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Credit Card To Bitcoin Payment Gateway. Feature Rich Crypto Exchange Merchant Account.

QuadraPay brings reliable and cost-effective credit cards to bitcoin payment gateway. Start accepting online card payments for your licensed crypto exchange and trading platform. AI-based fraud reduction tools help reduce fake transactions. Credit card to bitcoin payment gateway is one of the most asked solutions by crypto trading platforms. These exchanges allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. These exchanges can not survive without card payments in the competitive and volatile market.

QuadraPay Caters To Three Types Of Merchants Concerning Crypto Payments.

  1. Crypto Exchanges. These are Crypto trading platforms. Exchanges allow users to pay online by using credit and debit cards. These exchanges must have a relevant license for getting a yes for a merchant account.
  2. Crypto to Wallet ecommerce payment solution. This solution allows merchants to accept crypto payments on ecommerce sites. The customer makes ecommerce purchases on the merchant’s website, and the crypto asset moves from the customer’s wallet to the merchant’s wallet.
  3. Crypto To Fiat Payment Gateway. This solution works pretty much like a Crypto to wallet ecommerce payment solution; however, there is just one difference. The crypto assets go to licensed crypto to fiat conversion providers. In this case, the merchant gets payments in Fiat currency.
  4. NFT Payment Processing. With this payment, solution merchants can sell Non-fungible tokens and accept payments with cards and crypto-assets.

Technical Information – Cryptocurrency And NFT ( Non-Fungible Tokens ) Related MCC

  1. MCC 4829 Money Transfer/MSB
  2. MCC 5815 – Digital Goods Media Books, Movies, and Music.
  3. MCC 6012 – Financial Institutions Merchandise, Services, and Debt Repayment
  4. MCC 6051 (Non-Financial Institutions – Foreign Currency, Non-Fiat Currency) for the sale of cryptocurrencies

Features Of Cryptocurrency Merchant Account.

Cryptocurrency is a newly developed but advanced payment instrument. There are a lot of features associated with it, which influence many people. It also offers several advantages compared to payment methods like credit cards and debit cards. Some of the significant benefits of cryptocurrency payment solutions are listed below.

  • Low Processing Fees. The primary factor influencing many crypto trading platforms to integrate cryptocurrency payment solutions is the processing fees. Most of the time, exchange merchants face problems paying high transaction charges. Our solutions come at competitive transaction rates.
  • High-Risk Band Merchant Registration. Crypto and similar merchants are considered high risk and thus may require high-risk band merchant registration. New merchants are not aware of this fact; however, it’s good to know information. License and high-risk registration are mandatory to operate as an exchange.
  • Fast Money Settlement. Our solutions are direct from the most reliable financial acquiring partners; thus, qualifying merchants receive faster settlements. If the profile is not optimum, the acquirer may implement a slight delay/arrear or a fixed/rolling reserve on a case-by-case basis.
  • Minimum Declines/Less Bin Blocking. With low-quality card processing solutions, exchange merchants may experience high declines. It is because of (BIN) Banking Identification Numbers blocking. Sometimes card issuers block the card usage in specific nations. This problem is solved with Crypto To Fiat Gateway, and merchants can enjoy a very high transaction success ratio.
  • Low FX Fee On Crypto To Fiat Payments. Our solutions are powered by licensed crypto to fiat providers; thus, merchants pay a very low conversion and wire fee.
  • Attract More Customers. As the popularity of crypto payments increases day by day, many people search for companies that accept these payments. By implementing cryptocurrency payment solutions, a business can attract more international customers. It allows your business to be updated according to the new demands in the market and will enable you to be more customer-friendly, and helps improve customer-business relations.

There are a lot more features of cryptocurrency payment solutions. We have a wide range of payment processing solutions available for every business requirement. So if you want to boost your business sales and have a seamless payment processing experience, contact us today.

Credit Card To Bitcoin Gateway FAQ

How Does Credit Card To Bitcoin Payment Gateway Work?

A bitcoin merchant service provider enables exchange merchants to accept credit and debit card payments for bitcoin sales. Customers are willing to buy bitcoins, visit the merchant’s exchange site and make the selection. The merchant integrates the card to the BTC gateway on the exchange website. Before making the payment, the customer does the AML and KYC verification by providing some document copies and additional information. After the KYC check, the transaction goes through the card network, and the bitcoin asset is moved to the customer’s BTC wallet.

Is There Anything Like An Anonymous Bitcoin Payment Gateway?

We will be honest. There is nothing like an anonymous bitcoin payment gateway. The payment regulations in various nations make it mandatory for processors and merchants to maintain records of KYC documents. When a bitcoin wallet is created at that time, KYC documents are needed, and wallets are not made without these documents. A licensed institution powers our processing solutions, and they ensure complete compliance commitment.

What Is The Process Of Adding Bitcoin Payment Processing To Your Website?

You will need a crypto payment gateway. This kind of solution works excellent for high-risk merchants. Customers visit the merchant’s website and select items to order. On the checkout page, customers select crypto as a payment option. In the next step, the cryptocurrency moves from the customer’s wallet to the merchant’s wallet. The merchant will receive integration information and a ready-to-use plugin for popular CMS to add bitcoin payment processing to the site. If the merchant uses crypto to fiat gateway, the crypto will go to the provider that offers C2F service.

