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Get Tier 1 Online Credit Card Processing Solutions For Veterinary Offices

Are you a veterinarian? If yes, then you must put your business in the fast lane. Veterinarians worldwide are using modern methods of collecting payment that includes payment gateway and merchant account. There are multiple advantages of using merchant account for veterinary services. Your clients can easily make bookings online by sending an advance payment for the consultation. You can also accept payments inside your clinic using a Vet Point of sales (POS) device.

Get an advanced Veterinary Merchant Services Account Now With QuadraPay. You can accept well-known debit/credit card payments in your veterinary clinic and on the website with our solution. Apply today, and you may qualify for a Free Pos For Veterinarians*

Our Credit Card Processing Solutions Are Perfect For Various Veterinary Specialties

Anesthesia & AnalgesiaAnimal WelfareBehavioral MedicineClinical PharmacologyDentistry
DermatologyEmergency & Critical CareInternal MedicineLaboratory Animal MedicineMicrobiology
NutritionOphthalmologyPathologyPoultry Veterinary MedicinePreventive Medicine
RadiologyAvian practiceBeef Cattle practiceCanine & Feline PracticeDairy Practice
Feline practiceSwine Health ManagementSurgeryTheriogenologyZoological Medicine

Key Benefits Of Veterinarian Credit Card Processing

You will experience various advantages after you start using digital payment modes in your veterinary clinic. A few of these are listed below.

  • Increase Sales: Credit/debit card payment acceptance will increase your sales and service. Various reports claim that customers want to pay via credit card instead of cash.
  • Accept Mobile/Smartphone Payments: You can accept payments from your customer’s mobile or smartphone. Customers love to pay payments with their fingertips.
  • Accept Online Payments: After everything is set up, you will be ready to sell veterinary medicine, pet food, or any licensed products that match your business.
  • Build Customer Relationship: By giving payment flexibility to your customer, you are not only accepting money but building trust and loyalty with them.

Accept Retail Payments With Vet Merchant Facility

A POS device helps you accept in-person payments for the pet’s care and services you offer. In today’s time, the POS is not only a device to accept payments, but fully customizable and interactive to serve with more functionality. The tool can help you with the automatic invoicing feature and transactional report analysis. The latest point of Vet POS Terminals will allow you to accept EMV chip-based cards and QR code payments. Global credit card brands have noticed that with the help of EMV chip-based cards, they have reduced fraud to a vast extent. Some of the benefits of offering a POS Device to accept payments

  • Multi-Currency Card Processing
  • Faster Service
  • Secure PCI Compliant Option.
  • Invoicing/ Billing Generation
  • Deep Analytics Report.
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Hassle-Free Registration
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Brand New Vet POS Systems

If you are already using a point of sale terminal and are looking forward to getting better rates, then you should certainly go ahead and contact us. We will offer a more cost-effective option than the one you are already using.

Veterinarian Credit Card Processing FAQ

Can A Veterinarian Accept Payments Over The Phone With Virtual Terminal?

A veterinarian can also accept payments from their customer over a call through the virtual terminal. The Veterinarian asks the customer for his card details and puts them in his terminal. The transactional request is then sent to the customer. The customer approves the transaction, and his account gets debited.

How To Reduce Chargeback On Credit Card Processing For Veterinarians?

There are multiple ways to reduce chargebacks. We have listed a few of them here.

  • Create a good relationship with your customers so that they contact you directly rather than going to the card issuer in case of an issue.
  • Request order confirmation from the customer and ask for signatures on proof of service delivery.
  • Use a reliable chargeback alert and notification service.
Does The Vet Merchant Facility Offer ACH Payments?

Many veterinarians across the United States of America use ACH and e-check as reliable payment processing modes. With ACH, customers can directly accept payments through the payer’s bank account. Veterinary doctors who operate pet care clinics should undoubtedly try to offer multiple payment modes to customers. Customers prefer to make payments by using Credit or debit cards. Sometimes they also prefer to make payments using ACH or Echeck.

Why Rely Upon Quadrapay For Veterinary Credit Card Processing?

Running a business needs a lot of time and energy, and being a veterinary service merchant, you need to spend your time and energy on the services. Quadrapay understands your concern, and that is why we make the process safe to use, and we do not hide any charge from you that make our services transparent to you.

We provide a secured payment gateway as we are also concerned about the safety of the transactions made by the customers as much as you are. Fast approval of your account is also necessary, and we keep in mind that as you fill out the application, we start working on it for approval and will not keep you waiting for more than 48 hours.

What is the MCC for veternarians?

MCC 742 Veterinary Services | SIC 0741 Veterinary Services For Livestock | NIACS 541940 Veterinary Services
MCC 742 Veterinary Services | SIC 0742 Veterinary Services, Specialties | NIACS 541940 Veterinary Services

How To Apply For A Veterinary Merchant Account?

The first step to getting a Veterinary merchant account is to send us your Pre-Application. Once we receive your Pre-Application, this is further sent to your country’s financial institution. Right now, we support vet merchant services in the US, Canada and EU. Once we receive the KYC and application, then the underwriting process starts. The underwriting process should usually take less than 3 to 4 working days. Once your account is approved, then you will get a notification.

Make Your Veterinary Clinic Stand Out With Veterinarian Credit Card Processing. Apply Today.

Let your customers love your profession. Apply for a veterinary merchant service to stand out from your clinic from others. Offer your customer an efficient payment accepting method to serve them better. We at Quadrapay love to onboard you. There is no best time than ‘NOW’ for your veterinary services to accept all the modes of payment, that too with a secured payment gateway. Why wait for tomorrow when it can start today with QuadraPay Veterinary Merchant Facility.

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