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Gambling Merchant Accounts powered By Tier 1 Acquiring Companies.

Quadrapay is happy to announce that our highly recognised payment processing partners in the EU offer legal Gambling merchant accounts with hassle-free pay-in and pay-out experience that will help you lead the competition.

Grandview Research projects that the Online gambling market will grow at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027 in North America, Europe, Lac, Apac and MEA. Mordor Intelligence states that the online Gambling sector is one of the fastest-growing segment in its online gambling market research. The report also highlights the increasing percentage of the female population. Covid 19 impact has also been considered a factor in the growth of the online gambling industry. With all these positive reports about the gambling industry trends, we can say that you are in the most happening sector of our times. Our Credit card processing solutions are Gung-ho about the industry and are passionately looking forward to assisting legal gambling merchants.

Key Features Of Our Gambling Merchant Account Solutions.

  • Integrated Payment Gateway and Acquiring Solution For Gambling Merchants. Our solutions offer a one-stop package for young and experienced gambling merchants. The answer comes with a robust yet flexible gateway and high quality acquiring services. High-profile gambling merchants love this solution and enjoy the benefits for a very long time. With a dedicated account manager, onboarding is quick and easy. Legal Gambling operators require speedy payment processing that does not reduce the overall gambling enthusiasm; with high-quality data centre support, our solutions guarantee one of the best uptime availability for payment acceptance.
  • Multiple Currency Processing For International Gambling Merchants. Online gambling is an international vertical need a gateway that can accept the various currency. We provide you with multiple payment processing platforms. You can collect payment from most nations that too in the desired currency.
  • Free Account Setup. Free setup and this is not special or for a limited time, nor it has an expiration date. We won’t charge you fees to design your account as we understand the criticality of the starting phase of the business. The PSP may charge or waive a high-risk merchant registration fee.
  • Advanced Fraud Reduction Tools. Our solutions have leading fraud prevention tools. These solutions provide early alerts for the chargebacks also if you subscribe to CDRN services.
  • 24*7 Technical Support. No matter what time we got you with the all-time support. You can experience professional customer service on all online payment related issues. We are here to help you out and would be glad to solve all your queries.
  • Fast Approval Within 48 Hours*. Our online application has been developed with ease and simplicity in mind, not complicated, like others.
  • Realtime Reporting Tools. Transparency about all the payments ng being made and about the withdrawals and deposit of money. We are to help you in the best possible way to grow your business keeping in mind that whatever transactions are being made should be in front of you, and you should have all the details about it.
  • OCT For Expanded Pay-in, Payout Solution. We understand the deposits and withdrawals are the lifeblood of this industry. This is why our solutions offer near-realtime OCT in a fast, secure, and simple way. Merchants get to elevate the percentage of loyal customers if the pay-in and payout modes are fast and effective. From a players point of view, withdrawal is most important, and from a gambling operators point of view, the deposit is vital. Our solution takes care of both like a charm. The solution offers a resistance-free payment experience to gaming verticals.
  • Local Payment Options. Only offering credit and debit card processing is not enough for this vertical. World-renowned sports and online gambling companies understand this well, and so does our solution provider. With local payment options, gambling, merchants offer additional payment modes to players for easy deposits. Some gambling regulators allow gambling activities to be provided by licenced gambling companies. However, they restrict the use of credit cards. In these instances, merchants must work with a provider that offers alternative and local payment methods. These include.
  • Debit Card Payments For Gambling. The industry has realised that the risk is generally higher when the payments are made using a line of credit offered by card-issuing banks. Debit card payments are much safer alternatives for gambling merchants.
  • ACH Bank Transfer For Gambling deposits. Players can use alternative modes to deposit funds. ACH for gambling can be used efficiently to offer a seamless paying and payout experience. Realtime notification helps gambling merchants to keep track of transactions quickly. Ach works perfectly for one time and recurring payments that are a dire need of gambling merchants. ACH is primarily used for Cashout winning, Pari-mutuel wagering, Fantasy sports, Race tracks, Account funding and Skill-based gaming.
  • Gambling Payments Through E-Wallets. According to regulations in a few nations, merchants must be aware that e-wallets may also be restricted to accepting credit cards loads. Still, this can be considered the most common alternative mode of deposit load.
  • AI-Driven Fraud Identification Suite Reduces Risk On Gambling Accounts. With the advanced built-in algorithm, the system implements protocols to identify risky transactions, reduce merchants’ loss, and ensure the payment ecosystem’s hygiene.
  • Open To Growing And Establishing Gambling Operators. We believe that the growth of any industry depends on the collaborative efforts of merchants of all size. Our solutions are not biased and are open to startup and grown organisations.
  • Pan-European Acquiring Platform. Merchants from most nations in the EU and EEA are open apply for our solutions. Since our acquiring partner is based in The EU, it is accessible to merchants from most EU and EEA nations.
  • Advanced Chargeback Management Tools. Chargebacks are a headache in any industry, but with various risk reduction filter and AI-driven fraud detection, the merchants experience a lesser percentage of these cases. If the disputes are elevated to the chargeback stage, then the built-in chargeback management tools help gambling merchants manage the chargebacks efficiently.

