Credit Card Processing For Salons

Want More Money? Start Credit Card Processing For Salons

Payments processing is one of the vital aspects of a business. Quadrapay helps you to strengthen and increase your business revenue by offering best credit card processing for salons which supports your business to accept payments with a credit card that gives more flexibility to your customers as most of them don’t carry the exact amount of cash. It also helps you maintaining the cash flow because electronic payments like credit cards get processed and settled in bank accounts quickly.

Using a payment processing service specially for a small business is a must, because it provides you with a risk-free experience from frauds or sensitive information of credit card payments thefts while processing a credit card in a salon.

What You Get When You Choose Quadrapay Credit Card Processing For Salons

At Quadrapay, we know the necessary needs that industry and enterprises expect from a payment processor and that’s why here, we are dedicated entirely to provide our merchants with a simple and best process to accept credit cards transactions with the respective bank account.

We provide full transparency and never restrict you with long-term contracts or such any hidden costs.

Some of the main benefits of choosing our credit card processing for salons:

  • Low processing rates
  • No restrictions of long term contracts
  • Easy to understand online application
  • Quick Approvals
  • Terminal for retail business and hair or beauty products
  • Pos solutions
  • Virtual Terminal for processing solutions
  • Secured Gateway solutions
  • Best in class Online support service.

Quadrapay Helps You In Maintaining Your Inventory And Customers

Our advanced point of sale solutions help you to keep your clients favorite products always in stock and save your sales reports for better hassle-free expertise with your regular customers and your business. Apart from that, with the help of this innovative solution offered by salon merchant services, it provides your customers with more flexibility for payment with the help of accepting credit card payments.

Financial Security For Hair Salon Credit Card Processing

The biggest concern for hair salons or any business and customers is financial security.

Even a small online fraud can ruin your business revenue and rating. That’s why we understand and provide our salon merchant account customers with a high level of security by Payment Cards Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS) to ensure you that you stay peace of mind in terms of financial security.

Keeps You Always To Stay Risk-Free Of Chargebacks

Sometimes, some payments are prone to be a high-risk transaction like accepting a payment for a prom party or wedding parties which includes a high-value funds transfer.

And these transactions contain a risk of higher chargebacks. A large scale business can run effectively with their own, but a small business needs to maintain and optimize their services effectively to cop up with the market.

Our credit card processing for salons helps you to avoid the risk of loss because of any dispute of transactions.

We are always happy to resolve your credit card processing¬† queries at [email protected].

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