Merchant Account Affiliate Program | Upto 50% Commissions

Profitable Agent Merchant Account Reseller Agent Program

Join QuadraPay to excel in the Merchant Services Industry. We are always in need of increasing the strength of our powerful team by adding dynamic and self-motivated individuals from across the globe. We help our partner financial institutions and service providers achieve better sales figures by providing them quality leads. We offer various services, including Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateways, POS Systems, Chargeback Alerts, IBAN Solutions, Fraud Reduction Tools, and Business Funding to merchants.

Make residual commissions by joining one of the fastest growing 360-degree Merchant Services resellers. You will be able to place almost every merchant with the help of our global partners.

Echeck Processing Reseller Program for USA Merchants

You can offer Echeck, Check 21, and ACH Solutions to merchants within the USA. Offshore Merchants from Canada and most of the other nations can also get echeck solutions like Check 21. This solution can be offered to Low, Mid, and High Risk Merchants.

High-Risk Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Agent Program

Help your merchants expand their sales volume by helping them with the right merchant account and payment gateway options. We can offer solutions to merchants across many countries in Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. Credit Card Processing is also available for emerging and established merchants in Africa. So in a nutshell, “Join us and Sell Global.” You can also offer Merchant Account solutions to merchants from few High-Risk Industries.

Chargeback Alert Agent Program

The Chargeback Alerts Solution sends a notification to the merchant when they are about to experience a chargeback. This allows the merchant to either retain or refund the sale. Your merchants will enjoy a longer life of their Merchant Accounts in case they are able to keep the returns and chargebacks under control.

Business Funding And Merchant Cash Advance Reseller Program

Every company needs funding to grow, especially the small and growing businesses that need it the most. You can offer these solutions to your potential partners and make a great income for yourself.

Rewards and Benefits, Commission Split | We Offer up to 50% Commission Split.

At Quadra Services, we pride ourselves on having highly reliable products. By becoming an Agent, you will partner with a fast-growing sales team in the global financial services industry. You don’t need to be an experienced agent or a huge company. Quadra Services has it all to bring the money to your pockets.

Highlights And Value Of Merchant Services Agent Program

Quadra Services focuses on giving its partners all the tools they need to get the job done. We provide value by:

The development of specialized Management Tools for Agents, available online. Our tools can be accessed 24/7. 100% secure. You can manage your business from a single platform. Get reports and watch your accomplishments grow your business!
Additional services. You can increase your revenue with our broad set of additional Merchant Services. Once you have brought the clients, we provide more service to increase your offer. Our additional services add value to everyone!

Full Support. Unlike other Merchant Service consultants, we have dedicated agents for support. All our staff is fully known to solve any issue. We have the answers to all your questions!

Training programs for agents. You are part of our team, and we provide you the tools to succeed. Our training programs for agents will set you up to speed in no time. We have flexible training content you can watch anytime on our YouTube channel! All we need is you. Come and join our team now!

Our Compensation Plan. We are generous with our Agents and all members of our Agent Program. By sharing up to 50% of our revenue, we provide you with a unique opportunity to become part of a great industry.

Take your business where the money moves. Our job is to make your life easier. We’ve got your back. Once you are in, you will have access to people who can provide you any information you may need. They are all here to deliver the expert guidance that you must have to start closing deals. By having access to our resource database, you will get the chance to download the most useful information.

We continuously create new content that will help you. All our findings are available in the form of Web, Video, and Audio. You will get a continuous update on all our advantages in the market.

Become An Agent Today! Then, You Will Be Submerged In This New World Of Information. That Is How Quadra Services Is Covering Its Team’s Back.

If our compensation plan and unique support team are not enough to satisfy you, there is another reason for you to be part of our team. We have not discussed it yet. It is, in fact, the reason that got us attracted to this market. The potential of the Merchant Services market is impressive.

Online payments are no longer a luxury but the need of all companies that want to take a stand on today’s competitive marketplace. Our services have no boundaries. We can help merchants process multiple currencies, providing global merchants with the opportunity to reach most markets. Anyone who is building an online business needs our service. You can connect us with them. Make an income out of a service that is claimed everywhere online. No matter if you are an individual or a company, our Agents Program can bring you the high compensation you were looking for.

We provide merchant services in association with well-known service providers. Agents receive up to a 50% split on commission revenue generated by leads shared by them respectively. Additional Terms and Conditions are Applicable.