Sub Verticals In Gambling Industry That May Use Our Merchant Account Solutions

Every application approval is done on a case by case basis and is dependent on various factors. Some of the critical factors are the merchant registration nation, target markets, and gambling licence type. These are the few sub-sectors that mostly qualify for top class payment solutions. Please note that our solutions are only for licenced merchants.

  • Simulated Gambling
  • Real Gambling
  • Paid Contests
  • Social Betting
  • Football Stock Exchanges
  • International Leagues
  • Private Leagues
  • Online Casinos
  • Online Poker
  • Mobile Gambling
  • online Sports Book
  • Gaming Focussed Ewallets
  • Online Horse Racing Tips
  • Online Casino
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Casino Gaming Chips
  • Wagers at Race Tracks
  • Poker
  • Casino Gaming
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • P2P Gambling
  • Mobile Gambling
  • Mobile Poker
  • Lotteries
  • Lotto Syndicates
  • Lottery
  • Messenger Lottery
  • Jackpots

Merchant Classification Codes Related To Gambling Verticals.

Depending on the business activity and various other factors not limiting only to the location of the merchant and site of the payers, the acquiring company may use one of the following MCC to gambling related merchants.

MCC 7994
MCC 7995
MCC 7999

Online Gambling And Bin Blocking. With High-Risk Registration.

  • BIN Blocking On Gambling Merchant Accounts. Gambling merchants are kept under strict monitoring to reduce credit risk and legal violations. High-risk merchant registration is mandatory in most scenarios. Acquirers are also required to block specific nations traffic if the merchant is classified as a gambling merchant. By default, all traffic from most sanctioned countries are blocked. Merchant acquirers also block traffic from any nation where gambling is not legal.
  • Card Blocking Based On Gambling MCC. Gambling merchant account providers and acquiring banks have to follow strict guidelines of card schemes. Card brands require developing institutions to use the correct MCC for all merchants. Specific four-digit MCC or merchant classification codes are used to code gambling merchants. The most prominent MCC used for Gambling and related merchant types is MCC 7995. There are various advantages of coding the merchants correctly, as we all know that gambling is prohibited in multiple nations. Card issuers in specific countries where gambling is forbidden decline transactions based on the merchants MCC. If the acquirer does not code the merchant correctly, it can have severe implications and adversely affect the acquiring company’s stability.

Gambling Merchant Account Services And Associated Fees

The rates and fees are decided on various factors. However, we have tried to display a few of the most common costs a gaming business may have to pay.

  • High-Risk Registration. Merchants in this industry are subject to a high-risk merchant registration fee.
  • MDR This is a fixed fee paid by the merchant on a percentage basis. This is charged on each transaction.
  • Fixed Fee. This is a selected currency amount, usually less than 1 unit or the processing currency. Charged on a per-transaction basis
  • Wire Fee. This is the fee that will be deducted when the processor wires funds to the gambling merchant.
  • Chargeback Fee. This fee is charged when there is any chargeback on the account.

