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Check Printing Services Online. Get Verified Echecks In 5 Minutes.

A bank account is must, regardless you are a business owner or not. You might be having a personal check or a corporate or business check. It has become a common perception that reordering checks through the bank are the only option. It may have become a habit, but FYI, it’s certainly not the single or the easiest process. You can also go for check printing services online. allows you to quickly order replacement checks online, that too on the most aggressive price. You might have a general query, is it safe to order/print checks online? Let me answer you.

Yes, it’s safe and less time consuming to order checks online, as long as you keep in mind a few precautions.

Let me tell you a truth, even your bank orders their checks! So ordering checks online from a trusted site is something like buying checks wholesale instead of retail. Just make sure you follow the listed below steps to stay secure while ordering your checks:

  1. Firstly, you need to find a reputable check printing service provider to order your checks online. has partnered with legitimate and trusted sites that hold their checks to the same standard (set by the ANSI) that your bank sticks to. It is important to check that when you land the personalisation and payment page, your web browser reflects “https://” and not “http://”. However, when you have ordered online check to print from us (Quadrapay), you need not to worry about these, we have verified service providers.
  2. The check printing sites are considered to be most secure when meets certain standards. These standards are set to enhance the security of the check printing industry. Hence, if the check printing service provider is approved under these standards, then it is 100% secure. To verify, you can see the small padlock icon reflected on the checks. The icon can be seen just below the section where the amount is mentioned beside the account number.
  3. You should not forget to check the safety features. In the FAQ sections, most of check printing sites mention the security features they utilise when printing your checks. The features may consist of micro security print ( it break up if photocopied), a special type of paper with chemical protection on it and many others. However, when you are here on why are you worried about these? Let us do all for you.
  4. The online check printing company should also offer a satisfaction guarantee as well as an easy way to contact their customer support team. This shows the transparency of the company with its policies. If anything goes wrong with your order, you’ll be assisted to fix it.

You may be an owner of a small business or a large scale business. Checks are on the list of ‘Must Have’ requirements. You should always have a good check stock so as to transact smoothly and whenever needed.

Some of the take care measures for handling your checks are:

  • Carry checks in a check binder.
  • Use a checkbook cover to protect it.

Printing checks originated from the concept of heavy, secure as well as careful transactions. Initially, printing checks option was not existing. Bulk printing of checks facility evolved as an innovative idea by online check writing service providers. provides you with the facility of high-security checks printing globally. You might be somewhere from Countries from North America like the United States or from some country from Europe, Asia, Australia or others. Quadrapay is always there to serve you with your need for an online USA check printing for your professional business or personal checks.

Being very frank with you, Online Checks have now become a conventional process of transferring or receiving funds. It has certain limitations. The new technology has come with a better way of fund transfer which is known as ACH. These echeck services are also useful for high risk accounts.

Hackers may potentially get access to your banking information, as computers process electronic checks.

Advantages Of Using ACH

  1. Convenience. With an automated payment, you need not to worry about writing a check, searching a stamp, and mailing it on time. If you on business travel frequently, you also have peace of mind by knowing that your bills are scheduled and paid even when you’re not in your city.
  2. Safety. ACH payment allows you to immediately see your received payments, unlike any other conventional payment methods. Apart from this, it’s a secure method unlike the chance of losing or getting your checks stolen on the way.
  3. Speed. Payments by ACH are way too faster than if you mail a check.
  4. Savings. Some companies, like those of the insurance sector, offer a discount to their consumers who opt to pay their premiums via an ACH payment. Apart from this, with automated payments, one can save by not wasting money for so many paper checks and stamps.
  5. Reduced errors. Automated payments will make your life hassle-free. You don’t need to worry about the risk of forgetting to sign your check or writing the wrong amount. Once your payment is set, the same amount is deducted each month.

Quadrapay has partnered with multiple ACH payment processing companies across the globe. We help the merchants to accept payment through the payment solutions provided by these global companies. We can help you with ACH payment solution for your business. Get in touch with us on [email protected]. Our support team will assist you to the best solution.