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Do you know what a MOTO is? And what types of businesses need it? And how does it works? Well, we will discuss each and everything related to MOTO.

MOTO stands for Mail Order Telephone Order. It is also known as Virtual Terminal. Mail Order Merchant Account is suitable for businesses that take orders via mail or phone. MOTO is a subsidiary service that provides merchants with payment flexibility. They take orders via mail or telephone and ask the customer to provide the credit card information. They then process payments on customer behalf. Quadrapay helps merchants with various solutions. Credit, Debit, Echeck are some solutions that we have. You can also get an echeck MOTO service with no extra cost.

Which Business Requires Mail Order Merchant Account

Any businesses or merchants can apply for a MOTO who processes card payments by mail, fax or over a phone call. Mail Order Merchant Account may also provide multi-user flexibility. Please note that MOTO service is an additional feature that comes with an online merchant account solution. Many users can accept payments over the terminal.

Why Choose MOTO Account Or Virtual Terminals?

Having a Mail Order merchant account has its flexibility and benefits. Some of these are as follows:

  • Easy to setup.
  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Built-in fraud Protection.
  • Multi-user access if required.
  • Tracking option available.

How Does Payment Processing work With a Mail Order Terminal?

  • Customers call you and give the details of their order with their card information.
  • Merchant logs in to their Virtual terminal with an internet connection.
  • Enter the information received by the customer into your Virtual Terminal.
  • Payments get processed, and customer pays off for the product he purchased.
  • Merchant will receive money in his account within minutes or sometimes within a day.

MOTO Merchant Account With Quadrapay

MOTO is the additional service to your existing payment solution. Quadrapay offers the service at no extra cost. Please note that every merchant does not qualify for MOTO facility. Merchant must have an excellent reputation and should be within the acquiring bank’s credit risk level. The bank or the PSP will decide if you will get a solution or not. We at Quadrapay will put our efforts to get you approved. You can email us on [email protected].

Happy processing !!!

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