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Open Doors To The Online World With Opencart Payment Gateway

In today’s time, the virtual door to success is open to all. But the one who thinks out of the box will get success. In an online world, you can get an alternative for any of your needs, but who knows one wrong choice might ruin your whole business. That is the same while choosing the payment gateway. You can easily find lots of payment processors who would offer you a payment gateway, but the challenge comes to integrate it into your website. There are more such challenges which might get you in trouble, but that’s not with us. We at Quadrapay, thoroughly analyze your business site, business requirements and then help you to get one of the Best Payment Gateway For Opencart sites.

Opencart is an open-source and free eCommerce platform which allows you to create and manage a stunning website. The Opencart system offers a merchant or business with more than 1500 plugins which quickly get integrated into your site to provide you with various eCommerce functionality. But as we said, a small mistake can be overwhelming. No worries! We at quadrapay have partnered with +50 processors around the world who would help you to get the right payment gateway. Stay tuned, and let’s discuss some of the traits a merchant should look for in the payment gateway.

What Traits Should A Merchant Look Before Opting Payment Gateway For Opencart?

If you have your own B2C site, that is selling on your website without any intermediary place; then you obviously need a B2B Merchant Account Services to accept money from your clients. A payment gateway is a merchant service which authorizes the credit card transaction and acts as an intermediary between your site and acquiring bank. Let’s discuss what a merchant should look before opting payment gateway for Opencart.

  • Cart Integration: The most important trait a merchant looks for is the integration process. Some payment gateway comes with a lot of coding parts, and still, you face hassle. But we offer you a built-in API based payment gateway which easily integrates with your site in just 3-5 steps. We have already processed merchants with Opencart as their eCommerce software. So we know what you accept and provide you with the best seamless integration payment gateway.
  • Transactional Security: This is also the most crucial factor to consider. Because compromising with customer’s card information might badly shut down your business. Our API based payment gateway is PCI-Compliant which adheres the PCI-DSS standards. The card information flows from the gateway to acquiring bank and issuing bank in tokenized form. This is done to process the transaction without any data theft securely.
  • Flexible Rates: We at Quadrapay offers you with the transparent rate with no up-front charges. Others transaction are industry standard which is best affordable merchant services.
  • Customer Support: All features without any support doesn’t make sense. Our merchant services come with 24×7 customer support. We love to help our clients with their full satisfaction. There are a lot more features we offer like mobile integration, multi-currency payment acceptance, multiple card support and many more.

How Does Payment Gateway Help To Thrive Your Business?

A payment gateway helps your site to open for anyone anytime. It helps you to accept payments 24×7. Let’s see how it make an impact on your business:

  • Expand Customer base.
  • 24×7 availability of your online store
  • Improve cash Flow
  • Faster Transaction Processing.
  • Customer Trust And Loyalty.

If you also want to thrive your business, apply today. Open the door of opportunities and make the best use of it. To get started, fill the pre-approval form, and we will get back to you with the right payment gateway solution for your business. Trust us; you will enjoy the seamless integration and smooth onboarding processing.

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