Portable Merchant Services – An Incredibly Easy Method To Accept Retail Payments

In today’s time, every business wants to take advantage of tremendous growth in technology and the financial industry. With the pace in the technology and financial sector, processors come with various means of payment acceptance methods. If you don’t cling to technology, you will fall behind and lose your business. Every business needs a payment solution to process payments. The type of solution a business needs depends on the business requirement. In this article, we will discuss which businesses require Portable Merchant Services.

A portable merchant service helps the merchant to accept payments by either swapping the card, insert the card into the device or by holding the card near to it, i.e. NFC based POS device. We at Quadrapay help merchants with various payment solutions, either online or retail. Stay tuned with us to know how a POS device makes an impact on your business.

Point Of Sale (POS) – A Portable Means To Accept Payments

A POS abbreviated as Point of sale is a device which is used to accept payments via credit/debit card electronically. A POS some time also called a credit card terminal is a must required device for a retail shop or for restaurant payment processing or shopping complex. A POS device evolved a lot in past years, and now we can have a Cloud-based POS or NFC based POS and even Bluetooth POS. In today’s time, we can have a featured rich interactive and fully customizable POS. Let’s discuss how a POS device benefits your business.

How A POS Would Help Your Business Or Retail Shop To Boom

  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards Payments: The POS device can accept credit/debit card as well as a prepaid card. It has an inbuilt payment gateway which authorizes the transaction. The portable machine to accept payments is splendid to customers. Customers love to pay via POS instead of cash.
  • Interactive User Interface: In today’s time, a POS is nothing like that old black and white screen device that only accepts payments. The POS in today’s time is a touch screen with interactive user features. It has many inbuilt features.
  • Inventory Management: Yes, you heard it right. A merchant can even manage all the inventories in his shop. He can manage the stock, and if you have a POS for a restaurant, you can even manage all the menus available. The POS has software which can be customized based on business requirements.
  • Invoicing Capabilities: There is no more paper invoicing hassle. The POS has the capabilities to generate a real-time invoice as soon as the transaction gets completed. It also has the feature to send the invoice to your mobile or smartphone or mail electronically.
  • Transactional Report: Being a business owner, it’s important to get an instant daily, weekly or monthly transactional report on demand. You can even sort the report as per the requirement. The report helps to insight about the profitability or loss in your business.
  • Mobile/Wireless Terminal(Cloud POS): With cloud computing in existence, the POS device could also have a cloud service. Business owners can use the smartphone to run the transaction. It also helps the business owner to keep track of all the past and real-time transactions going on in the retail shop from anywhere in the world, just with a smartphone and an internet connection.
  • NFC Based POS Device: NFC abbreviated as Near Field Transaction is next-generation technology. An NFC based POS is based on wireless communication technology which makes the transaction process even easier. The device reads the card information just by bringing the card near to it. It then sends the information to the card network for further processing.

Get Easy To Approve Portable POS Service Today With Quadrapay

It makes the life of the customer convenient and easier. There is no hassle in making transactions via POS. Thinking to provide your customer with that comfort to make their life easier is a good decision for your business too. We will provide you with an easy to install solution with month-to-month processing, i.e. there are no contract or termination fees. You will get approval within 24-48 hrs, and you will be able to transact then. Our solution comes with 24×7 customer service, and we love to help.

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