Is There Anything Like An Anonymous Bitcoin Payment Gateway Or Anonymous Crypto Payment Gateway?

No, There is Nothing like Anonymous Bitcoin Payment Gateway or Anonymous Crypto Payment Gateway. Regulated providers power all our solutions, and they follow KYC norms. They will know what transaction you made using the gateway.

What Is Blockchain Merchant Service?

Blockchain merchant services is another name for crypto merchant services. It allows merchants to accept crypto payments. For crypto exchanges, the model is different. In the case of a crypto exchange, the gateway will enable merchants to accept payments for crypto assets via credit and debit cards. The merchant must have the required crypto exchange license for the region of operations.

Can We Buy Bitcoins With Echeck?

Technically one can buy crypto with echeck; however, it does not make sense. Industries like crypto, forex, CFD, Binary, and stock trading are volatile. The cash movement or confirmation of transaction success must be near real-time to avoid losses. In the case of echeck, the transaction takes days to complete. Thus it is not a viable payment instrument for volatile industries.

Can I Get A Crypto Payment Gateway Without KYC?

No. We will need to fill in KYC details as our providers have zero tolerance for KYC negligence. Suppose you want to get a payment solution without submitting KYC details and documents. In that case, we are sorry, but we will not be able to assist.

What Does A Digital Wallet Mean In Cryptocurrency?

A crypto wallet is a holding place where one needs to store digital cryptocurrencies. It can be either software or an application. Majorly there are two types of decentralised crypto wallets:

  • Single Currency Holder. This wallet is linked to a specific single cryptocurrency. It is best used for a customer or business that operates with only a single type of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
  • Multi-Currency Holder. This type of wallet is used to store and operate multiple types of cryptocurrencies. It is the best fit for a business merchant who runs their business online and has international customers. It allows them to easily accept different cryptocurrencies under a single wallet from the cryptocurrency payment provider.

What Are The Recommended Crypto Currencies By Cryptocurrency Payment Provider?

It is always recommended to go for the famous and most customer-friendly cryptocurrencies. These are the most preferred and popular cryptocurrencies listed by the cryptocurrency payment provider.

  • Bitcoins. These are the most popular cryptocurrency. It is the most preferred crypto payment method. According to the expert’s analysis, around 5.8 per cent of people prefer to pay using bitcoins.
  • Ripples. These are the second most preferred cryptocurrencies. Around 2 per cent of people prefer to pay using ripples. It is also recommended to accept Ripples as cryptocurrency payments. There are several changes that your business might attract those customers who prefer to pay using ripples stored in their crypto wallet.
  • Litecoins. Litecoin has around 53 billion dollars in circulation. It is expected that the litecoin cryptocurrency market will rise a lot in the future as digital currencies are taking over payment methods right now.

What Are The Top Tips To Secure A Crypto Exchange Merchant Account

The Website. Create a professional-looking website, not a single-page site. We have seen many applications where the website on which the merchant forecasts large business is usually a single-page website. Processing companies prefer to work with companies that have a long-term vision. Professional organisations understand this requirement, and that is why they put multiple days of quality work into establishing a robust website that talks about various features, benefits, and services.

It is required for the processing company, but it is also beneficial for customers as they can have more trust in an extensive website. A regular blog posting schedule also helps customers to generate better trust.

Attractive Homepage. The homepage of your website should clearly define your line of business and what you are looking forward to offering. Suppose your business is a cryptocurrency exchange where the customers can buy cryptocurrencies of various types. In that case, you should have a ticker on the site that displays the latest cryptocurrency rates. Various API engines can help you to accomplish this task.

Are you already accepting payments on your crypto exchange website? It gives direct information to customers that they can use their well-known credit and debit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies on your site. Then you should display the logos of various card brands and other alternative modes that you get?

Media Presence. If your company has been featured in news articles or the founders have given interviews to news channels and magazines, make sure you display these. It would help if you placed the logos of these news portals. It will be a great idea to link specific icons to articles on the news sites.

Partner Logo. A section on your website can also display your partner logos. These can be companies providing the blockchain technology platform or any related services like fraud prevention to your company. This section will help your customers have more trust; it will also help your existing clients establish an emotional connection with your organisation.

Contact information. It should be displayed on your website footer section. It should include a complete address with at least one email id. The footer must have the links to KYC & AML policy, API, privacy policy and terms. You should also display your exchange licence type and number on the website footer.

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above, you should also be ready with the complete KYC documents before applying for a cryptocurrency merchant account. You should also be prepared with the proper business plan as sometimes processing companies may ask for the same. If it is a new website, you should work on optimising the site’s traffic. It means your website must have some traffic. Processing companies will check website traffic volume and source. Try to gather traffic from various nations rather than focusing on just one country.

Apple, today with QuadraPay, to get a credit card merchant account for your licensed crypto exchange. For more information on cryptocurrency payment solutions, you can mail us at [email protected].


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