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Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor: Time To Beat Competitions

Non-Fiat Currency MCC 6051

In this century, people are now getting aware of the power of digital currencies and advanced payment methods, especially now in terms of cryptocurrencies. With such trending popularity, these cryptocurrencies will soon start replacing payment methods that are currently active in the market like a credit card, debit card and other e-wallet systems. As these cryptocurrencies are based on the latest technology-driven system, implementing such payment methods in your diversified payment methods for business will make your business shine, as it makes your business more professional and active about the latest trends in the market.
But still, there can be several issues and dilemmas while choosing the right Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor for your business by own. We at Quadrapay know that. That is why here we provide with the right crypto-friendly payment processor for your business after an in-depth evaluation of your business so that you can achieve better sales and profits.

What To Expect From A Reliable Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor?

We at Quadrapay provides the best and most reliable payment processing solutions for every business sectors. Businesses that are under the high-risk category might face several issues if they try to search for payment solutions on their own. But with Quadrapay, all you have to fill a simple application form and send it along with the set of KYC documents. We will start evaluating your business and provide you with the best crypto-friendly payment processor out of the several available payment solutions.
With our associated crypto-friendly payment processor, you can take benefit of the following features:

  • Low-Cost Crypto Processing Solution: One of the primary reason that affects most of the small business merchant or startups is the number of processing charges that a merchant needs to pay for transactions. But with our crypto-friendly payment processor, you can take benefit of less processing charges for such transactions. These charges might be at higher side for a high-risk merchant, but still, it will be much cheaper than a credit card processing solution for high-risk business.
  • Quick Funds Settlement: The time for funds settlement for a crypto-friendly payment processing is much shorter if we compare it with a credit card payment processing.
  • Chargeback? What’s That! : Yes!, a chargeback is the primary reason for a business to get their processing services to get terminated with the card provider. But this not such a case in terms of a cryptocurrency payment processing solution. When a customer places an order through the cryptocurrency payment solutions, the same can not be reversed if a customer asks for a refund. This helps a growing business to get safeguard from fake disputes, and majorly reduces the number of refund requests on the orders being placed online.
  • Beat The Competition With Crypto Payment: By integrating a cryptocurrency solution with a reliable crypto-friendly payment processor, you can seamlessly accept payments for your orders with a crypto coin like other payment methods. There are a lot of customers that now actively looking for online business and retail stores that accept bitcoins and other famous cryptocurrencies as payment method. This can bring an excellent opportunity for you to attract those new customers towards your online business store. There is also no such geographical limitations in terms of cryptocurrency payments.

There are a lot more other features that are provided with a crypto-friendly payment processor. So, don’t think that much and contact us right now or fill the merchant application form to quickly get on onboard with the right cryptocurrency payment processing solution for your business.

Customers Pay With Crypto Assets Merchants Get Fiat Money With Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway.

What Is A Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway

With this kind of gateway, customers make purchase on merchants website using crypto assets. The merchants get to receive funding in well known Fiat Currencies.

In the year 2021, we have seen cryptocurrency hit an all-time high of $50,000 per unit. This means that more and more people are switching towards crypto payments. The trend is fast growing in European and Emerging Markets. Business owners have also realised the trend and have started looking for robust Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway. At Quadrapay, we have established a strategic partnership with a well known Singapore Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway Company. This solution can be considered a game-changer in the retail and eCommerce payment space.

There are three key reasons why Crypto To Fiat Payment Solution will have a significant impact on how we transact.

  • Lower Fees than card payment gateways. We all know that merchants pay an MDR(Merchant discount rates on each transaction). This MDR varies on the type of card used by the cardholder. The cardholder also pays an annual charge on the card. However, in the case of Crypto payments, the transaction charges are minimum. With crypto being linked to global decentralised setup, the rates of crypto assets have only increased. In simple terms, its less expensive to do transactions of crypto assets than to use card gateways.
  • Minimum Declines/No Bin Blocking. With Card processing solutions merchants may experience transaction declines. This is because card processing companies block various Banking Identification Numbers. Some times card issuers also block the card usage in specific nations. With Crypto To Fiat Gateway, this problem is solved, and merchants can enjoy a very high transaction success ratio.
  • Fast Settlements. No Need to Wait for T+3 and T+4 Settlement Cycle. To reduce the credit risk, many merchant acquirers place a hold period on the account. This may be seven days or even higher. In case of low-risk merchants, the settlement takes 2-3 days. With tha Crypto fiat gateway merchants are settled the very next business day. This helps in increasing the cash flow, and merchants can run their business with greater confidence.

