Electrician Merchant Services That Does Not Make A Hole In The Pocket

An Electrician Merchant Account allows electricians to accept payments via credit and debit card. We are reseller of various merchant service providers which will enable you to accept major types of card. If you want an Electrician merchant account services, then we will help you get. You and your team do almost all of your tasks at the door to door locations like offices, homes, Domestic & industrial organisations, etc. So, you need a pocket-friendly solution which is easy to portable from one place to another—no need to worry.

By using our recommended solution, you will see some positive changes in your business volume. No worry whether your company resource size is 2-3 or broad. You can solely manipulate this solution in a more convenient way.

Electrician Merchant Processing Solutions With Multiple Payment Modes

  • Credit Card Payment Gateway Solution. This solution will help you if you’re selling electric equipment on your website, and you want to take payment online. We offer this solution at a low price. This Payment gateway solution also integrates easily with your website. If you face any problem, you can mail us at [email protected]. Our 24×7 help support team helps you.
  • POS Device. POS or Point Of Sale is a hardware device which is used to accept credit & debit cards payment physically. Our payment processor allows merchants to accept smart payments as well as contactless payments. You and your customer take an invoice receipt of a sale transaction. By using this solution, you can easily take daily, weekly or monthly basis transactional reports.

Benefits of Credit Card Processing for Electricians

  • Accept Payments with door to door, In-Person or Online
  • Lowest Rates & Fees
  • Easy and Secure User Interface
  • Same Day Merchant Account Approval
  • Same Day Fund Settlement
  • Proactive Customer support

How To Get Electrician Credit Card Processing Solution With Fast Approval

You get start electrician credit card processing in a few steps: First, you fill the merchant account application form, or you can mail us at [email protected]. Once we receive your application request, we start working within minutes. You have to be ready for some documentation which includes certificates of Incorporation, Certification of Incumbency, Authorised Valid Id, Past credit card history, personal bank statement and supplier agreement.

Happy Processing!


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