Hemp Merchant Account Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Time To Gain More Profits With Hemp Merchant Account Solutions!

The rising market demands and followups emerging about the hemp and CBD products have made the hemp industry a boom for the upcoming years. As per experts analysis, the hemp and CBD market will be cross the 2.6 billion dollars by 2022.

In 2018, President Donald Trump passed the Hemp farm bill, which made hemp products manufacturing and selling legally in the market. By this move, many hemp products can be sold in the market easily and get the payments at a faster rate.

But the problem arises when you need a hemp merchant account or a hemp oil merchant account. All the credit card processors usually deny providing processing solution for hemp and CBD merchant account products and services. Because these businesses can have high chargebacks, high volumes, and risk of frauds, that’s why these businesses still come under the high-risk industry. And the banks don’t take the risk to provide the merchant account to the high-risk industry business merchant. Don’t’ worry, Quadrapay has the solution for your all payment processing needs and high-risk merchant account solution.

What Are The Benefits Of The Farm Bill?

  • Now hemp merchant services business merchants have access to trade hemp businesses legally.
  • Hemp Farmers are eligible to get crop insurance for the hemp farms.
  • Federally-funded research can be done for the hemp.
  • A framework for federal approvals on CBD products.

Benefits Of Quadrapay’s Hemp Merchant Account Solution!

Quadrapay is one of the best merchant account services provider and payment processor in the industry with best in its expertise.

We provide the solution for the hemp merchant account with:

  • For hemp oil merchant account, we provide hemp oil merchant processing solution with a low transaction processing fee that is applicable for the high-risk transactions.
  • A third party aggregator merchant account solution which helps you to share your billing among the other high-risk businesses.
  • A prepaid card solution, so that customers can retrieve the funds from according to the fund value of the card.

What Actually Is The Hemp?

The hemp is a cannabis plant which contains psychoactive components with a low concentration of THC. The best part of hemp farm is that it requires less water, prevents soil erosion, removes toxins from the ground of earth, and also it uses carbon dioxide.

The hemp has several varieties of uses like in paper production industry, rope and cord production industry, clothing and textile industry, it can be used as a fuel, paints, used in cosmetics products, and its seeds can be used to products grain. That’s why it provides a great opportunity with high revenue for a hemp merchant accounts to trade hemp products and services.

What Are The Main Requirements To Get A Hemp Merchant Account From Quadrapay?

To get the hemp merchant account from the industry expert in payment processing company like Quadrapay and take advantage of hemp payment processing, you need to be eligible with:

  • An established e-commerce business.
  • Bank statements up to the last three months.
  • Processing volumes statements up to last three months.
  • No history of fraudulent activity in business.

If you still need further assistance regarding hemp merchant services or cannabis payment services solution, we are happy to assist you at [email protected].

Happy Processing!

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