Multiple Echeck Payment Processing Options. Quadrapay Has Echeck Solutions From 4+ Providers.

Echeck Payment Processing By Quadrapay

Echeck Payment Processing With VT And API.

Low And High Risk Echeck ACH Processing Solution with Virtual Terminal. No Upfront Cost.

Quadrapay is a proud partner of various echeck processing companies in the USA. These reliable echeck processing organisations offer services to merchants from many industries. They are comfortable in onboarding Merchant from low-risk sectors and various high-risk sectors. Merchants processing a high volume of transactions can qualify for same day echeck. High volume merchants can also get settlements every 72 hours. These echeck processing firms can also assist businesses in accepting high-value transactions. Merchants can start receiving transactions in less than 2 – 3 business days. Various third-party ACH processing companies also offer echeck processing services to International Merchants. Businesses from 100+ Nations can apply for this services. The control panel provides real-time transaction information. Businesses can track the result of each transaction through the merchant control panel. Customers can make payments online, Face to Face and also over the internet. Processors will provide easy to understand API integration guideline. The Quadrapay team will be happy to assist with integration post approval of the account.

Web ACH/Echeck

Easily Integrate ACH Echeck Gateway On Your Website. Plugins Available

VT ACH/Echeck

Want to accept ACH Orders Over the Phone. Get access to ACH Echeck VT

Batch ACH/Echeck

Need To Submit Bulk Orders. No Problem Use Bulk ACH File Upload Facility.

ACH Echeck Rebill

Accept Subscription Payments By Using Built in Subscription Management tool.

Echeck Payment Processing And Sixty-Day Dispute Window

Echeck payment processing offers various benefits. One of the key benefits is the 60-day dispute window. In a regular card transaction customers can raise disputes for 180 days. With echeck payment processing, disputes can occur within 60 days. The 60 days time frame starts from the date of transaction. It is a vital benefit that comes with echeck. Merchants struggling with chargeback to sales ratio can take advantage of this option. Across the United States, many customers do not have access to most common credit cards. These customers can make online transactions through echeck payment processing solution. merchants from various industries are using this payment option. Some common industries that use echeck are these.

With credit card merchant account transactions customers only need to call the bank to raise a dispute. With echeck processing customers have to give written dispute application to the bank. Sometimes banks may also ask for a claim fee. Raising claims on a echeck transactions requires a lot of extra efforts. Customers prefer to contact the merchant to resolve the conflict. It helps businesses in ensuring a better relationship with their clients. To reduce the possibility of returns merchant can also request voice verification. Many echeck payment processing companies offer voice verification. With voice verification, customers have to confirm satisfaction before the echeck processing. This process eliminates the possibility of a massive amount of returns and disputes. Processing companies can also handle the DocuSign or esign agreements. US-based merchants can get verified echecks in less than 5 minutes. For international merchants, the time frame for settlements is a bit longer. Contact Quadrapay today for your echeck payment processing requirements.

Echeck Processing Time

The echeck processing time frame is longer than any regular card transaction. In a credit card transaction, the results appear in less than few seconds. Echeck processing time frame is longer because there are many steps involved. The customer can start the echeck transaction by filling an online payment form. The processing company further verifies this information. The internal analysis tools verify the Account number, Routing number, and other details. Processing companies will also verify the availability of funds to clear the transaction. They will not check how much fund is in the account. They will only test if the account is capable of making the payments of the specified amount. Customers can also place the order by calling the merchant. Merchants can collect the information and submit it to the virtual terminal. This information travels to the ACH processing network. Most of the times echecks are and processed within two to three working days. Some merchants may qualify for the same day ACH processing. With verified echecks, the processing time in the lot lesser. The merchant receives the echeck in less than 5 minutes. To get more details about to check processing time frame email us on [email protected]

Echeck Services For High Risk Merchants

Quadrapay assists merchants from various high risk industries. Many card schemes prohibit many sectors. Unfortunately, there is no legal way to find card processing for prohibited industries. Some of these industries are legal. Card schemes ban many legal industries because of high credit and reputation risk. Where do these merchants go? Should they shut down their business? Quadrapay believes that every legal entrepreneur should get the possibility of accepting payments. Our team helps firms from various high-risk industries in getting reliable echeck services. The application process to get echeck services is simple. You will have to submit a detailed merchant account application. This application will help echeck service provider to test the risk exposure. After a detailed analysis of the application and KYC you may get echeck services. Low and High Risk Merchants can qualify for echeck virtual terminals. With Echeck virtual terminals, merchants can accept echeck transactions over the phone. Various high risk industries are already using echeck services. We have listed few of the high risk industries in the later section of this page. High Risk Merchants are subject to a high transaction fee for echeck processing. International merchants may have to agree for one week arrears. International merchants get settlements in their business bank account with 1 week delay. To improve the chances of getting the approval, merchants must have a ready website.. An incomplete site may result in the rejection of the merchant account application. High Risk Merchants should look at the details of the services on the website. Incorrect product and service information may lead to application rejection. To get approval for echeck services merchants site must follow the processor’s requirements.