Type Of Industries Most Suitable For Crypto To Fiat Currency Payment Gateway.

  • Ecommerce Crypto To Fiat Merchant Account. Small and Large eCommerce sites can utilise this method in crypto-friendly nations. Many eCommerce sites have already started accepting crypto assets. If you have an eCommerce website and are using a shopping cart, then the integration is relatively easy. Our Partner provider offers easy setup API and also ready-made plugins.
  • PSP Crypto To Fiat Merchant Account. Payment Service Providers that require settlement options for merchants can approach this solution. These days the PSP market has become very competitive. Major Card brands are feeling the pressure because of various alternative payment methods. PSPs with a visionary mindset has already started exploring these solutions. If your organisation is a payment service provider and needs more info, then email us at [email protected] PSPs can also use this solution to offer crypto acceptance to there merchants. Our provider is scalable and highly competitive and is already working with some fast-growing payment providers why you are still waiting. It is time to get into the game of crypto acceptance.
  • Money Remittance/MSB Crypto To Fiat Payment Solution. We have been assisting EU based Money remittance and Money Service Business/Broker companies with Card Payment options. However, this new solution can undoubtedly make a significant impact on the total revenue of these companies. Customers mindset is being controlled with the wind of change. Gone are the days when people used to feel proud when they used to carry a lot of cash. Now with NFC Tap and Pay Payments, people are less interested in having cards. They are switching over to wallets and QR codes. The solution which we are talking about is of QR Code and Wallets. How cool is that? If we don’t keep ourselves in sync with today’s trends, then we may miss the bus of growth in many cases. As a progressive merchant, I am sure you will not be interested in missing something game-changing like Crypto To Fiat Merchant Accounts.
  • Retail Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway. Tap and Pay Payments are going to dominate. People are less interested in becoming dependent on central banks, and they prefer to carry crypto assets. Retail Stores can easily integrate our solution with the help of QR code and API.
  • E-invoicing Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway. The solution can be easily integrated with merchants invoicing system. Merchants have to send only one link to the customers, and the payment can be made.

Application Process Of Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway

It’s easy to get approved as the requirements are general. The applicant merchant needs to be registered in the supported jurisdiction of our provider. The provider offers solutions in EU/EEA/Thailand/Japan, Latam, Africa. Please feel free to contact us to check if your country is supported or not. You will have to send the KYC documents and if all goes well the account will be active within 2-3 business days.

About Our Crypto To Fiat Partner Processor.

The Provider is fully compliant with with MAS, Singapore’s Central Bank. Follows strict KYC and AML Compliance. Our Singapore Based Strategic Partner is already offering services in 60+ countries. They have processed over 20K plus transactions and have above 900+ merchants using the solution. In total, they have processed over 12 Million USD worth of transactions. Since our provider is SFA (Singapore) member, Merchants can rely on our partner for there crypto to fiat payment gateway requirements.

Fully Utilize Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions To Enhance Your Business

Get The All New Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions Here!

Cryptocurrency payment is the future of the payment processing industry. It is gaining a lot of popularity, leaving behind other currently used payment methods. Nowadays, people tend to use e-wallets to pay for products and services online. Bitcoin is the most demanding cryptocurrency right now. Business merchants across the globe are currently implementing and using cryptocurrency payment solutions as payment accepting methods. This new cryptocurrency is a technology-driven payment method. Accepting bitcoin and other crypto payments also help your business to look more professional and up to date according to new trends in the market. Quadrapay now supports cryptocurrency payment solutions for every business owner. The application process is simple and straightforward. So contact us today for the best payment processing solutions for your business.

What Are The Features Of Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions?

