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Virtual Credit Card Terminal Quadrapay

What Is A Virtual Terminal And How Credit Cards Process?

A virtual terminal is a software or web application for the merchant to accept credit cards payment over the phone, mail order or web. It can be done quickly by using a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity. There is no need for software and hardware related to virtual terminals. The merchant or the vendors manually enter all the information.

Use Of Virtual Credit Card Terminal

If a customer wants to pay over the phone with their card, then virtual terminals allow the merchant to accept payment by entering the details of the credit card on your computer. Virtual terminals are mainly used when the customer or its card are not present physically. This solution is best for those merchants or business owners who don’t have a shopping cart on their website. By using this solution, merchants can accept payments directly to their merchant bank account. At the present time, many of the merchant owners use this solution.

How Process Credit Card Payment with Virtual Terminal?

It is a very simple process to accept payment via Virtual Terminal in a few steps.

  • First of all, merchant login into a virtual terminal by using User Id and Password in a web browser.
  • Process a transaction once they have collected a customer’s information like order detail and credit card information.
  • All Done! You and your customer receive acknowledgement messages of payment transactions.

Features And Benefits Of Virtual Terminal Payments

  • Ease User Interface. Simple user interfaces from login to completion of a transaction. No need for any extra knowledge. Easy to customize according to your need.
  • Fast and Secure. This solution is very fast and secure because our solutions are Secure socket layer(SSL) Certified. By using SSL certification, the transactional information gets encrypted over the internet. This encrypted information is read by the server only.
  • Convenience. If your business is walking(salesman visits customer location), then there is no need to carry your laptop. You can do it easier to accept payment with your mobile or tablet. Many users (business owners and vendors) login to the same account in different regions.
  • Ease to track transactions. You can easily trace present transactions history as well as past without any hassle.
  • Download Report. You can download transaction reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. There are no limitations to download reports.
  • PCI DSS Compliant. It is abbreviated as Payment card industry data security standard. If you want to accept credit or debit card payment, then you must follow the PCI compliance guideline because of preventing card data fraud.

Advantage Of Using Virtual Terminal

  • Easily access virtual terminals to take payment anytime anywhere with the presence of internet connectivity.
  • It can accept the Recurring Payment easily.
  • No need for lots of investment.
  • No need for maintenance regularly.
  • No need for a card reader in the virtual terminal but a point of sale machine it is present for card transactions.

How Much Does A Virtual Terminal Processing Cost?

Virtual terminals are a feature of payment gateway. For a virtual terminal, it doesn’t cost you any additional charges. It is an additional service which you will enjoy with your payment gateway. It is usually for low-risk merchants. But for payment gateway, the merchant account is must to settle funds directly into the bank.

Virtual Terminal Vs Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal
In Payment Gateway, the customer enters the credit card over the internet by self. In Virtual Terminal, merchants enter the customer’s card details.
It is a customer Interface It is a merchant Interface
It is a Independent merchant service It is an additional merchant service comes under the payment gateway
It is provided by the Merchant service provider It is provided by the Merchant service provider
It is suited for usually High risk industries It is suited for Low risk industries.

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