Gambling And Licence Requirements. A Must Have To Get Merchant Account Solutions

Every gambling merchant requires a relevant licence to accept payments and operate the business. Our Processing partners can not support merchants that offer gambling services and are not registered or have valid gambling licences. Please note that all licences may not be supported. Merchant acquiring companies have strict policies about what licences they will accept and what they will not accept. Let’s look at some gambling licences that are popular in the industry. Each licence may have its restrictions in terms of payment processing traffic and various other factors. After looking at your complete application set, our providers can let you know the final verdict.

  • Alderney License
  • Antigua And Barbuda License
  • Belarus License
  • Costa Rica License
  • Curacao license
  • Georgia Licence
  • Gibraltar Licence
  • Greece License
  • Isle of Man License
  • Kahnawake License
  • Latvia License
  • Malta License
  • Montenegro License
  • Romania License
  • Seychelles License
  • Great Britain Licence(UK)
  • Belize Licence
  • Vanuatu Licence
  • Denmark Licence
  • Jersey Licence
  • Panama Licence
  • Philippines Licence
  • St. Kitts and Nevis Licence
  • Tasmania Licence
  • Swedish Licence
  • Macau Licence
  • Singapore Licence
  • France Licence
  • Spain Licence
  • Bulgaria Licence
  • Australia Licence
  • Lithuania Licence
  • Germany Licence
  • Switzerland license

Risk Mitigation Steps Used By Payment Processors For Gambling Merchants

  • Mandatory 3D Secure. Acquiring partners may implement 3DS on the first deposit or on all transactions to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and deposits.
  • Rolling Reserve. To reduce the credit risk, our processing partners may implement a fixed or rolling reserve. This is decided on a case by case basis.
  • AML Risk Assessment. Since the industry had many cases of money laundering, our processing partners perform extensive AML risk assessments. This helps ensure that genuine clients get access to the solution, and fraudulent businesses do not get the opportunity to abuse the payment ecosystem.
  • Fixed Collaterals/Bank Guarantee. Some merchants may be asked for fixed collaterals and bank guarantee on a case by case basis. This step reduces the credit risk if the gambling merchant goes bankrupt or faces any legal shutdown.

Best Secured Online Gambling Payment Methods To Maximize Profits

Gambling is all about skills and luck, yet it is one of the significant sources of income for a lot of risk-takers. For a gambling business, it is required to have online gambling payment methods. From the online casino, skill gaming, lotteries and mobile gambling, every business needs an online gambling payment methods to accept payments from valuable customers. Now with Quadrapay, you can avail best online gambling payment methods that facilitate your payment processing faster and smoother.

Credit Card Gambling Payments Solution For UK

Credit card is one of the most preferred payment methods, among other practices across the globe. In the UK, gambling commission has banned the usage of credit cards for a gambling business payment. For this, online gambling business owners need something more secure and reliable payment method. With Quadrapay, you can easily apply for a gambling merchant account which provides your access to diversified payment methods. These may include some of the most popular payments methods like e-wallets, electronic checks, cryptocurrencies and many more. For most of the countries where online casinos are legal, we have excellent credit card processing solution with top-rated payment processors. The application procedure is also easy as it only requires to fill the merchant application form with all vital details of your business. At the time of submitting, it is advised to provide necessary KYC documents which makes the application approval for faster. Some of the KYC documents that are must be shared are government-approved identity, bank details under the registered business name, latest utility bills and business registration certificates.

