Beginner’s Guidelines For The Website Credit Card Processing

If you just launched your business online with a website to sell products and services, you will need a payment processing solution. To accept payments online you will precisely require a website credit card processing solution.

If you sell your products or services on the global level, you should be able to accept payments in multiple methods to provide more flexibility to your customers. Different payment methods can be like this can be credit card, debit card, bitcoin, online wallets, EFT, Bitcoins, ACH and echecks.

Quadrapay helps business merchants to accept and process the transactions of credit cards with a highly secured gateway to ensure you run your business with a completely hassle-free and peace of mind experience.

Ecommerce Merchant Account From Quadrapay For Website Credit Card Processing.

To efficiently sell your products online or accept and manage the funds, you will need an e-commerce merchant account to accept the payments received from your customers. Later you can quickly transfer these funds into your business bank account.
With our merchant account solution facilitates you will get a dashboard where you can clearly understand and manage your transactions, and also will be able to generate invoices which are very much helpful for small businesses. Your merchant account classification may vary like a high-risk merchant account, mid risk merchant or a low-risk merchant account. According to the business or market, you operate.

Ease Your Website Credit Card Processing With Quadrapay Payment Gateway Solutions.

A payment gateway act as a point of sale terminal for your business to accept or deny a transaction generating from your website. Quadrapay provides best payment gateway for an e-commerce site which also offers a feature to add a plugin to your site, which will let you connect the payment gateway on your site to perform website credit card processing. It will handle all the future transactions between your payment gateway from your website.

  • We provide payment processing solution at a meagre payment processing fees in comparison to the other processors in the market, so that you can save more for in your overall business revenue while trading online.
  • We prove payment gateway solution for your website credit card processing with a highly secured and reliable PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified compliance. So that if your customers purchase a product or service from your website, they will get redirected to the payment gateway and after the completion of the transaction, they will be redirected back to your site. It is Because your website can never handle confidential information of debit card or credit card numbers.

Make Your Website Secured With A SSL Certificate

It is better to invest in to get an SSL certification that protects your sensitive pieces of information and your customer’s login credentials. It also overall improves conversions. Customers are likely to feel more secured while processing their payments on your online website. There are several SSL certificate providers who also provide the facility for a free re-issuing certificate if you change your DNS services, provides multiple server setups

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Happy Processing!