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Low-Cost Payment Processing Solutions for Horticulture and Landscaping Businesses

Horticulture involves the cultivation and management of gardens, falling under MCC (Merchant Classification Code) 0780. Horticulture merchants offer services related to plant growth, vegetable and fruit cultivation, landscape preservation, and soil management.

Quadrapay offers cost-effective payment processing solutions tailored for your business, allowing you to accept payments through various channels. Our secure payment gateway keeps you ahead of the competition and equips you with tools to prevent fraud and reduce chargebacks. We assist in setting up your account with no initial expenses, focusing on your business growth. Additionally, we support alternative payment methods such as Echeck and ACH. Share your business needs with us, and we strive to meet each one. E-commerce merchants can seamlessly integrate our payment gateway on their websites, enabling online transactions. For in-person payments, consider Point of Sale (POS) devices, essential for credit and debit card transactions in your business.

Merchant Services to Offer:

Gardening Services: Offering services to maintain various plants in gardens, ensuring cleanliness, pest control, and the size of shrubs and trees. While gardening may not always require expertise, professional guidance is valuable for selecting the right soil and essential gardening tools for creating beautiful gardens.

How Can Quadrapay Help You?

Not every business owner providing these services has a versatile payment solution capable of accepting various payment methods.

If you have a website for your services, customers can conveniently purchase products and services online, with payments processed via a shopping cart or virtual terminal. Our POS systems are capable of accepting payments through credit cards, debit cards, and contactless methods, ensuring seamless transactions. Our payment gateway accelerates the sales process while enabling you to monitor sales efficiently. We offer advanced tools for fraud prevention and chargeback alerts to prolong the life of your payment processing solution. Owning a merchant account and running a business is incomplete without tracking sales and profits. We provide comprehensive reporting and sales data, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping. Additionally, we offer alternative payment solutions such as ACH and Echeck services. Our dedicated customer care team is available 24/7 to address your queries. Contact us with your business requirements, and we will set up your account at no cost. We recognize the importance, and our focus is on the growth of your business.

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