Deposit And Withdrawals With Cryptocurrency For Online Gambling Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies have changed the way of transferring funds from one account to other. These cryptocurrencies become so popular and beneficial that now most of the businesses prefers to accept crypto coins as the preferred payment method. If a customer wants to use real money for online casino, then a crypto wallet would be the best among other online gambling payment methods. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Best Cryptocurrencies For Gambling Business Deposit Methods:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a well-established cryptocurrency since 2011. The primary factor that made it so famous and fascinating across the globe is because of its decentralized currency. That makes it far better money for a peer to peer payment without losing the actual value of the currency across various nations. Nowadays, an individual can buy and sell almost everything with the help of bitcoin as a payment method. For online gambling businesses, a bitcoin will be the best-suited option for payment processing. It provides good value and also the confidentiality of identity.
  • Ethereum: Right after the bitcoin, Ethereum is another cryptocurrency which is also booming across various industries as a payment method. The value of the Ethereum crypto coin is steadily rising day by day, which provides a great impression and assurance for its growth in profits.

Echeck Processing Solution For Online Casino

Echeck/ACH is one of the popular payment methods in the United States. There are a lot of circumstances where a gambling merchant finds it challenging to get a credit card processing solution for USA customers. In such cases, a business owner can easily apply for an Echeck processing solution with Quadrapay. This echeck solution is an advanced revision of traditional paper checks. In this, all the transactions are done electronically over the ACH network. Echeck/ACH provides a better and reliable payment processing solution for the online gambling business.

Quadrapay A Reliable Provider Of Merchant Account For Legal Gambling Companies

Quadrapay is the one-stop solution for the payment in your business of online gambling. Our partners provide secure payment processing like a secure online credit card, APM processing while focusing on fraud prevention. We value your business and understand your requirements, so we provide you with the best that can help you grow.

Gambling Payment Methods: How It Works?

If you are interested in gambling and are looking for the best way to gamble – nothing is better than online gambling. Gambling payment methods makes it easy to transfer and receive payments, and if you are looking for the best payment option, go online.

Banking online was not a popular opinion among users in the previous century. But in today’s world, online banking has become one of the easiest and quickest ways to transfer and receive payments. This has happened because of the improvements made by various companies. The gambling payment method is accessible to the customers from their homes, thereby providing them comfort. You don’t have to wait for any higher in the queues to transfer the payments.

Here Are Some Of The Facts About Gambling Methods:

  • Gambling payment methods are made at an online casino. The customer must enter the casino to start gambling.
  • A casino features many different online casino payment options to the customers.
  • You have to deposit before you start gambling at an online casino.
  • The online payment methods at these casinos have a deposit and withdrawal limit that the customer must comply with.
  • The customer must ensure to follow the terms and conditions mentioned during the payment while transferring or receiving the payments.

Some Payment Methods Available

  • Transferring Payment With The Help Credit Or Debit Card: It is very easy to transfer money using a credit or debit card. Over time cards are proven to be the most secure transaction option available. To use a card, one must go to the payment page and fill in the details on the page. These vary in different countries as in the UK; gambling is banned with the use of credit cards.
  • Popular Credit And Debit Cards:
  • Visa: Visa is one of the most successful online payment methods across the world. Visa was the first credit card, and the most popular benefit of this card is that it can be used at gambling at every online casino and hence, it is very rare for a visa card to get rejected.
  • MasterCard: Master card is one of the greatest competitors of the visa card in the industry. Master cards are also accepted at most of the online casinos for gambling purposes.
  • European Express cards: European Express card is also popularly known as the first-class credit card due to its high standards and well reputation. But, this amazing voucher can only be used at some online casinos because of the legislation law at online gambling payment methods.
  • Transferring Payments Using E-Wallet At Online Casinos: E-wallets are considered to be one of the most popular online payment methods. To use an e-wallet, you have to create an account where you can store the card details safely. This helps when you have more than one card as you can save the card information and details on the e-wallet and utilize it as a second payment method.
  • Popular E-Wallets: In today’s generation, gambling payment methods is one of the popular payment processing wallets with hundreds of people relying on the source. This payment information shared was widely used for gambling at online casinos by Americans and Europeans.

So the gambling payment methods became one of the most popular startup online payment methods. These were linked with gambling at many casinos and poker rooms. This was popularly known as Moneybookers in the year 2001 and emerged as a very popular ambling payment method in recent years. And it happened to have also was a very secure online method as it was regulated by FSA.

