Fascinating Facts About FX Payment Solutions? (2020)

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FX Payment Solutions By Quadrapay

FX Payment Solutions For Easy Transactions

Foreign exchange business now one of the most fascinating and revenue-generating business. But this needs a business merchant to be active all the time with the latest updates in terms of exchange, and further, it also needs a reliable fx payment solutions that can help you to seamlessly settle all the payments into your forex business merchant account. Most of the banks and financial institutes deny for providing a card processing solution for a forex business because of several risks involved in the fx business. This becomes a hassle for a forex business merchant to get fx payment solutions. But now with Quadrapay, you don’t need to worry about in terms of applying for a forex payment solution.

What Are The Benefits For A Trading Merchant To Get FX Payment Solutions?

There are several benefits that a forex trading merchant can take advantage of fx payment solutions with Quadrapay.
Some glimpse of the fx payment solutions are as follows:

  • Absolute Payment Processing Solution for Forex Trading Business: For a forex business merchant, it is vital to have a faster and reliable payment processing solution. With the help of fx payment solutions, a business merchant for forex can enjoy and fulfil all the processing needs efficiently.
  • Easily Accept Payment In More Than 100 currencies: Just like our global merchant account solution, fx payment solution makes it easier for you to accept foreign currencies and get them settled into your forex merchant account.
  • Payment Processing Rates As Low As 1%: We at Quadrapay always looks for the best yet at reasonable processing rates solution for your business. For some merchants that are compatible with European Union compliance, we can offer better and low-rate processing solutions.
  • Settle all your processing funds directly into your acquiring bank account: All the profits that you collect and store in your fx merchant account will be automatically settled into your business bank account as per the settlement arrear in the merchant agreement.
  • High security of data transfer with PCI Level 1 compliance: With our fx payment solution, you will able to enjoy the security features of the PCI DSS compliant payment gateway. This compliance takes cares of all the information that is provided into the customer as well the business merchant with the help of tokenization technique.
  • Fraud Prevention Mechanisms: Especially for forex business, it is vital to have and integrate better security and fraud prevention mechanisms to safeguard your processing from online frauds.
  • Keeping track of all the payments and historical records of transactions: For every business, it is necessary to keep proper records of each and every activity, especially in terms of financial records. With the help of fx payment solution by Quadrapay, you can easily monitor and manage all the ongoing payments as well all the stored records of transactions.
  • Easy To Apply And Approval: The application procedure for fx payment solutions is easy to understand and apply as well. After submitting all prerequisites, the application submitted to the payment processor may get approved within a few hours if all the requirements are fulfilled.
  • Easier And Faster Process Of Integration: For new business merchants, it may be difficult for a business to integrate the fx payment solutions with their website. That is why we provide proper guidance and assistance while providing you forex merchant account solution. This will allow you to quickly get onboard upon approval and start accepting payments from your valuable customers with the help of forex payment gateway and get them settled into your forex merchant account.

For more information on the fx payment gateway, you can also mail us at [email protected].

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma