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How Does Credit Card Processing Work By Quadrapay

Las Vegas Merchant Services For High-Risk Business Industries

Being a high-risk business owner has its own several downsides. One of such problems is also related to accepting payments for your business and e-commerce website. Most of the traditional banks and financial institutions reject application form merchant accounts as soon as they find a business that is related to the high-risk industry. Most of the profitable businesses like casinos, selling CBD, online dating, forex, legal gambling and many more.. faces issues getting approval for Las Vegas merchant services or end up paying high processing rates of percentage for their card payments.

Apply For Low-Cost Payment Gateway For Las Vegas Based Business Merchants

In today’s fast-paced era, accepting credit card payments is a necessity. But when it comes to business owners that have bad credit scores, high chargeback records, volatile revenue streams and selling high-risk industry products can make the procedure difficult for you to get approval for a merchant account with a bank.
But now, with Quadrapay, you can easily apply for the best merchant accounts for Las Vegas and kick start your business with good sales revenue.
In association with top-rated payment processors across the globe, we provide you a payment gateway for your website that offers fast, secure and reliable payment processing services. This way, you can achieve great performance with your sales and save a lot by exchange of low transaction fees for your payments on the website.

How To Apply For Las Vegas Merchant Services?

Now with Quadrapay, business merchants can easily apply for Las Vegas merchant services. A business owner is required to fill the merchant account application form with all required information and also submit the following important documents:

  • Voided Check
  • Latest up to three months business bank statements
  • Previous 3-6 months payment processing statements
  • Supplier Agreement/Invoices (if applicable)
  • Business Registration Document
  • Latest utility bill under business name and owner
  • Passport/ National Photo ID issued by government