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Ebooks have revolutionized the way people read. One can have thousands of digital books on a cellphone or ebook reader. The global ebook market is expected to be USD 6 billion Plus with a CAGR of 7.25% period 2020 to 2025 as per Technavio Research.

Looking at the scale of the ebook market and the growth rate QuadraPay has decided to stretch its arms with the ebook payment gateway.

The ebook market is mainly fragmented; thus, most ebook websites and marketplaces have a meager market share, and there are many players in the industry. Most merchants have a low sales volume, usually less than $ 25 K per month.

QuadraPay’s Ebook Payment Gateway Solution is a perfect option for merchants selling educational ebooks, fictional ebooks, and erotic ebooks. Within 24 hours, you may get approved for Ebook Merchant Account.

Thrilling Payment Processing Solutions For Ebook Merchants.

Credit Card Payment Gateway. If you have an e-commerce ebook sales site, this solution will prove most beneficial for you. Using this solution, the customer can make payments on your website. The customer keeps adding whatever he wants to the shopping cart. After the customer orders, your content management system can send the ebook to buyers’ email.

Point Of Sale. You can use this solution if you run a retail store where you sell ebooks on physical storage devices like Pendrive, DVD, or Memory Card.

Best CMS Platforms For Creating An EBook E-commerce Site.

The content management system that significantly impacts your eCommerce business will do. For this, it is vital to ensure that you make the right decision while choosing a platform fr your website. Here are our three recommendations.

Magneto. One of the most popular LAMP Stack-based CMS that has unparalleled capabilities. With Magneto, you can setup up websites that can sell eBooks to Cranes. If this is the 1st website that you are setting up, you may need the assistance of a web developer. To set up a Magneto E-commerce Site for Ebook Sales, you need a Linux server, preferably with Cpanel Interface.

Open-cart. Another excellent CMS that works on Lamp Stack. It has lesser functionalities than Magneto but is much easier to set up. Beginners can see YouTube videos and quickly set up an e-commerce site to sell ebooks.

Word-press+Woocomerce+ Elementor. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. There are websites from all nations and all industries working well on WordPress. WordPress with Woocomerce allows you to add e-commerce features to your primary WordPress site easily. With Elementor, you can help create super attractive product pages with a click of a button.

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Ebook Payment Gateway

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