Thus the gambling payment methods pay offers many functions that are not available in regular wallets. It allows the customer to receive payments or transfer them using a debit card, also known as the eco-card.

Gambling Payments Using Mobile Phones:

With the increase in technology, we are now not limited to the payment options being only wallets, e-cards, or credit cards. We can pay online in a fast and secure way of using our mobile phones. Though most of the casinos allow the customers to transfer payments using mobile phones, there are some casinos still not allowing phone payments. There are many economical online payment options available for gambling.

The customers can use the gambling payment methods at some of the online casinos that allow you to deposit cash quickly and easily using your phone bill.

Conclusion For Gambling Payment Methods

You can decide which gambling payment method is best for you by the given tips. You can even check the reviews and choose the one method that suits the best for you.

Online Gambling Payment Method Pay By Phone Bill

How To Do Online Gambling Pay By Phone Bill?

Paying by phone is a great opportunity that helps the users make quick and easy deposits at online casinos. Online gambling by phone bill allows the users to access the mobile casinos and pay using the phone credit or the phone bill. This helps to do seamless transactions throughout the world. Online gambling pay by phone bill is becoming increasingly popular as more people are opting to pay using the phone at the casinos. Nowadays, people tend to worry about cybersecurity and if you worry about it too then paying using a mobile phone is straight what you have to do.

This service allows users to use the mobile phone as a credit card or debit card. When you make an online gambling pay by phone bill, the cost is charged to the phone. Then, all you have to do is provide your number at the casino. They will then charge you on your phone. The charge can either be paid using the phone credit if you are not a regular customer or get added to the monthly bill if you’re the regular customer mentioned on their contract.

How Does Online Gambling Pay By Phone Bill Work:

The casino that offers you to pay online is ideally the best choice. This makes casino gaming super easy and also consolidates all your outgoing and incoming payments into one bill. You have to select the Pay online by phone option at the casino’s cashier to avail of this. The casino Pay will notify and mention your transactions in your monthly phone bill statement. You can also choose to play at the latest mobile casinos with online payment options that deduct your money immediately.

Most of the online gambling sites accept online payments by phone as it provides ease and convenience to the users. It also offers fast payouts and quick deposits, and hence the users don’t have to rethink their decision. This allows the users to gamble wherever they want and whenever they like.

Steps To Follow To Use Online Gambling Pay By Phone Bill At A Casino:

  • First, go to the casino site online and then go to the payments page.
  • Select an online payment method that you want to.
  • Enter the required funds that you want to deposit and also enter your phone number.
  • After clicking on the pay button, you will get a text message along with a confirmation code. You have to enter this confirmation code at the casino site.
  • After entering the code, click on the Pay option and you will receive a confirmation message that notifies you if you have made a successful deposit.
  • Finally, the amount that you deposited will be then added to your next phone bill.

Deposits And Withdrawals Using Phone Bill:

Online gambling pay by phone bill is a great service for depositing the money into your account. But, it gets restricted in terms of withdrawal. You cannot withdraw your money using the phone bill. If you use a different alternative, you can withdraw your winning money by using your phone.

Pros Of Using Online Gambling Pay By Phone Bills At The Casino:

  • You can deposit the payments safely and securely as paying online by phone does not require any sensitive information to be filled.
  • You only need a phone number to deposit the money using an online phone bill at a casino.
  • Paying online by phone bill is very convenient and easy to use.
    It lets the user monitor the phone bill and the casino bankroll in one package.
  • It is ideally the best choice to pay using a phone bill when you ate playing at an online gaming casino.
  • The credit option allows the transactions to be processed immediately.

Safety And Security While Paying Using Phone Bills:

When you are depositing the money using your mobile phone bill, your bank account information and confidential data are not needed to make the payment. It is because you don’t have to sign up that saves you from leaking any information to third parties or hackers, other than your mobile number. This makes it a very secure method.

Still, Confused On Your Gambling Merchant Account Provider?

No worries, our staff is always looking forward to solving your queries and satisfying you with answers to the questions you might have about the process. We welcome you to benefit from us in the online legal gambling business.