Cryptocurrency is a newly developed and advanced payment method. There are a lot of features associated with it, which influences a lot of people. It also offers several advantages while compared to payment methods we use these days like credit cards and debit cards. Some of the significant benefits of cryptocurrency payment solutions are:

  • Low Processing Fees: The primary factor that influences a lot of business merchants to integrate cryptocurrency payment solutions is the low processing fees. There are a lot of small business merchants who face a lot of problems in paying payment and other processing charges. These charges might be higher for a high-risk business owner. By implementing cryptocurrency payment solutions, a merchant can save a lot of funds in terms of processing fees.
  • Faster Money Settlement: While we compare cryptocurrency payment solutions with credit card processing, it takes very less time to get reflected in the account. Credit card payment processing is quite expensive and time taking in terms of funds settlement.
  • No Hassle Of Chargeback: The best part of cryptocurrency payment solutions is that all the crypto payments are non-reversible. This means that once a customer placed, an order can’t be reversed. This helps a business safeguarded from fake disputes and lower chances of getting refunds claims.
  • Worldwide Payment Acceptance: The best part of the cryptocurrency is that it is accepted worldwide. There is no requirement of currency exchange, and thus, it saves a lot of extra charges that need to be paid at the exchange rate. Every customer and the business merchant can easily retrieve and send the crypto payments with the help of cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Attract More Customers: By implementing cryptocurrency payment solutions, a business can attract more international customers. As the popularity of crypto payments are increasing day by day, there are a lot of people who are searching for businesses who accept these payments. This allows your business to be updated according to the new demands in the market and will enable you to be more customer-friendly and helps to improve customer-business relations.

There are a lot more features of cryptocurrency payment solutions. So if you want to boost up your business sales and want to have a seamless payment processing experience, contact us today. We have a wide range of payment processing solutions available for every business requirements.

Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Your Way To Success

Finding The Best And Reliable Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

Cryptocurrency is now accounting for the majority of payment processing volume for the entire market businesses. There are a lot of advantages associated with cryptocurrencies like bitcoins that help a business to boost business sales. The primary importance of offering diversified payment methods to your customers should not be ignored. This helps a business to attract new customers and helps small businesses to boost their sales and profits. It brings a round of win and win situation. But things might become difficult getting the actual cryptocurrency processing solution for your business. Now you don’t have to worry about this. We at Quadrapay are one of the trusted merchant account providers, now bringing cryptocurrency payment processor for your bitcoin payments.

How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments For Your Business Online?

To get started with crypto payment processing, you need to integrate the services associated with bitcoin payment service providers. The whole procedure is as always simple and straightforward. This only takes a short period of time to get started with the cryptocurrency payment processor. We will provide you with the right cryptocurrency payment processing solution that fits your business requirements. This helps you to save a lot in terms of processing charges.

What Are The Major Benefits That Influences So Many Customers To Bitcoin Payments?

Currently, cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide. Its capitalization stands close to around 250 billion dollars. That makes it another reason for a business merchant to start receiving bitcoin/ cryptocurrency as payments. Cryptocurrency is becoming the future of payment processing services. Here are some of the significant benefits provided with a cryptocurrency payment processor for bitcoin payments.

  • Helps Business To Attract More Customers: As the bitcoin payments are gaining more popularity. There are a lot of the number of people who are looking for business merchants who accept these crypto payments. If a merchant starts accepting cryptocurrency payments for their products and services, it also helps them provide an advantage over the competition in the business market.
  • International Payment Acceptance: The best part of cryptocurrency is international merchant accounts payment acceptance. With the help of the internet, even a small business can quickly sell their products and services worldwide in return of bitcoins. There is no need to pay for foreign exchange and transition fees because cryptocurrency is a decentralised currency.
  • Minimum Payment Processing Fees: When a business uses a credit card processing for their business sales, they need to pay around 3 per cent to 5 per cent fee as payment processing charges. But in the event of a bitcoin payment processor, the payment is routed directly from the customer to the business merchant. This reduces the payment processing gees, and thus it helps a business owner to save a lot of funds and achieve more profit.

Cryptocurrency offers a wide range of facilities that provides a small business merchant to gain more profits in business sales. Enterprise businesses are able to receive and store an extensive range of crypto virtual currencies. If you still have any concerns while searching for a cryptocurrency payment processor, contact us at [email protected].

Cryptocurrency Payment Provider Is Essential For Your Success

Looking For A Cryptocurrency Payment Provider? Get The Solution You Need Here!

Do you still think that cryptocurrency is another fleeting hype? Time to ripe the myths. Cryptocurrencies are the dominant trend in the payment processing system. While businesses are looking forward to solutions to help them expand their business, a debit card or credit card payment processing can act as a bottleneck for some business industries. By implementing a cryptocurrency payment processing method, a business can achieve several benefits of payment processing associated with it. Quadrapay is one of the trusted and reliable cryptocurrency payment provider. Contact us today for the right payment solution that is suitable for your business needs.

What Makes Cryptocurrency Payments So Thriving?

