Portable Credit Card Machine For Small Business

What Is a Portable Credit Card Machine For Small Business?

A portable credit card machine is a device which is used to accept credit and debit cards payment. This device is small in size so that you can easily move it from one place to another place. The merchant and the customer smoothly operate it. No fast internet is required for this portable device. It smoothly runs on Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPRS.

Portable Credit Card Machines are a significant opportunity for small businesses to enhance their daily sales volume. It is easy to carry in your pocket and can travel from one place to another.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Portable Credit Card Machine?

Credit card machines are increasing day by day, making it possible for both customers and merchants to ease transactions. The main benefit and every merchant wants is to have a portable credit card machine to increase your daily sales volume. Along with that, it also improves your business sale with customer satisfaction. If your business is door to door, then this solution will prove more effective for your business. Suppose you take a payment from the customer and your payment is stuck due to any reason, then you can use the customer care service immediately.

Which Credit Card Machine Is Best For A Small Business?

At present, there are various types of credit card machines available. Some devices name including VX675 3G GPRS with Smart Card & Contactless, VX680 3G with Smart Card & Contactless, Move 3500 BT/WiFi/4G, Link 2500 Standard, Link 2500 Slim, D200 MPOS, D210 wifi/Bluetooth, D220 wifi/Bluetooth/4G and many more.

Mainly merchants need the best credit card machine fast and secure to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Merchants need an easy interface to understand the entire working process. If the businessman has a problem, it is natural that the customer will also have to. Therefore it is imperative to choose the best credit card machine that suits your business perfectly.

Types Of Portable Solution For Small Businesses

  • Mobile Payments. Mobile payment usually belongs to payment services worked under financial regulation and done through a mobile device. In this solution, customers are able to pay via credit card using mobile credit card readers. But in this solution you have to use two devices, one is mobile and other is credit card terminals.
  • POS System. It is abbreviated as a point of sale system. By using this solution, merchants can easily accept payment via magnetic stripe credit card(also called magstripe cards) as well as a wireless credit card. Once the transaction gets processed successfully, then the pos machine automatically generates the billing info through the receipt printer.
  • Virtual Terminal Solution. It is a web-based application solution that enables you to enter credit card details manually over the internet. This solution allows you to make a payment over the phone or in-person from your device like computer, tab, etc. This solution works without an additional card reader.

How To Get The Best Credit Card Machine For Small Business?

We are at Quadrapay Team, always suggest you don’t go for the cheaper. You must choose the right payment solution, which gives both profit and speed to your business at affordable rates. If you go for cheaper, you may face a lot of problems, such as network issues, slow processing, security breach issues, processing fees, transaction fees, etc. But don’t worry, we will help you to choose the right solution. We have various solutions for small businesses. We are tied up with various processors which allow you to accept credit card payments.

Many credit card processors are currently accepting payments. But to accept credit card payments, it is important to choose the right payment processor for your business.

Merchant Account For Small Businesses

To accept payments from portable solutions such as POS, Mobile payment and virtual terminal, you also need a merchant account which is required to settle the fund that you have received from the customer.

Documents Required To Apply For Portable Merchant Services

  • Business Documents
    • Document of incorporation
    • Document of Incumbency
  • Means of Identification
    • Passport
    • Utility bill
  • Application Form
  • Void check
  • Processing Statements
    • Personal Processing statement
    • Business Processing statement

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