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  • Low Rates
  • Zero Setup
  • Faster Payouts
  • API Integration
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Advanced Fraud Scrubbing
  • Prompt Payment
  • Weekly and 72 Hours Payouts*
  • Clear Rates - No Hidden Surprises

*72 Hours payment is available to merchants processing over a specific volume. Terms and Conditions applicable.

Echeck and ACH Processing for LOW-MID & High Risk Merchants takes pride is being associated with Highly Reliable Echeck Processors based in USA. Our Partners utilize highly secure gateway for echeck and ACH transactions. Every Transaction is validated for and every detail is checked. Checking small details like the Account Number, Routing Number, Funds Availability , Verbal confirmation ensures that the transaction is clean and secure. Merchants with good history can also be approved for Auto Approve mode where no Voice Verification is done. Businesses of all size can apply for Echeck Merchant Account or Electronic Check Payment gateway.



How to get an eCheck payment gateway.

Getting an echeck payment gateway for your business is not very difficult. It takes few days to activate the account. Merchants from various industries can apply for echeck and ACH payment gateway. There are few requirements that must be met to get accept echeck transactions on merchants website.

  • Must Have a Registered Business and a Bank Account
  • Website should be SSL Protected
  • Application needs to be submitted with required KYC documents

High Risk Check Processing

Merchants from High Risk Industries can use echeck and ACH can easily reduce the return and chargeback ratio. With Echeck the dispute period is lot lesser than credit debit transactions. In 8 states across the USA the dispute period is 60 days. In rest of the states the dispute period is 30 days. Many Organisations that were using Credit Card Merchant Account services are now using echeck becauseĀ of short dispute period.

Echeck Payment Gateway In India and Non USA locations.

It is not mandatory for merchants to have a USA company . Non USA merchants can also use USA echeck processing solution. There is an underwriting process that roughly takes 5 working days. Non USA merchants can get Echeck Payment Gateway at ZERO SETUP CHARGES. Merchants from industries like PC Tech Support, Non-Controlled Pharmacy, Herbal, Nutraceuticals, Skin Care and Weight loss can use it as a better alternative than card processing options.

What is Check21?

October 28, 2004, was the day when the Check21 law came into force. This Act is also known as 21st century act(or Check 21 Act). This Federal law was created to improve the Check processing capabilities of banks. In the traditional way of check processing, physical checks were transported from one bank to another. This process was very time consuming and also was expensive to for financial Institutions. The check 21 act allows the receiver of a physical check to create a digital copy which is also known as a Substitute check. This digital copy can be easily forwarded from one financial institution to another using electronic mode of document transfer. This federal law has helped banks to process checks in a fast and more cost-effective manner. A properly created substitute check has the same value as a regular physical check.

Why is Check21 considered as a faster alternative to traditional paper checks?

Since the substitute check can be forwarded from one bank to another by the means of the electronic medium the processing of these checks can be way faster than the traditional check.

The introduction of check 21 act has certainly helped banks process a higher number of checks by implementing less physical resources. Banks also save money that used to be spent in the transportation of traditional paper checks.

To create substitute check banks capture the picture of the physical check. This picture includes the front and back of the physical check. This substitute check must include all the vital pieces of information that are present on a regular check. Some of the vital informations are.

  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • Check number
  • Amount
  • To be paid to
  • Paid by
  • Signature

How Secure is Check21?

The US government approve this act after rigorous analysis and understanding of all the factors involved in a substitute check processing. This mode of payment shall be considered secure as it has been approved by the government after spending multiple days and months of process understanding and implementation.

Even after implementation of check 21 the account holders can still utilize the traditional paper checks if they wish.

The payer must maintain sufficient balance in the account so that the electronic check or cheque 21 transaction clears without any NSF errors.

As per the guidelines of the government and relevant agencies, the substitute check should be a little bit larger than the regular check in terms of size. Both sides of the physical check should appear on the substitute check. The substitute check should show the front and the back of the physical check properly.

The substitute check must have this term mentioned on the page that shows the front of the physical check

“This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check.”

Proper care should be taken in ensuring that the substitute check clearly shows the front and the back of the paper check. every information should be clear.

Check 21 has the same value as a regular check. It can also be considered as a proof of payment. Most of the government agencies and merchants accept payments by the echeck mode.

Consumers are highly protected while using cheque 21. In case if it appears that the substitute check is not valid and the consumer has experienced financial loss then they can file a claim at the bank. Consumers will have to provide additional information that shall be verified by the financial institution. Claim request should be made in less than 40 days from the time of receiving the substitute check. If the claim is found to be valid then the bank resolves the dispute within 45 days by issuing a refund.

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