Moto Credit Card Processing

Moto Credit Card Processing Solution With Quadrapay

The mail-order telephone order. Moto credit card processing is a virtual terminal that provides business merchants with a subsidiary service for payment flexibility. The mail-order merchant account provides the facility of entering the payment details manually like a debit card or credit card details on the virtual terminal. It is a beneficial feature for the business merchants who accept the card not present moto transaction credit card for the payments.

The Procedure Of Moto Credit Card Processing!

Mail order telephone order, moto credit card processing is a great feature to accept payments from the people who don’t like to share credit card sensitive details online or don’t know how to process the online payment system. Thus moto helps in payment with the method of a mail or the mobile phone.

  • The business merchant takes the order from the customer.
  • The business merchant then takes the customer’s moto credit card payment information.
  • After entering into the credit card terminal, the payment is processed in the moto merchant accounts.
  • After successful payment confirmation, the moto merchant account prints out the invoice for the order.
  • Then the business merchant has to manually enter the transaction details into the accounting system to complete the order.

The moto credit card processing is beneficial for business-like, e-commerce merchant accounts, b2b merchant account, enterprise, membership associates, schools and universities.

But with the help of a virtual terminal, the moto payment processing is easier as the merchant has to take orders for the customer and then to input the customer’s credit card details through the virtual terminal.

Why Should One Choose Moto Credit Card Solution For Their Business from Quadrapay?

Quadrapay, moto credit card processing provides several benefits like:

  • It is easy to process the transactions by taking details directly from customers.
  • Low processing fees for moto transaction processing.
  • Multi-users can access easily through the moto high-risk merchant account.* It is highly secured without having the risk of credit card details being used for fraud because of the moto facility.
  • Low Chargebacks

Is Moto Credit Card Solution Completely Safe?

Yes, just like other credit card processing methods provided by Quadrapay, moto credit card processing is also a reliable and secure method for payment processing. It becomes a more secured payment method because of the manual implementation of order and credit card details. For every transaction, an Address verification system or a card verification value should be provided correctly to complete the transaction. With AVS, the moto merchant verifies the address mentioned by the customer for the billing is matched with the address records of the bank. It also provides the benefit of low chargebacks and reduces the potential of any chances of fraud.

Happy Processing!

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