Cryptocurrency payments are just like another digital asset. The main reason that makes it more attractive towards many business merchants and customers is its technology and protocols. A Cryptocurrency is based on decentralized payment technology which makes it a more secure and fraud-free transaction. A cryptocurrency has no control of any government or authority.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Work With A Cryptocurrency Payment Provider?

A cryptocurrency payment works differently in terms of comparison with traditional payments. In the cryptocurrency payment method, a client pays through a wallet in which all the cryptocurrency are stored. There is no linking of credit card, or any other information is not required. There is no physical currency involved like INR, USD, EURO, etc. A cryptocurrency payment provider helps a business to easily accept and integrate crypto payments from their valuable business customers.

What Does A Digital Wallet Mean In Cryptocurrency?

A crypto wallet is a holding place where one needs to store digital cryptocurrencies. This can be either a software or an application. Majorly there are two types of decentralized crypto wallets:

  • Single Currency Holder: This wallet is linked to specific single cryptocurrency. This is best used for a customer or a business who operates with only a single type of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
  • Multi-Currency Holder: This type of wallets is used to store and operate multi types of cryptocurrencies. This is the best fit for a business merchant who operates their business online and has international customers. This allows them to easily accept different types of cryptocurrencies under a single wallet from the cryptocurrency payment provider.

What Are The Recommended Crypto Currencies By Cryptocurrency Payment Provider?

It is always recommended to go for the famous and most customer-friendly cryptocurrencies. These are the most preferred and popular cryptocurrency listed by the cryptocurrency payment provider.

  • Bitcoins: These are the most popular cryptocurrency. According to the expert’s analysis, around 5.8 per cent of people prefer to pay using bitcoins. It is the most prefered crypto payment method.
  • Ripples: These are the second most prefered cryptocurrencies. Around 2 percent of people prefer to pay using ripples. It is recommended to also accept Ripples as crypto currency payments. There are several chances that your business might attract those customers who prefers to pay using ripples stored in their crypto wallet.
  • Litecoins: A litecoin has around 53 billion dollars in circulation. It is expected that the litecoin cryptocurrency market will rise up a lot in future as the digital currencies are taking over payment methods right now.

There are a lot more features associated with cryptocurrency payments. So don’t wait for that much and contact us. We are the best cryptocurrency payment provider because we provide the right solution that actually fits your business requirements.

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing System For Profit

Time To Integrate Cryptocurrency Payment Processing System!

As a business merchant, everyone should know the importance of a diversified payment processing solution. Till now, debit cards and credit cards are one of the most preferred payment methods among customers. But in this digital era, things are upgrading very quickly. Nowadays, people are concerned about the ease of payment and benefits associated with a payment method. This resulted in an increase in usage of other payment methods like e-wallets and cryptocurrency payments. There are a lot of chances that cryptocurrency might become the most preferred payment method in future because of a lot of features associated with it. As a business owner, they should have an updated payment processing solution according to market needs. Quadrapay now supports cryptocurrency payment processing system, which makes it easier for a business merchant to accept crypto payments for their business sales.

What Makes Cryptocurrency Payment Processing System So Popular?

Cryptocurrency payment processing system is a new form of payment. There are a lot of benefits provided by crypto payments which influence a lot of customers as well as businesses to integrate it. Some are as follows:

  • Low Processing Fee: There are a lot of small businesses and startups that face a lot of hassle because of payment processing charges. This can even ruin their overall sales and profits. But now, businesses can take advantage of cryptocurrency payment processing systems to save a lot of funds in terms of processing fees.
  • No-Risk Of Chargebacks: Another factor that affects business sales are chargebacks. This problem can be quickly resolved by integrating the cryptocurrency payment processing system. A crypto transaction is non-reversible. That makes it safeguard from fake disputes and lower the cases of customer filling refunds on orders.
  • Attracts More Customers: As the crypto payments are popular yet new in the market, this allows all the customers that prefer to pay using the new bitcoin method will come to your business to purchase products and services. This also makes your business more professional and up to date according to actual market requirements.
  • Advanced Layer Of Security: Cryptocurrency also offers better fraud protection measures. While paying with a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or other currency, funds get debited from the crypto wallet. There is no need to provide sensitive information, like in the case of credit cards. Credit card processing details are prone to be stored by keyloggers and thus result in frauds.
  • Global Payment Acceptance: The best part of the cryptocurrency payment processing system is that it offers worldwide acceptability. There is no need to convert currency for a different country. It can be easily transferred across the globe. This also helps a business to increase the international customer base and attract a lot of profits in business.

