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Cannabis Payment Processing

QuadraPay offers cannabis payment processing at reduced rates. Get a long-lasting payment processing account for your licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Ecommerce Check Payments For Cannabis Business

Face To Face Payments For Marijuana Dispensaries

Cashless ATM Solutions For Cannabis Dispensaries

Quadrapay Simplifies Dispensary Debit & ATM Card Processing

Your struggle to find a dependable and functional cannabis payment processing partner ends here. QuadraPay partners offer cannabis-friendly merchant solutions. Our MMJ-friendly payment products help dispensaries eliminate the cash-handling burden of dispensaries.

Our point of banking and ACH solutions are perfect for dispensaries. The point of banking solution reduces many hassles and is super easy to set up.

Cannabis ACH and Echeck payment modes can be game changers for dispensaries. We offer API and virtual terminal functionality to accept face-to-face and MOTO orders.

In-Store ATM solutions help customers pay more without worrying about cash in their wallets. Out ATM solutions offer double benefit to MMJ dispensaries. You get to keep a portion of the withdrawal fee, and also, you get to upsell & cross-sell since customers don’t have to worry about cash withdrawals.

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Card Processing For Marijuana Dispensaries.

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Dependable Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account

ACH Merchant Account For Cannabis Dispensaries

ACH is certainly a dependable mode of payment for cannabis merchants. The Marijuana ACH solution contains detailed API information and a feature-rich virtual terminal. Our is an omnichannel ACH solution that allows merchants to accept payments online as well as face-to-face.

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Cannabis Merchant Services FAQ

Cryptocurrency is considered a safe payment method for industries Banks do not love. Some of the non-focused industries for banks are cannabis, Pharmacy, CBD, Adult, and Peptides.

A dispensary merchant can use cryptocurrency payments for the sectors mentioned above. The challenge is that even in today’s scenario, a very small percentage of people prefer crypto for frequent purchases.

One major problem faced by cannabis merchants is the challenge of cash handling. The non-compassionate behavior of banking partners forces dispensaries to accept payments made only in cash mode.

Handling high-volume cash can be risky as it involves moving it to the bank for a secured deposit. Carrying a lot of cash daily to the bank is a serious hassle.

We can solve the challenge by using a cannabis merchant account; however, that also comes with the condition. Right now, it is impossible to process credit card transactions at dispensaries. However, you can use other payments modes like echeck, debit cards, and ACH.