Do You Need A Merchant Account And Payment Gateway

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Need A Merchant Account

If you are a business owner then we are pretty sure that the core objective of your organization is to generate maximum profit by delivering high-quality products and services to your customers. To maximize the sales unit multiple payment processing channels.

A Merchant account plays a key role in helping businesses accept payments by credit and debit cards. Different ways of getting a merchant account are listed below.

Merchant Account Directly From A Bank

The direct way of getting a merchant account is to contact and acquiring Bank. This type of solution is cheaper than other options but it might require you to get an additional service from a payment gateway provider. The bank we recommend you to get in touch with a PCI compliant Payment Gateway company. This way you will develop a business relationship with two different organizations one is the merchant acquiring bank and the second is the payment gateway provider.

Merchant Account And Payment Gateway From The PSP

When you apply for a merchant account through a PSP also known as a payment service provider when you get the advantage of getting a merchant account and payment gateway from the same channel. The PSP handles the compliance requirements and helps you accept transactions on a PCI DSS compliant processing platform.

In case if you processing volume is not huge when we strongly recommend you to contact a payment service provider to get a merchant account solution. You may also look at alternative ways of accepting payments.


No matter where you get your merchant account from but always try to get a Chargeback Notification service. This will help you in reducing the return ratio on your credit card processing solution.

Best Alternative Payment Processing Options Are Listed Below

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