There are a lot more benefits associated with cryptocurrency payment processing system. So if you want to expand your business or want to have a better payment processing solution for business, get a cryptocurrency solution today. We at Quadrapay are operating with payment industry experts. We always provide the best payment solution according to the actual needs of a business. The business owner needs to fill the merchant application form and submit it. Along with it, it is required to submit KYC documents to process the verification procedures.

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments To Save Money In Business!

Every business merchant must be heard about a digital currency that bypasses all the middlemen. It’s a cryptocurrency which allows peer to peer transactions. In this, all the funds transferred by cryptocurrency get transferred directly to the receiver crypto wallet. Nowadays, this method of transferring funds is quite getting popular in terms of business payments. Now it’s easy to accept cryptocurrency payments for your business. We at Quadrapay provide you with a simple and easy process for crypto merchant account application. This allows you to accept payments from your customers more efficiently.

What Are The Benefits To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

Cryptocurrency is the new modern payment method. In future, this can become one of the preferred payment methods because of a lot of features associated with it. Right now, credit card processing is one of the most preferred payment methods. But still, there are a lot of factors that are not adequate if we compare with the cryptocurrency payments.
Some of the significant benefits a merchant can enjoy to accept cryptocurrency payments are as follows:

  • Low processing fee: One of the significant concerns that affects the revenue of a business is processing charges. If a business merchant accepts cryptocurrency payments for their business, then they can save a lot in terms of processing fee applied per transaction. Cryptocurrency payments settlement charges are far lower than that of credit card payment processing.
  • Increase Customers Base: If you accept cryptocurrency payments for business payments from customers, you can increase more customers base. In this competitive market, it is very crucial to provide a more convenient customer purchase experience. Customers who prefer to pay by cryptocurrency like bitcoin are always going to purchase products and services from your website or retail store.
  • Fast Money Processing: There can be a delay in terms of credit card processing. As there is a middleman involved in the credit card payments processing, the final settlement can take some time. But this is not in the case if you accept cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency payments are based on blockchain technology, which involves layered encryptions. This makes sure the transactions are safe and secure.
  • Non-Reversible Payments: A business merchant faces a lot of problems with fake disputes. This can result in a higher chargeback. This problem can be resolved if you accept cryptocurrency payments. This payment method does not allow reverse transactions. That means a customer will not file an unwanted dispute, and this will further help you to reduce the number of chargebacks.
  • Payment Acceptability: The most satisfying part of cryptocurrency is that it is accepted worldwide. There is no need for currency exchange and charges involved in it. That is why it is easier for international customers to pay for your products and services.

Get Started With Quadrapay To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

We at Quadrapay are operating with the payment processing industry experts. We know better what is the best possible payment processing solution for you as per your business needs.
With our merchant account and processing solution, you can enjoy:

  • Easy onboarding process
  • Fast payment settlement
  • Multiple cryptocurrency acceptance
  • No hidden charges
  • Low processing rates
  • 24*7 Customer Tech Support.

Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment – Future Of Payment Processing

Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment: The New Era In The Online Payment Processing

Cryptocurrency is the new future of the payment industry. It is gaining popularity exponentially. More and more merchants in today’s time are showing interest in bitcoin payments. Cryptocurrency is a legal payment instrument and now spreading worldwide Merchants across the world are using cryptocurrency as the payment accepting methods. It has emerged as a secure and reliable means of payment. Bitcoin is a technology-driven payment instrument, and if you accept bitcoins in exchange for product and service, it shows the customer that you’re at the forefront of the development in the payment industry and financial tech. Customers love to have diversified payment options, so it attracts more and more customers to your business store. Looking to Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment method is a good choice for your business. It eliminates the risk of online fraud and helps you to accept payments seamlessly.

Why Accept Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method?