How To Accept Echeck Payments Online

There are many ways to accept echeck payments. Merchants can accept echeck payments in four different ways. They can receive payments online. To accept payments online, merchants must have echeck payment form on the site. Customers can visit merchants website and submit the echeck transaction information. It is the most popular way of accepting echeck payments in the USA. The second option is to receive payments over the phone. Most echeck service providers offer Virtual Terminals for Moto transaction. Merchants can collect account information from the customer over the phone. The merchant can submit this information into the virtual terminal. Customers can also make payments by using pay by email facility. Businesses can send an invoice to the customer. In the invoice, email merchants can place the link of the payment form page. In the comfort of their home customers can make the echeck payment. Customers can also make payments face to face. Many dispensaries in the United States use face to face echeck payment facility. Customers give the check info and merchant submits it in virtual terminal. To be able to accept payments in all these four ways a merchant must have an echeck payment gateway. To get a electronic check processing solutions, please send us an email on [email protected]

ACH And Echeck Services Differences

Many merchants ask us about the difference between ACH and Echeck services. We must say that it is a common question. Many websites promote ACH and echeck services on the same landing page. It can create a sense of confusion in the mind of merchants. Let’s understand the differences between ACH and echeck services. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and echeck stands for electronic check. Echeck is also called check21. Sometimes people even hear the term check22 (Genie Gateway offers the Check22 services). ACH transactions are banking transactions. These happen between the payers and receivers bank accounts through ACH processing networks. In the United States, most of the ACH transactions go through within 24 hours. Customers can start ACH transactions on merchant websites by submitting the account information. ACH transactions need simple details. Account Number, Routing Number, Full Name, Billing Address, Amount, Email, and Phone. These details go through the check verification process. The processing company compiles all ACH transactions in one batch file. This batch file goes through the ACH network for processing. The amount is usually processed within 24 hours.

What Is An Echeck Service?

Echeck is also known as an electronic check for a substitute check. echeck software converts your regular check into an electronic form of the check. This electronic form of the paper check has the same value as the original check. Merchant must have written or documented approval from the payer before processing echeck. For the clearance of the electronic check, it has to go through the ACH network.

How To Purchase With Echeck

To purchase with echeck, customers submit the account information on merchant’s website. Many businesses prefer to accept to echeck purchases over the phone. For this, the merchant must have the ability to take orders over the phone. For this, the merchant will need an echeck virtual terminal. Customers can also place the orders by using pay by email link sent by the merchant. Merchants can send the payment by email link by adding the link of payment page on the email. Few Industries that need recurring transactions. Many credit card processors do not allow subscription-based sales. Most echeck processors allow customers to make purchases for subscription and recurring services. Some industries like Online Dating, Pharmaceuticals, PC Repair, Dispensaries and Video website allow customers to make recurring purchases with echeck.

Echeck Processing Fees

The echeck processing fees vary depending upon various factors. Generally, for low-risk industries, the rates can be as low as 4%-5%. For merchants from high-risk industries, the echeck processing fees can be up to 10%. Please note that the location of the merchant also plays a critical role in defining the rates. Domestic low-risk merchants can get rates lower than 3%. Some of the factors that affect the pricing structure are.

  1. Credit Risk: Stable businesses do get better rates.
  2. Industry type: Merchants from industries with a history of high returns pay high fees.
  3. Ticket size: Merchants offering services at low ticket size pay low fees.
  4. The location of the merchant: USA based merchants pay low fees. International merchants pay higher fees on each echeck transaction.

Echeck Payment Option -(Face To Face, Email, Web and Phone)

There are four echeck payment options. Each has unique advantages. Let’s discuss all four of these.

  • Face To face Payments: This echeck payment option allows the merchant to accept in-store payments. The customer can give the necessary details to the merchant. Then the merchant can start the transaction by using a Virtual Terminal.
  • Web Echeck Payment Option: This is like how people make credit card payments online. Customers can visit merchants website. Select the products and services. Add all the selected items to the shopping cart and start the checkout process. At the checkout page, the customer fills the account details.
  • Pay By Email: The merchant can send a payment link to the customer. The customer can click the link to make payments online. This is very useful if the customer wishes to get a documented proof of order request.
  • Pay By Phone: Customers can call the support number of the merchant and share the details. The transaction info can be submitted to the virtual terminal. The merchant can accept many orders and submit all these on to the MOTO panel.

Multiple Echeck Processing Companies

Quadrapay, offering offshore high risk merchant account works with multiple echeck processing companies. Our agreements with the processing firms are non-exclusive. It gives massive advantages to our clients. We shortlist the best processor that may offer the most reliable services to your company. Quadrapay will be happy to send your application and KYC documents to a reliable echeck processing companies. If you are already accepting ACH or echeck payments, then please send us your recent six months history. The processing history can help us in securing better rates for your account. There are various advantages of using multiple echeck processing companies. Merchants can accept a higher volume of monthly sales. By Using numerous solutions, businesses can reduce there return ratio. If the return ratio goes high on one processing option, then the merchant can switch to another.

Echeck Gateway Payment Benefits

  • Easy to set up. It is very easy to setup echeck gateway for payment processing. Most of the times merchants get echeck gateway within two working days. Credit Card processing companies may take a lot of time to approve the account.
  • Save the time of the Merchant and the Buyer. With electronic check customers and sellers save a lot of time. They do not travel to banks to deposit the physical paper checks. The digital copy of the check reaches the processing network.
  • Online check verification reduces the percentage of bad checks. There is no way to confirm the fund’s availability if the check is a paper check. With modern electronic check payment gateways, merchants can verify the funds availability. They can verify the funds availability before depositing the transaction. It helps businesses in reducing the percentage of NSF and bad checks.
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra