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If yes, then you have come to the right website. We will help you to find the best payment gateway solution provider from China, Hong Kong, and Macau.
The Asian payment service providers are extremely aggressive and looking forward to onboard more Merchant from the Tech support industry. As most of the Tech Support merchants are in Asia it is more convincing for them to work with China based PSPs as both the parties are in the same continent.


Quadrapay works with multiple payment service providers across the world and few of the service providers also in Asia. We can help you find the best online payment gateway for tech support. The payment processor that offers a solution for tech support Merchants generally charges a rate of transaction in between 8.5% to 15%. This rate of transaction is also known as MDR or TDR.

Depending on the complexity of the business and the level of risk involved the payment service provider may ask for setup fee as well. The setup fee for a tech support merchant would range between $600 and $700. Sometimes this setup fee is also returned to the merchant, in case the merchant is able to maintain a lesser chargeback ratio for a period of 3 to 6 months.

In case, there is any chargebacks the payment service provider located in China or Hong Kong may ask for a chargeback fee. Most of the times, this chargeback fee is at least $45. To help merchants in extending the life of the Credit Card processing account, the few payment service providers also utilize chargeback alerts and notification services.

With the help of chargeback alert and notification services, payment service providers are able to get notification directly from the card issuer. In case if there is a pre-dispute notification, the Merchant is liable to pay $45 pre-dispute fee. Most of the time these processors will not charge anything for refund fee. The fixed fee is also applicable and that is one unit. Merchants can easily request withdrawal and the withdrawal fee is usually $40.

Since tech support is considered as a high risk business, merchants are subjected to a rolling Reserve of 10% for 180 days. The holding period or arrears generally ranges from 7 days to 30 days. It varies depending upon the previous processing statement of the merchant or the current level of the chargeback on the system. The arrears can also be reduced as per the quality of performance of the merchant in terms of chargeback ratio.

The lower the chargeback ratio the better is the payout period. There are absolutely no application fees associated with the Chinese payment gateway for tech support. Monthly fees and yearly fees are also waived. The payment service provider offers free technical support and integration assistance to merchants. There is absolutely no cost involved in terms of the usage of the platform and compliance check.

Merchants get the opportunity to end the contract with a notification of 30 days. There is absolutely no cost involved in the termination or closing of the account. Charges may be applicable in case if the merchant is penalized because of any wrongdoings. The final fees, which the merchant pays depends a lot upon the volume of the transactions per month and it also varies depending upon the type of business.

Merchants in the high risk categories are subject to pay higher rates. Processing history also plays a critical role. A Merchant who has got a strong processing history with a low chargeback ratio or chargeback rate can certainly expect better pricing from the Chinese Payment Gateway or the Merchant account providers.

The rates also vary depending upon the currency in which the merchant required the settlement. The merchant should also know that the fixed fee of $1 is only charged, once the transaction is through and is approved. The rolling reserve is ideally returned to the merchant on weekly basis after completion of 180 days. This is standard for all high risk Merchants. Merchant processing higher volume of sales can also request faster settlement or faster withdrawal.

Currency conversion charges may be applicable primarily if the merchants want to get paid in a different currency. The processor also offers a ready to go platform in case if the merchant doesn’t have a tech team to create a website and integrate the Gateway. The processor is absolutely comfortable in helping the Merchants with a brand new website and also extends the efforts in the integration of the Gateway on the website. The merchant should utilize the Gateway in a proper way and should ensure a lower chargeback.


Yes, that’s correct. As we have talked about other No matter where the PSP is located they have to honor charge-back request coming from the customers. The industry standards and ethics bound the processors to help customers in case of any chargeback or related complaints. A merchant can definitely go ahead and fight the dispute or chargeback by presenting the required documents.


Chinese payment gateway for tech support does offer Credit/Debit Card processing solutions for PC support Merchants. The PC support merchants can swiftly integrate the Gateway on the website by utilizing the API configuration provided by the PSP (Payment Service Provider).

If you are interested in applying for online payment gateway for tech support please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

低风险账户很容易获得。但高风险账户可能有点难以获得。 致力于帮助全球的商家在中国获得支付处理商和服务提供商的高风险商家账户。

We will get you connected with the payment processing companies across the world including China. If you are facing any trouble in getting a high risk merchant account for tech support, we have the best solutions for you.

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