SSL Credit Card Processing

SSL Credit Card Processing – Be Secure

SSL Credit Card processing may be a new terminology for you but the fin-tech industry uses it a lot. SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is a standard among financial institutions. It ensures the security of transaction information. Earlier websites used to work without SSL certificates. In today’s world if your site does not have an SSL certificate, then browsers may display warnings. Search engines, and card processors are want webmasters to us SSL certificates.

So What Is SSL Credit Card Processing? It is processing solution that moves the transaction information using secure socket layer. Acquiring institution asks merchants to have an active SSL certificate on site. It helps the merchants in ensuring the security of the transaction information. The information is encrypted and is finally gets decrypted at the correct location. Some processors may decline the application if site does not have an SSL certificate. For online card processing the transaction can only go through if the site is SSL protected.

How To Get SSL Credit Card Processing

To accept card transactions online, you can apply to any card processing company. The processing company will check your application. They will also assess your KYC documents. After determining all the materials, they will be able to identify the risk exposure. Based on risk exposure the processor will let you know about on-boarding possibilities. Processing companies ask the merchant to at least have SSL on the payment and checkout page.

How To Get An SSL Certificate For Credit Card Processing

Almost every web hosting company sells SSL certificates. You can buy SSL certificates from companies like Comodo, Norton, Cloudflare, and Godaddy. Cloudflare offers a free SSL certificate, Its called Flexible SSL. Another company named let’s encrypt also provides free SSL certificate. Most Credit Card processing companies will be comfortable with any SSL certificates. The Padlock on the web browser should always show a green lock. If the SSL certificate is installed correctly, then this padlock will appear green. If it doesn’t look green, then your website may have mixed content errors. You may have to work with your tech team to fix this.

How Quadrapay Can Help With SSL Credit Card Processing.

Quadra pay works with a vast range of payment service providers. These PSP’s that are located in different parts of the world. Our team will be happy to assist you in finding SSL Credit Card Processing companies. We will be glad to assist you in finding the cheapest source of SSL certificates. Our technical team loves helping merchants with gateway integration. Most of our processing partners offer ready-made plugins. Business owners can download plugins from the Card processing company website. To start accepting credit card payments on your website send us an email on [email protected]. ACH payment processing companies also need the merchant site to resolve with SSL.