Vtiger Payment Gateway Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Vtiger is a well-known Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software which can be used for managing all your company’s relationships with the clients or the customers. It also helps businesses get organised, enhance marketing structure, boost sales volume and deliver engaging customer service experiences.

A Vtiger payment gateway is a merchant service which is provided by the payment provider. We are the authorized sales partners of various payment service providers. If you are a Vtiger user and you want a payment gateway solution that can be easily integrated with Vtiger, then we at Quadrapay can help you.

How To Configure A Vtiger Payment Gateway With Your Website?

The Vtiger payment gateway integrates easily from to the website. You need to install a ready-made extension that can be easily connected. After installing the extension from the extension store, you can easily track the transaction if you have a merchant account. If you don’t have a merchant account first you apply for the merchant account for business. Without a merchant account you can face lots of problems to accept payments across the world.

Quadrapay‘s Payment Gateway Solution For Vtiger Driven Online Business

  • Online Credit Card Payment Gateway. It is a highly demand-able solution. Everyone finds a fast method to make payment. Credit card processing payment gateway solution that connects easily to your website. With the help of this solution, you can take payments easily. Our payment processing partner is capable of accepting most type of card payments. Our partner allows your business to accept payment by tomorrow because your applications may get approved within a day. We offer online credit card solutions at a lower price.
  • Echeck and ACH. Both are quite similar. Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an improved version of an electronic check (Echeck). A digital copy like a scan or take a photograph of the regular check has to be made in this echeck. After that, they go to the ACH network for processing. But many times it happens that the paper check that has been scanned by the customer or client. It can be rejected due to many reasons, such as the closure of the customer’s account, insufficient funds in it, a check is uploaded is not valid means that someone else’s check Scanned and uploaded etc. So that decline ratio would be very high in an echeck compared to ACH. ACH is the best alternative method. In this the person who wants the payment sends the request to the customer. If the customer is not able to pay, then the ACH originator cancels the transaction request.

If you still want to know something related to the payment gateway, then you can directly mail us at [email protected]. We will help you and your business in every way possible. Our service is 24×7. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us as soon as possible.

Note We recommend Authorize.net gateway for Vtiger Users.


Happy Processing!


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