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Get Reliable IPTV Payment Gateway For OTT & Streaming Media Merchants.

The IPTV or internet protocol television industry has transformed a lot. In the past, technology like VOD was expensive as the data cost was high. The cheap bandwidth allows OTT platforms to stream IPTV channels across the globe. QuadraPay now offers a robust and highly reliable IPTV payment gateway solution.

Streaming Media Payment Processing Is The Need Of The Hour.

With super fast 5g and satellite broadband technology, streaming videos is not a problem. Many terrestrial TV channels now consider the maintenance cost of maintaining broadcast equipment a total waste. Traditional video streaming over UHF/VHF frequencies required broadcasters to rent satellite transponders and deploy v-sat earth stations. This affair is expensive now. Many channels have already started streaming on Youtube, Vimeo, and Amazon Fire Stick, to name a few.

We provide streaming media payment processing solutions to legit broadcasters; These accounts come with rebilling and subscription features.

What Makes QuadraPay Perfect Gateway Provider For IPTV, Streaming Media & OTT

If yours is an IPTV business offering legal and licensed media streaming via a subscription plan to your user, we can help. In that case, you will need a payment gateway for IPTV to accept card transactions from your customer. An OTT merchant account will help you receive funds quickly from customers in multiple nations. A merchant account is vital for your business because it increases your subscriptions and sales.

Features Of IPTV Payment Gateway For OTT and VOD Packages.

Subscription Payment Processing: Subscription payment options are most common in the IPTV sector. Subscription payment processing helps you to charge your customer regularly. We have a solution for you if you want to offer your customer subscription payment options. However, please note that the subscription should not include a free trial.

IPTV OTT In APP Payments. We understand that merchants require a Mobile APP payment gateway for IPTV with the high usage of android and apple devices these days. Now for your OTT streaming APP, we offer a payment solution.

Crypto Payment Gateway For OTT: Online streaming is now more secure than regular TV due to the availability of the internet. So, some people purchase subscriptions through cryptocurrencies. Merchants use alternative payment methods for this sector. These methods include Crypto to fiat gateway, Vouchers, and APMs, apart from Credit and Debit Cards.

IPTV Credit Card Processing Gateway: Your customers will quickly purchase the OTT and IPTV subscriptions with a credit card payment gateway solution.

Rates And Fees For Streaming Media Merchant Processing

The pricing varies depending on many factors. If we look at the online streaming/VOD/IPTV market, we can conclude that most merchants do not cross the $ 100K per quarter mark.

Suppose the merchant has a low sales volume and no previous processing history. In that case, there is a high chance that the applications will have to go to a high-risk acquirer/aggregator. In this case, the rates will be higher than low-risk accounts, and merchants may also be subject to upfront setup charges.

Suppose the merchant’s profile is attractive and has a proven volume of over 100K per month. In that case, the setup charges may be reduced or completely waived as per the underwriters’ discretion.

About The Industry OTT and IPTV Industry

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It enables video on demand as well as interactivity between the services. The only difference between the IPTV and cable tv is that IPTV uses the internet. In contrast, the cable uses the satellite to broadcast Television programs.

At present, the IPTV sector plays a significant role in entertainment. According to a market watch report, the IPTV market will reach 57.4 billion United State Dollars (USD) by 2025. IPTV runs on mobile, tablets, laptops, and smart television. In contrast, cable tv runs on only the TV.

Some of the most popular IPTV services include Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix. These days it’s not that difficult to start your own OTT platform. There are ready-made saas platforms that offer ready-to-use interfaces. These Saas Solutions are incredibly beneficial for merchants interested in the IPTV industry. For example, Muvi provides a free trial and excellent support throughout your streaming services launch.

It is illegal to stream copyrighted content and share it with the consumer. It may be legal if you have the required licenses from the content creators and intellectual property rights holders. Streaming is also unlawful if you don’t have any media publishing rights. Our processors prefer to work with merchants with streaming rights.

Every application is looked at individually by our processing partners. So there is no harm in filling out the IPTV Payment Gateway Application, and we will guide you with the next steps. Our team will work for hand in hand with you. We never charge our merchants as our services are for payment institutions. We will find the most appropriate payment gateway provider for your IPTV and OTT business. The solution that we recommend are well researched and reliable. Email us today at [email protected] to discuss the IPTV payment gateway.