Accept Cryptocurrency as payment is a newer form of processing payment method, and offering your customer with more modern payment options is good to go. Although it is newer, however, it has a lot of advantages compared to credit card processing. Let’s discuss how it could benefit your business:

  • Increase In The Customer Base: The cryptocurrency attracts many customers worldwide. The customers who are passionate about crypto are more likely to spend and make a purchase from the store which accepts cryptocurrency.
  • Lower Per Transaction Fees: The bitter truth about small businesses or startups are they get creamed by per-transaction processing costs. The primary goal of businesses is to save money is payment processing. Cryptocurrency can be an excellent option to reduce the dissatisfaction of high processing fees. The cryptocurrency processing fees are far lower than that of credit card processing.
  • Online Fraud Protection: Cryptocurrency gives your higher layer of fraud protection and peace of mind. While paying with cryptocurrency or bitcoin, customers don’t need to fill any sensitive information or card details. Cryptocurrency payments are based on Blockchain technology which uses layered encryption to keep each and every transaction safe and secure.
  • Fast Money Flow: Credit card processing is expensive and time-consuming. Card networks take a long time to process and move money from one account to another. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, takes very less time to process the payments.
  • Non-Reversible: The best part of accept cryptocurrency as payment is that it is non-reversible transaction method. It means once the customers have made the payment, it can’t be reversed. This helps businesses to reduce notorious chargebacks.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: Cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide. Most of the businesses opt cryptocurrency processing solutions to accept foreign payments. Unlike Credit Card processing, accepting crypto payments are far cheaper to accept international payments.

Get Started To Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment Solution With Quadrapay

  • Easy Integration and setup.
  • Multi-cryptocurrency acceptance.
  • Industry Standards rates.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Compliant with security standards.
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Fast settlement.
  • 24×7 Customer Support.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Improve Your Chances Of Approval

Get Better Chances With CryptoCurrency Exchange Payment Gateway

Technical Information – Related MCC

MCC 6012
MCC 6051

We are a merchant service reseller that helps European cryptocurrency merchants in finding reliable credit and debit card processing solutions. As per our experience, many applications get rejected because the website does not comply with the requirements of the processing company. This is the crucial reason why we thought of creating an article which will help businesses to meet with the requirements of Merchant account providers in the European Union.

  • Create a professional-looking website, not a single-page site. We have seen many applications where the website on which the merchant forecasts large business is usually a single-page website. Processing companies prefer to work with companies that have a long term vision. Professional organisations understand this requirement, and that is why they put multiple days of quality work to establish a robust website which talks about various features, benefit and services. This is not only required for the processing company, but it is also beneficial for customers as they can have more trust on a website that is extensive. A regular blog posting schedule also helps customers to generate better trust.
  • The homepage of your website should clearly define your line of business and what you are looking forward to offer. If your business is a cryptocurrency exchange where the customers can buy cryptocurrencies of various types, then you should have a ticker on the site that displays the latest cryptocurrency rates. Various API engines can help you to accomplish this task.
  • Are you already accepting payments on your crypto exchange website then you should display the logos of various card brands and other alternative modes that you accept? This gives direct information to customers that they can use their well-known credit and debit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies on your site.
  • If your company has been featured on news articles or if the founders have given interviews to news channels and magazines, then make sure you display these. You should place the logos of these news portals. It will be a great idea to link specific icons to the specific articles on the news sites. You can use a no-follow attribute with open in new tab attribute to ensure that the visitor stays on the same page.
  • A section on your website can also display your partner logos. These can be companies that are providing the blockchain technology platform or any related services like fraud prevention to your company. You can also display the logos of your customers if they are comfortable. This section will help your customers to have more trust along with this; it will also help your existing clients to establish an emotional connection with your organisation.
  • Contact information should be displayed on your website footer section. This should include complete EU address with at least one email id. Other links like the KYC, AML terms, API information and Privacy policy can also be placed in the footer section.
  • Apart from the homepage, two other pages are usually most visited; these are about us and contact us page. You should put detailed information about the strength of the team that is working for the company. This information can be placed on the about us page. On the contact page if you are utilising a contact form then make sure that the form information reaches your team as soon as possible. If you are using a generic SMTP mail function, then it may sometimes have a delay in sending the messages. Many Crypto exchanges use CRM solutions to capture leads and establish long term relationship with prospects.
  • Apart from the suggestions mentioned above, you should also be ready with the complete KYC documents before applying for a cryptocurrency merchant account in the European Union. You should also be prepared with the proper business plan as sometimes processing companies may ask for the same. If it is the new website, then you should work on optimising the traffic of the site this means your website must have some traffic. Processing companies may also check website traffic volume and source. Try to gather traffic from various nations rather than focussing on just one country.
  • Most of the times, these High-risk credit card processing companies will send you rates to evaluate first after that you can either say yes or no. You always have the right to negotiate.

For more information on cryptocurrency payment solutions, you can mail us at [email protected].

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