration:

  1. Protect your earning and enjoy the control over the process.
  2. Assistance with API integration is always available.
  3. Accepts echecks with maximum convenience.
  4. Secure refund payment from the portal.
  5. Deposit the echeck directly to the business bank account.
  6. Saves time and labour expenses.

Quadrapay offers easy payment by echecks with a low processing fee. We accept both debit and credit card for echeck payments. We don’t charge any setup fees and monthly fees. There are no hidden policies between the merchant and us. We offer quick integration as well. If you want to use our services, we will be very happy to assist you. Go to our site and fill up the application form. After receiving your application form, our team member will call you soon for further validation. Also, you can drop a mail at [email protected].

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