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dental credit card processing services

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Dental Credit Card Processing For Your Dental Clinic

A dentist or a dental surgeon is specialized in oral health, and they let the world smile or laugh with confidence. They practise dental treatments of disease of the oral cavity and promote oral health care and disease prevention. And as a saying “The Best Doctor Gives the Least Medicine”. But in today’s time, the best doctor or dental surgeon is not limited to providing the best service with the least medicine. But also they should have a Dental Credit Card Processing Solution to serve their patient better.

We at Quadrapay have partnered with processors from the USA, Canada, EU and other global countries to help every type of profession with a robust and reliable payment solution. To get started, stay tuned with us.

Why The Dentist Needs A Credit Card Processing – A Healthcare Friendly Solution.

Credit card processing solution helps your dental clinic or health care clinic to accept payments from your customer electronically. With a credit card solution, a dentist can accept payments via credit/ debit card and also with the prepaid card. A dentist can also avail a POS device, credit card terminal or virtual terminal based on the requirement. Let’s discuss how a POS device and virtual terminal can help your business.

  • POS Device: A POS abbreviated as Point-of-Sale is a portable merchant service which helps the dentist to accept payments smoothly. Nowadays the POS device is an interactive, feature-rich device that comes with a lot of functionality to serve the customer as well as merchant better. With a mobile/wireless POS with cloud connectivity, you can process payments on the go.
  • Virtual Terminal: Virtual terminals are a web-based payment solution which allows the dentist to enter the credit/ debit card detail into the terminal. After authorization of the card details, the transactional request is sent to the customer for approval. Once the client or patient approves the transaction, payment gets processed.

A Dental Clinic Can Benefit From Accepting Payments Electronically

  • Reliable and secure Credit/debit card payment Acceptance.
  • Easy to use POS device and virtual terminal.
  • Accept all major currencies and multi-card processing
  • Recurring payment feature.
  • Reporting facility
  • Invoicing capabilities
  • 24×7 Customer service

Is Your Dental Clinic Covered With HIPAA Compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is an act that ensures data privacy and security to patient sensitive information or medical information. Any dental companies or medical businesses who deal with protected health information (PHI) must possess all the security measures and the law. The ACT has emerged into greater prominence in recent years due to many ransomware attacks or data breaches on health insurers and providers.

If you are a dentist or dental surgeon, dealing with patient sensitive information and wants a credit card processing solution, your clinic or medical business should be HIPPA Compliant. You can read more about HIPAA Compliance for the dentist here.

American Dental Association – A Union For Dentist

The American Dental Association is an association of dentistry founded in 1859. The association has over 161,000 members. It is the world’s largest and oldest professional association. It is a non-profit organization founded in 160 years age in Niagara Falls, New York, U.S.A.

The American Dental Association aims to support the dental professional with services like finding a dentist, contract review, third party payer and more. The association aims to provide what a dental professional requires.

If you are also a dental professional and want to be a member of the association, please visit:

Apply Today! Start Accepting Digital Payments In your Dental Clinic

“Humans are created to create beautiful smiles” Being a are letting the world to live with a confident smile. But to serve your customer even better, your dental clinic requires a robust payment solution to accept payments from your patients.

To get started, fill the pre-approval form, and we will get back to you to help you with one of the best dental credit card processing solutions. Get ready to scale your dental business and serve more patients to let them relief and laugh with confidence.

If you have any query, you can mail us at [email protected]. Our support is lives 24×7.

Happy Processing!!!

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