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Merchant Account and Payment Gateway In Greece

Greece is a beautiful country located in Europe. Greece is home to over 11 million people. Around 40% of the Greek population lives in Athens. Greece attracts a massive amount of tourists from across the world. This inflow of tourist makes tourism one of the biggest industries in Greece. Apart from the beautiful views of Greece, there are many Archaeological Museums. With the high penetrations of the Internet and mobile phones, Greece is moving in a consistent fast lane. Greece offers world-class infrastructures to local as well as International businesses.

Credit Card Processing For Merchants located In Greece

Greece based domestic, as well as International businesses, need payment processing solutions. There need is continuously evolving. It is quite common to find companies located in Greece selling products and services to customers in parts of European Union and many other countries. The domestic and international demand has helped many greek enterprises achieve proper growth. Greek businesses use internet merchant account to accept Card Not Present(CNP) transactions. They also use Point of Sales Devices/POS Machine/Credit Card Swipe Machines to receive in-store payment. Local banks and local payment service providers actively offer merchant accounts and payment gateway solutions to Greece based businesses. Merchants from High Risk Industries operating in Greece find it challenging to get a High Risk merchant account.

Card Present Transactions

For card present transactions Merchant in Greece use point of sales devices also known as POS terminals. These terminals are available with different features. Some terminals may be wireless, and some terminal may require a wireline to work. These credit card terminals can be used to accept orders in-store and at retail locations. Moderns credit card terminal or credit card swiping machines also allow transactions from chip-based credit and debit cards. Sometimes these devices may also accept International cards if the acquirers accept international cards.

Card Not Present Transaction(CNP)

Merchant selling their products and services over the internet require online payment gateway. With this kind of transaction, the cardholder is not physically present at the merchant’s location. It is the reason these transactions are called card not present transactions. Merchants selling their products and services to customers within the same country usually use services from a domestic acquirer. Merchant selling the product and services to customers in other nations some time require accounts from offshore payment processing companies or Offshore Merchant Account providers. These Offshore merchant account providers offer solutions to Low Risk as well as High Risk Merchants.

The Alternative Mode Of Payments – Regional Cards

If a merchant is from Greece and is looking forward to selling to customers in Latin America, then the merchant should ideally accept local Latin American cards. To accept local cards the payment service provider should offer the solution or the merchant will have to sign up as a merchant with a Latin America based payment service provider. Offering the acceptance of multiple brands of cards help companies in expanding their footprint and also helps businesses in attaining more profits.

USA Echeck And ACH Payment Processing Solution For Greece Based Merchants

Merchants from Greece who sell products and services to customers in the United States of America usually prefer credit and debit card solutions. To lower their transaction charges they can also use electronic Check or ACH payment processing. Many third-party ACH payment processing companies offer services to Non-USA merchants also. Merchant from Greece can take advantage of the echeck payment gateway.

Chargeback Alerts And Notifications Services

People involved in the payment processing industry understand the challenges that can be created by the excessive amount of chargebacks. To reduce the chargeback ratio merchants can also use chargeback alerts and notifications services. These alert services are highly beneficial for those merchants who are selling their products to customers in Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Reduction in the chargeback ratio can help the merchant in maintaining a better relationship with the payment service provider.

White label Payment Gateway For Greece

Merchant service resellers and Merchant account brokers located in Greece who is promoting payment processing services to global merchants can use White label payment gateway solutions. Fintech companies can reduce a massive amount of cost by using White Label Payment Gateway. With the White Label Payment Gateway, brokers and fintech Company can easily rebrand the frontend and the backend of the merchant interface.